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Big Mike, I know a while back you were asking for the "lurkers" to post so you knew people were reading.


I just want to say the Big Mike Road Show is like my morning cup of coffee, without reading the updates, my day just doesn't seem complete!


Thanks Big Man, maybe see you "live" some day in a park!


Conneaut Lake is my home park, and I have been riding the Blue Steak since I have been old enough to sit under the lap bars!

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Rumor has it that the Six Flags Magic Mountain and the I-X Indoor Amusement duckies have been found, but you get your position in the draft order whenever you post them on here!


Since Big Mike is away all Memorial Day weekend, the find the double ducky deadline has been extended to Monday night at midnight!


Good luck all!!



Peace, Big Mike



PS - Big Mike is writing this from inside a go cart at Mt. Olympus right now waiting to ride!

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AND..... I'm going to guess SIX duckies in the report!!!!


AND.... Here are FOUR more DUCKIES that have been found. I'll take (at least) 12 consecutive picks, please. DOH!!!!


PS - How appropriate to find the Uncle Sam Ducky at SeaWorld during Memorial Day Weekend!!!!!


SFMM Ducky


Boomers Ducky


Belmont Ducky


SeaWorld Ducky

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John's Incredible Pizza in Riverside was an impressive discount pizza buffet. The place was clean and modern. It had soooo many different choices of pizza, a good looking salad buffet, icees, several desserts, 10 or so pastas and soup. The arcade was pretty big and even had a legit carnival ride inside, as well as the Incredible Coaster. Did we ride the coaster and get the credit??? You'll just have to wait for the official trip report to find out. The only thing I CAN tell you that we did:




Johns Incredible Pizza Riverside Ducky

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Wow lots of duckies have been found. Good job everyone.


And as for the thread being dead lately, it was the holiday, people are getting ready for summer and not spending as much time on the computer. (At least I know it's true for me.)

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^ Same!


I was away all weekend, need to get back in the swing of things!


Should have the ducky answers up tonight and a new game ready to roll out with new ducky hiding spots this Monday!



Also, Big Mike's appearance on THE PRICE IS RIGHT IS TOMORROW!!!!



100% certain that Friday June 1st is Big Mike's show!!!



Watch for the Big Man on The Price is Right Friday!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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