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Congrats on finding it! As proof that I also found it when I said I did, I edited this old post with a link to the picture at 10am EST. I happened to be looking through the list of Mikestery cards when I found it. I'll have to make sure to complete at least one of the other challenges so I'll be prepared if Big Mike runs the contest again.


However, back to contests I AM eligible for, here is my entry for the 2012 "SUPER EPIC" CONTEST. I hope no one has done Canobie Lake yet. I was doing more shopping on my day off in tax-free New Hampshire, and decided to stop by Canobie Lake. There were construction trucks filled with soil and mulch going in and out, so it looks like they are busy preparing the landscaping for opening day (less than a month away!).


This is the entry for AHECHT.

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^ Great Job! Way to be persitant!



Since you two dominated so much in the Find the Ducky game, you will be happy to know that there will be no other quests in the next contest, just pure Find the Ducky skills, with a twist!



Can't wait to debut "FIND THE DOUBLE DUCKY!"



Peace, Big Mike

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!



We start off our 13th week of daily Monday to Friday updates with a bang, a park that no one here on Theme Park Review has ever covered yet!!!



Big Mike had the production staff here at Big Mike World Headquarters double and triple check this fact before we created this episode, and no matter how hard they searched through this massive TPR website, absolutely nothing was found!



Well, then again, who else would bring you these far away parks other than The Mighty Big Man anyway??? That is just what Big Mike does! Plain and simple, the best in the business.



This episode comes to you from South Dakota, where there is a total of ONE coaster in the whole state, and guess who rode it and is bringing back pictures and videos for you to see??



Since this is such a monumental event, letting Theme Park Reviewers get their first glimpse of this previously unseen park, Big Mike went way out of his way this time to actually get a lot of video so to make it extra special!



I hope you enjoy BOONDOCKS in Deadwood South Dakota!!!



Just in case you have not subscribed to The Big Mike Road Show Thread, click the subscribe button on the bottom of the page, Big Mike will be bringing you exclusive stuff like this all year long, as well as awesome things to do other than coasters, and also giving away a free 2013 season pass!!!


It is absolutely crazy not to be subscribed to this thread baby!!!



Peace, Big Mike



PS - Big Mike is giving away a free one week condo stay to one of seven finalists (See them all on Pg 1)! It pays to be a Valuable Big Mike Reader!!!


Here is how the Finals will work:


Everyone has picked a lucky number and it has been logged in on the scoreboard on page #1 of this thread.


Starting Monday April 2nd to Monday April 30th, watch for your numbers to come up on either the Mega Millions, Powerball, or Pick 6 NJ Lotto! You can find all 3 games here: http://www.state.nj.us/lottery/home.shtml


That is 25 drawings for the Finals and the person who has the most points after all 25 games is the Grand Prize Winner! There will be a game every day except Sunday.


If your ball comes up, you get 1 point. If the Powerball or Mega ball matches your number, you get 3 points. If you get both balls in the same drawing, you get 5 points.


That's it, any questions, let me know!



Boondocks in South Dakota, Big Mike's opening segment!




Big Mike shows you the left side of Boondocks!




Big Mike shows you the right side of Boondocks!




Big Mike rides the only coaster credit in South Dakota!




Big Mike wraps up Boondocks with his thoughts on the park!



Boondocks in South Dakota!




Since we have video of all the rides, Big Mike will just summarize what they have here just in case you were silly enough not to watch the super cool videos!




Tilt-a Whirl.




Ferris Wheel.






Missile ride.


Rock-O something.


The reason Big Mike is here!


Coaster overview.




In action.


Big Mike's riding partners next ride.


Games area.


Boondocks even has a diner, which with Big Mike being from Jersey, he is used to diners!


Big Mike visits Boondocks and collects the state's only coaster credit, and is completely overjoyed with that!


Hope you enjoyed Boondock's debut on Theme Park Review thanks to The Mighty Big Man!


Peace, Big Mike

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!


Today is episode #62 of 200 and since it is Tuesday, it is something you can do while visiting an amusement park.


This particular place is actually right next to a few parks in Coney Island New York.


