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Glad to hear you're enjoying Cali! Wish I lived a little closer or I would have been down there with you guys!


The Kids N' Action place looks really cute, and that was super nice of the owner to let you ride the kiddie coaster! I've never been there before but I swear it looks like a place I've dreamt about. How weird!

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!



The Big Mike Road Show 2012 World Tour - Southern California Leg is now complete!!!



Big Mike brought you back a picture of how far along Manta at Sea World San Diego is, see it at the end of the report!



There is ONE day left in the drawings for the Big Mike Road Show Most Valuable Reader Contest, and it is a Pick 6 drawing on Monday night, which means there is no Mega or Power ball, so if you are more than a point behind, you have been eliminated, sorry!



Current standings:



Coreys Junk - 4

Traincrossin - 3

Super Shawn - 3

The Bebes - 2

Picknyourseat - 2

Reality15 - 1


That means that Coreys Junk MUST match his 25 in Monday's drawing or Brian will be crowned the Grand Prize Winner!!!


Here are all the drawings for verification:



Date Winning Numbers Mega Ball Number

04/27/2012 02 05 45 46 47 37

04/24/2012 03 09 15 37 38 39

04/20/2012 14 23 26 33 35 40

04/17/2012 01 16 24 32 48 02

04/13/2012 09 14 17 36 42 33

04/10/2012 02 06 12 31 48 25

04/06/2012 02 19 20 24 33 39

04/03/2012 11 35 38 41 52 40


Date Winning Numbers Powerball Number

04/28/2012 31 39 40 57 58 33

04/25/2012 04 25 29 34 43 29

04/21/2012 06 08 20 42 51 16

04/18/2012 20 22 39 46 49 29

04/14/2012 14 15 16 19 24 02

04/11/2012 16 23 42 44 47 02

04/07/2012 05 13 17 20 30 18

04/04/2012 01 24 33 45 49 06


Date Pick 6 Winning Numbers

04/26/2012 06 11 18 37 38 41

04/23/2012 10 11 13 18 31 36

04/19/2012 17 30 36 40 44 45

04/16/2012 02 08 12 24 35 39

04/12/2012 01 07 08 23 39 45

04/09/2012 16 20 28 30 43 46

04/05/2012 14 15 19 37 38 41

04/02/2012 12 14 19 28 29 41



Don't be sad if you lost or did not qualify, because......................








FIND THE DOUBLE DUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



A contest EVERYONE can play from the comfort of your computer screen, or for the adventurous who like to wander amusement parks!!!



Plus, for the 1st time ever, a prize never before seen anywhere on Theme Park Review that keeps giving and giving year after year!!!!!



Details and the start of FIND THE DOUBLE DUCKY is Monday May 7th, stay tuned!!!



The Big Mike Daily Episodes will return later today!



Peace, Big Mike


Manta at Sea World San Diego from the tower ride on Friday April 27th!

Manta was testing!

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!!!!!!



The Big Man is back from his Southern California Leg of The Big Mike Road Show 2012 World Tour, and for this week only, will bring you new episodes from this past week!



We start off today with a trip down to Tijuana Mexico, for three roller coaster credits at Mundo Divertido!



This was the 3rd time Big Mike has been down by San Diego and has been talked out of going to Mexico every other time on account of the drug cartel violence, kidnappings, and beheadings of Americans!!!



Big Mike decided that this time, he was not going to be pushed around and bullied by these Mexican drug cartels anymore, and just in case that he encountered any thugs, that he was going to bring his own muscle with him, Megan!!!



Is Mexico really that bad, or is it just the American media scare tactics hype running wild? Either way, Big Mike was going to find out once and for all!!!



Also, there are only 2 trip reports on all of Theme Park Review from Mundo Divertido, and none in over four years, so Big Mike feels that it is his duty to bring The Valuable Big Mike Readers a fresher view of the park!!!




Before we get to this big episode, tonight we crowned the Grand Prize Winner of The Big Mike Road Show Reader of the Year Contest!


Congrats go out to Brian (STR8FXXXINEDGE) for winning the free one week condo stay!!!


I don't know if it was karma or not, but Brian was the best Find the Ducky guesser overall, so everyone give congrats to Brian!!!



Now that the 2011 contest is over, it is time to start up the 2012 contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Starting this upcoming Monday...






Find the ducky is back for another season, and now everyone's favorite game on TPR has a twist and a brand new, never seen before prize, and the prize will continue to reward you year after year after year!!!


Oh yeah, that is only the mini prize too!!!



Watch for details and the start of the contest next Monday, May 9th!!!



OK, on to the adventures of Mike and Megan and the quest to get the Tijuana coaster credits!



Hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike



PS - "Double the Duckies, Double the Fun" is a fantastic motto, do you mind if I borrow that? lol


The Big Mike Road Show's Southern California leg of the 2012 World Tour brings us to the USA/Mexico border, and the question, do we cross it to get three new coaster credits for The Mighty Big Man?


Megan looks a little weary on the idea to actually give this a try!


The funny thing about going to Tijuana Mexico, this is the border crossing right here.


Go through this turnstile, no security at all, no identification check, nothing!


Big Mike gave Megan a little scare when she crossed over and Big Mike turned and walked the other way back to the USA :)


Half of Megan is in Mexico, and the other half of Megan is in the United States!


Welcome to Tijuana!!!


