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Ah Keansburg, one of my favorite ghetto parks. A nighttime visit adds a lot of, um, character to the park, and by character, I mean, characters. The ride op on wildcat if I remember correct where eating their dinner while dispatching the ride, classic. The bumper cars were a mixture of sorts so naturally we migrated to the Lusse's.


Did they not offer an unlimited ride wristband? I know we were able to get them last summer.


They do offer a wristband for $25.90, and on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday they're buy one get one free.

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Big Mike agrees with your logic!



Next on the clock are:


The Bebes, coreysjunk, Arosania, STR8FXXXINEDGE, and sspaz1000! We should speed through these picks



It's First Timer Ducky Finder Friday today!!!!



Get those referrals in today!!!



Peace, Big Mike



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Big Mike coming to you LIVE from the streets of New York City!!


Big props to you guys for keeping the draft moving!


Super Shawn is now on the clock, followed by GriffyTiffy, Zingoman, Arosania, and HighRoller! All 5 of you have 3 picks!



Once these 5 are done, we are all caught up until we find out who guessed correctly in Round #3, if anyone did!


Deadline is midnight tonight!



Peace, Big Mike

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Round #3 of Find The Double Ducky is now CLOSED!!!



You may now reveal all the hiding places and see if anyone came up with the right answer???



Big Mike will keep a running total of all the correct duckies found.



The draft is almost up to date!!! Here is who still has draft picks:



Zingoman is on the clock! 3 picks.


arosania and HighRoller are on deck and double deck! 3 picks each.


Jomisaca is overdue for 2 picks!



Will work on an easier Find the Ducky game now :)



Peace, Big Mike

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What a great job circling and even blowing up the photo of the duckies, amazing! Thanks very much.


Is it sad that I did not notice the inserted blown up ducky box until about 8 pictures in? lol



This is going to be interesting!!!



How does everyone feel about the circled duckies??


Which ones did you miss??


Do you disagree with any??


Did you find any others??



Big Mike can CONFIRM that not all the duckies were circled and not all the circled duckies are correct!!!


Which ones???? bahahahaha



Peace, Big Mike

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You're right Big Mike. I posted the previous post from my phone, and on the tiny screen I mixed up two of the pictures (like sspaz1000, I saved more pictures than I counted).


This is not a duck:



That is a duck:



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^I disagree. I spent a lot of time questioning if that thing on the airplane was a duck, and I came to the conclusion that it was. If you look at the other planes, there are handlebars for the guns but that's it. Therefore I thought the extra "blob" must be a duck. I agree that he missed Himalaya duck.



^I do not think there is a duck in this picture.


I missed the duckies on the Keansburg sign, Gravitron, and Moby Dick ride and now see they look like ducks. However, I think this is a very tricky duck here:



Under the back bell on the pink boat, you have to zoom in on the original picture to see what I'm talking about but there's a weird "blob" there and based on the yellow reflection in the bell, I surmised that it must be a duck. I was so unsure about this I looked up pictures of this ride on the internet, and it doesn't appear that anything would be beneath the bell besides a possible duck.

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Ok, So 6/24/2012. I walked around the Manasquan Reservoir 3 times totaling 15 miles. After eating at the Cassville, We decided to check out Blackbeard's Cave in Bayville, NJ to check out their miniature golf. It's been a long day and a great meal so logically I needed some relief. I saw this attractive looking pole and... part1.jpg.7bca6fbe5c3b3ff944ea75de06532756.jpg

I was feeling really good about this. But there was a problem.I felt something or someone was looking at me. I was spooked and discovered just what it was...


It was a franken duck!!


PS. No public urination actually occurred.

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