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I also don't know about the SCAD tower - that seems like a fool's errand to me. I'd me much more comfortable with skydiving (which is on my bucket list) than the tower, but that's just me I guess.


Also, sorry to hear about the cancellation of the Super Epic contest, but since I'm already enrolled, is there any chance you might pass on a clue as to what the prize for the not-so-epic contest might be......?

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I have to join in with those who pass on the SCAD tower! I'm such a big chicken with heights, even secured in a coaster, so there's no way I could just fall like that. It gave me chills just looking at the pictures!


Love the Custer State Park scenery. And the baby burros are so cute! Love that you can just get out and interact with them!

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Hey Big Mike! Some really awesome updates recently, as I'm catching up through them. Loved the Knoebels wedding....that was really cool. And those SCAD towers are something else! I'd have to do it if I came across one, but I'm positive it would scare the bejesus out of me!!!


Your trip to southern California sounds amazing and is jam-packed full of fun! Have a great time!!

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!



Today's edition of The Big Mike Road Show is kind of super cool to The Big Man, as this is a park visit to one of the "at the time" 13 coasters that Big Mike had been denied to ride!



Yes, even The Big Mike Charm does not work sometimes, but then again, can a place handle a 2nd dose of Big Mike Charm??? Big Mike was eager to find out!



Kids 'N Action is only 3 miles away from Coney Island, yet it is extremely overlooked and most often never even heard of except for the die hard coaster enthusiasts, especially the ones that count powered coasters! Big Mike collects every type of coaster there is, so this was a big deal to The Big Man!



Big Mike uses coaster-count as his roller coaster counter, the best out there by far, and it has a full map of everywhere you need a roller coaster still, and this red balloon so close to Big Mike World Headquarters really bothered The Mighty Big Man, so he decided to give it another shot.



Big Mike packed another stronger dose of The Big Mike Charm in his back pocket and ventured out with his lovely Megan, it was time to collect!



Hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike




Kids 'N Action in Brooklyn New York!






Overview of the Miner Mike roller coaster and nice art work.


Reverse overview.


Hey, what does that sign say in the bottom right hand corner?




Adults NOT allowed to ride, and the word NOT is highlighted in big bold AND underlined!!!


Not a chance The Mighty Big Man is getting this coaster credit!


Well, Big Mike figures that he will tour the complex and bring lots of pictures for all of his Valuable Big Mike Readers to see since no one has ever covered this place before on Theme Park Review once again, and it is usually tradition for when TPR folks think of who they can count on in situations like this, The Big Mike Road Show is the 1st place that pops into their minds!


Play area.





Go Kart Track.


Reverse angle.


One of the kid karts.


Little kid play area.


Lots of prizes to be won!


This is also the area where you get to before the girl tells you that adults can't ride the coaster, but since Big Mike was taking pictures of everything for The Big Mike Road Show, he was allowed to enter.


Snack bar.


Big Mike notices that there are some kids on the coaster now and heads over to take a picture or two.


While Big Mike is by the coaster wishing he was one of those kids riding, the owner comes up to Big Mike and asked why The Big Man was taking so many pictures in his place.

Big Mike replied that he travels the World trying to ride every roller coaster, takes lots of pictures of all the places, and then posts them for all the Valuable Big Mike Readers to see!

The owner thanks The Mighty Big Man for the coverage of his establishment and then suddenly out of the blue, Big Mike hears " Would you like to ride this roller coaster?"




One less roller coaster on the previously denied list!!!


Big Mike made sure to remove The Big Mike Charm from his back pocket before hopping in to ride :)


Huge thanks to the owner for making this possible, and as promised, Big Mike will now write Kids 'N Action with a link so that they can see the finished report!


Hope everyone enjoyed, and if you go to check out this fine place, make sure to tell them that Big Mike sent you!



Peace, Big Mike

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I am going to use the Mexican underground drug tunnels!



I guess I better re-adjust is what you are saying?? lol



Peace, Big Mike


Just make sure you cross the border on foot and use taxis. Usually saves a ton of time and hassle.

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LOL, there is no doubt, you are the King of the Kredits. Getting caught up on the last few reports:


Knoebels wedding: AWESOME.

SCAD tower: No effing way I'd do that; hats off to you.

Coasters behind glass: Actually pretty cool looking.

Baby Burros: AAWWWWWW!!!!

That sad little Ocean whatever park: Sad.

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On 4/15 Big Mike wrote:

Here are the standings after 2 weeks and 12 of the 25 drawings completed: (Half way)



Super Shawn - 2

Traincrossin - 1

The Bebes - 1

picknyourseat - 1

Reality15 - 0

Coreys Junk - 0


Everyone is still only 1 mega ball or 1 power ball away from the lead!


The Mega Ball on 4/10 was #25!!! Where's my 3 points???!!!!!

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Dear Corey,


I majorly overlooked your Mega Ball, I am very sorry!



I have to go back and double check every drawing at the end of the contest before I declare it official, because this has been harder to do than I thought it would be lol.



Here is an up to date standings summary as of right now as I write this, up to Wed drawing:


Corey did indeed hit the Mega ball after double checking, so he gets 3 points!


Monday, Brian and Jeff got a single point.


Tuesday, Brian scored again!!



So far:



Coreys Junk - 3

Super Shawn - 2

picknyourseat - 2

Traincrossin - 1

The Bebes - 1

Reality15 - 0



Thanks again!



Peace, Big Mike

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The Big Mike Road Show will be pulling into Six Flags Magic Mountain today from 10:30 am to 9pm!


Thanks to my wonderful friends The Bebes (Corey and Danielle) and Super Shawn for coming out to meet The Mighty Big Man and his adorable girlfriend Megan!


If you are planning ahead, The Big Mike Road Show will be pulling into Universal Studios Hollywood tomorrow for a visit from 9am until 7pm!


See everyone there!!


Peace, Big Mike and Megan

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The Big Mike Road Show 2012 World Tour - Southern California leg is going great so far!


Lots of friends have come out to hang out!!!



Got to ride Transformers!!!!!! Awesome ride!



Got 2 NEW credits for The Mighty Big Man, #1116 and #1117!!



Peace, Big Mike


Six Flags Magic Mountain!


Universal Studios Hollywood!

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Glad to hear you're enjoying Cali! Wish I lived a little closer or I would have been down there with you guys!


The Kids N' Action place looks really cute, and that was super nice of the owner to let you ride the kiddie coaster! I've never been there before but I swear it looks like a place I've dreamt about. How weird!

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