The parks of Coney Island are bordered by the NY Aquarium on one side, and this baseball stadium, Keyspan Park, on the other side.


You can do what Rick (Coaster Palooza) and his wife Gyendolynne and I did, see the game, eat at Nathans, and ride the Cyclone!


Hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike



Update of Drawing #1 of 25 in the Big Mike Road Show Reader of the Year Finals - No one matched a ball in the NJ Pick 6, so everyone is still tied at 0 with 24 drawings to go!


Keyspan Park in Coney Island!


Keyspan Park is home to The Brooklyn Cyclones!


Today, Big Mike has friends from California checking into the Big Mike Hotel in Montville New Jersey!


Montville is ranked in the top 20 in best towns to live in in the whole United States, and we are not sure if it is ranked that high just because it is home to Big Mike World Headquarters or not?


Rick is here to watch his friend Gabe umpire the game. Rick and Gabe go way back!


While Rick is chatting with Gabe, Big Mike is the center of attention of the Cyclone Girls!


Check out the great Cyclone sign!


I think that may be Big Mike with his hands up!


Even cooler yet, check out the Cyclone sign with the real Cyclone right behind it!


Who can guess who is throwing out the first pitch tonight?


It's the Geico gecko!


New York does not fool around, they even have a second pitch of the game!

Who can guess who threw out the 2nd pitch?


It's the Mega ball from the Mega Millions game, someone one of my 7 Finalists really wants to get to know real well for the next month!!


Gabe on the field!


Rick is very excited because he taught Gabe everything he knows!


As night fell, the park lit up with lights!


Of course with Mr. Good Luck (Big Mike) in attendance, the Cyclones won!


Fireworks after the game!


What a great way to spend a summer night, with great friends, a ballgame, Nathans, rides on the Cyclone, and the Cyclone Girls!


Hope you enjoyed!



Peace, Big Mike

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Good stuff, Big Mike! I also wondered about the ballpark when I was there last year. It does look really nice. I also had no idea there was an aquarium on the other side of Coney Island. Probably a good thing, cause I would've felt like I was missing out on it, haha.


P.S. I think I see a 24 on this guy. I'll take 3 points, please.


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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!



Phew, almost missed the deadline for the 1st time this year! Motivation was lacking today lol.



Seems the thread has been lacking some replies lately!



Thanks to sspaz1000, Rollercoaster Rider, and STR8FXXXINEDGE for making a comment! Those comments go a long way in making Big Mike feel appreciated!



Everyone does not have to write a big long paragraph or suck up to The Big Man, I know everyone is busy and rushed, but if you read an update and enjoy it, just respond with a period, that way I know at least some people are enjoying the daily updates!!



So if I see a ".", I know you care



Anyway, yesterdays drawing scored for a couple of players!!! Traincrossin and picknyourseat are now on the board with 1 point each!



Today's episode is a small park in Florida, and with all the big parks in that state, this one gets overlooked, but not by The Mighty Big Man!



Hope everyone enjoys Birthday World!!!



Peace, Big Mike



PS - .


Birthday World in Florida!




Mine Train!








There seems to be an unwritten rule about being too tall or heavy for this ride, and Big Mike met with a little resistance when he came to collect the coaster.


A quick explanation of "Traveling the World Riding Roller Coasters" was all it took this time, and The Big Man saved the Big Mike Charm for another day, we don't want to overuse it for sure!




Big Mike was allowed to sit in the front seat so he could ring the bell!


Another coaster collected!


As Big Mike says after getting off each new coaster credit, "Ka-Ching!"


Everything else at Birthday World:





Bumper Cars.



Toddler Zone.



Glow Golf.



Flying Banana.






Games and Arcades.


Big Mike's trip was a success! A new park visit, a new coaster ridden, and when you think of it that way, it did feel like a birthday to The Big Man!


Hope you enjoyed!



Peace, Big Mike

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If I didn't start reading this thread this year, I wouldn't have all these new places to go, "oh I need to add to my bucket list" (ironically a lot of them this year, aren't even of parks, but it's the other random places you've been showing us, that make me want to go see the rest of the US.


Birthday World seems like it's pretty cute for the younger crowd. The glow golf looks like it could be fun.

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