Big Mike bargains with a Mexican cab driver to drive us to the amusement park, stay with us for the day, and then drive us back to the border.


Big Mike found a willing cab driver for a grand total for everything above at $25.


Now the question, does he take us to the amusement park or the drug cartel headquarters?


Notice that Big Mike is not in his usual high profile attire! Big Mike dressed down so that the Mexicans would not realize that they had massive star power and a huge ransom payday sitting in the back of the cab!


All smiles can be seen as we pull up to Mundo Divertido!


Lots of options in the complex too!


Park map.


Mundo Divertido in Tijuana Mexico!!!!!




A packet of 22 tickets cost us about $12, and it was the perfect amount for both of us to ride all 3 coasters!


Raton Loco overview.


Reverse overview.




There is our driver waiting for us!


Going up the lift on Raton Loco, coaster credit #1118 for The Mighty Big Man!


Megan was seen laughing in the face of danger!


Montana Rusa overview.


Yay, a loop!




Wow, this coaster looks fun!


Coaster credit #1119 for Big Mike, but more importantly, how about that expertise photo taking skills getting both of us and the loop while moving!!!


Exclusive Mid Loop Shot!


Big Mike, just like Megan already did, laughs in the face of danger!


Megan was looking really extra excited on this coaster ride, I wonder why???


That's why!


Coaster #300 for Megan!!!


Megan's milestone coasters so far have all been kiddie coasters, so she wanted this one to be on a Pinfari Death Machine!


Gusano Loco overview.


Megan LOVES no lines!


There is our cab driver again waiting for us!


This parks coaster collections have been completed!


Coaster credit #1120 for Good Ole Big Mike!


Not only did our great cab driver wait for us at every ride, he also took pictures for us, held our stuff while we rode, translated when we needed, and even was cool with us taking pictures of all the rest of the rides at Mundo Divertido that you are now about to see!


Bumper Boats.









Bumper Cars.







Free rides.


Mini golf.







Big Mike could not leave without going on the up charge haunted walk through!!


This was actually really entertaining and quite good!


Back to our waiting taxi cab!


The same conversation, will we make it back to the border crossing or be driven to a drug cartel hideout?


He brought us to the border crossing, the trip was a complete success!!!


If anyone is crazy enough to try this like Big Mike did, our taxi driver gave me his card and I will put it away for safe keeping if you need it!


Have no fear about this long 2 hour line to get back into the USA, Big Mike found a "Fast Pass Line" even in Mexico!!!


The walk in line was huge, the car drive over line was huge, but a little secret that The Mighty Big Man knew was the key to making it across the border in 21 minutes!!!


As a special bonus for being a Valuable Big Mike Reader, Big Mike will let you in on his special secret:


There is a bus lane that goes into the USA, and the last bus tour company that traveled into Tijuana went out of business, so the bus lane is virtually empty. Right at the border, there is a mini bus company that for $5 a person, will drive you up into the bus lane and let you off right at the front of the line!!! We were 6th in line to cross the border, and 4 of the 6 beat us out of our own bus!


The whole trip to Mundo Divertido was a huge total success, without any problems, and meeting very nice and helpful Mexican people all along the way!


Hope you enjoyed!



Peace, Big Mike and Megan

Edited by Big Mike
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What a nice little park. I wasn't expecting that. Congrats to Megan on #300! I'll assume it was the Big Mike charm, and luck too, that got you the awesome cab driver. What an awesome perk. Also, glad you two made it back safe, and in one piece!



P.S. NO WAYYYY!!!! I never win ANYTHING! This is just the news that I needed to pick me up out of this rut that I've been in the last couple months. Thanks so much for all that you do for TPR, for your readers, and your friends. You're the best, Big Mike!


Seriously, thanks again!

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The park looks really good - even if rides are mostly on the older side.


I refrained from visiting Tijuana tough as a) you're not allowed to do this on Visa-Waiver instead you need a regular US and Mexico Visa to do that and b) german State Department warns on its website to enter nothern mexico due to very high crime rates.


I may do Mexico-City someday - for which there is no travel-warning so far...

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CONGRATS BRIAN!!!!! You were a fierce competitor!


Awesome TR Big Mike, I'm so glad you two decided to brave Mexico and returned victorious. That's why Big Mike is THE MAN! And congrats, Megan, on your 300th!


The Bebes just want to say thank you to Big Mike for allowing us to tag along at SFMM and Universal. We had so much fun with you, Megan, Super Shawn and The Vegans!! We definitely have to do it more often!


The Bebes their TPR friends!

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How did THIS happen???? I chose #33, but somehow Big Mike marked me down for #25. I actually WON with 10 points!!!!





Ok, so I'm lying.






Congrats Brian!!!!!!!

Ultimately, I'm disappointed not to win, but glad that a supporter of the "Bebes' Theme Park Adventures" thread DID win!!!!!!




BTW - The Bebes actually collected a total of 6 Mikestery cards (4 were posted in the thread). We also had the Santa's Village card, which we were sandbagging and didn't post.


And.... funny story here..... I have a friend who lives across the country in Virginia Beach, and there was a Mikestery Card hidden there!!!! I called him up and asked him if would go get it. "Sure" he says. Later that night he asks me "Do you need the actual card, or just a picture of it?" Cuz he went there, found it, took a picture of it, and put it back. I sent him back to retrieve it and it was GONE!!!!! But I DO have pictures of it!!!!!

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