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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!


Thanks for stopping by!



As we start our 12th week of daily Monday to Friday NEW episodes of The Big Mike Road Show, two exciting things are right around the corner!!


First, Big Mike's Coaster Season's Opening Day has been CONFIRMED to be this upcoming Saturday as Big Mike flies out to Cleveland Ohio to hit the I/X Indoor Amusement Park, a first time visit for The Mighty Big Man, and will try to claim the 4 coasters there!


Secondly, The Big Mike Road Show Most Valuable Reader Contest is about to give away a FREE ONE WEEK CONDO STAY to a lucky and hard working Valuable Reader!


There will be a "WILD CARD" game this Friday, and anyone who accomplished 3 out of the 4 quests can win this game and use the wild card to qualify for the Finals!


There are only 12 Valuable Big Mike Readers left with a shot at the Grand Prize!!! See them all on page #1.


The following people are qualified and need to post a number between 1 and 35. That will be your lucky number!

The Bebes





The following people are in the wild card game this upcoming Friday, a set time will be randomly drawn later in the week:

Chiquita Loquita


SuperShawn (Can qualify if posts a Valuable Big Mike Reader Banner beforehand)


picknyourseat (Can qualify if posts his found Mikestery Card and puts up a banner)




Everyone else above had 2 ducky wins and can use the wild card for the 3rd!



Now that this contest has ended, make sure to enter the SUPER EPIC Contest for another chance at a FREE ONE WEEK CONDO STAY or A FREE 2013 SEASON PASS! See the rules and enter, it is very easy! http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1138984#p1138984



Today's episode of The Big Mike Road Show comes to you from Munich Germany, and it was THE highlight of the year for The Big Man!


Octoberfest in Munich Germany was on Big Mike's Top 50 Always Wanted To Do List, and it finally got done!


The only bad part about Octoberfest is that there is no pay one price, and you could go broke trying to ride everything.


Anyway, here are the coasters of Octoberfest!



Hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike










Octoberfest in Munich Germany!


Big Mike has finally made it here, a long standing place on Big Mike's Top 50 Always Wanted To Do List!


Big Mike picked a special year to come too, it's the 200th anniversary!!!


Big Mike decided to walk around and scout out all the coasters to ride!


Wilde Maus!





Double credit, as these are back to back Wilde Mauses sitting side by side.


Rumor has it that there was a secret bet made on this coaster ride as to who could drink the most beer at the fair. Who ya got?


Alpina Bahn!



Good looking coaster.


Good looking rider on the good looking coaster!





This guy is laughing at us since we can't get any photos of this indoor coaster.


The main draw, Olympia Looping!!!



Lots of loops!


What a wonderful sight! :)


Feuer and Eis! (Even Big Mike could figure out this said Fire and Ice)



Nice theming.


Now that the coasters were done, time to eat! How about this half meter hot dog!!

Big Mike had 2, that's a full meter!!


Big Mike was REALLY honored to meet up with some Valuable Big Mike Readers!


This is Andrea and Andy, a husband and wife that are BOTH just slightly ahead of Big Mike with their coaster counts as of this episode!


Andy has Big Mike by 20, and Andrea has Big Mike by 13.


Big Mike bows to whoever is ahead of him because he realizes the hard work and dedication that it takes to beat The Mighty Big Man!


The best non coaster thing Big Mike found was this Teufelsrad!


It is a spinning wheel and you can see it spin if you watch the video attached to this episode!


Big Mike would have shown you all the rides at Octoberfest, but he got locked up.


That's about it, except for who drank the most beer at the fair.


I hope everyone enjoyed the sights of Octoberfest in Munich Germany, I know Big Mike sure did!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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Awesome update, Big Mike! I've never been to Oktoberfest, but I did get to make it to a German fair in Würzburg with TPR a couple years ago, and it was AWESOME! I can't decide if my favorite part was getting to ride Olympia Looping, or checking out all the hot girls in Lederhosen!


Also, I'm going to go with #24 as my lucky number!

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Dear Mr. Moose,


I did fail on the hot German Men, very sorry.


I will add a picture of two hot guys for you, plus, I did forget the dark ride pictures.



Big Mike is always trying to please everyone



Peace, Big Mike


Two hot guys in Germany!


Dark ride at Octoberfest.


3rd hot guy in Germany!


The ride was like a big cage.


4th hot guy in Germany!


The vampire girls sure did love The Mighty Big Man!



Peace, Big Mike

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Octoberfest looks like a lot of fun! And I don't usually watch People's Court either, but it's fun to see the behind-the-scenes stuff.


I got my 3rd ducky win a couple of weeks ago, and I have a banner. What do I need to do to qualify? I forget! My memory stinks.

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I knew I had to be more careful!


I posted the standings on the front page by putting up pictures of whoever found a mikestery card, but did fail on figuring out whoever won the other 3 quests and only needed the mikestery card as their wild card!!!




I will redo the wildcard situation tonight, thanks for keeping the intergrity of the game!



Peace, Big Mike

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!



It's To Do Tuesday again, which means something to do while out riding roller coasters and visiting amusement parks!



Today we hit NYC, and anytime you hit ANY amusement park anywhere close to the greatest city in the World, you should be stopping by!



"The Ride" is a combo mix of bus tour and Broadway show! The bus trip is a little over an hour, brings you to many top sights in New York City, but at the same time, occasionally has little performances set up on the streets for everyone to watch!


The bus is equipped with an amazing sound and lighting system, full windows, and a 3 level stadium seating. Best of all, everyone outside can see you and hear you!


The bus is a real show stopper as all the tourists on the street just stop and stare!


Big Mike has some pictures, but you will get more satisfaction from watching the videos I think.



This is a tour of the inside of the bus:




This is a sample of the entertainment you see outside the windows: (There was a rapper, a New Year's Eve countdown, The Kiss in Times Square, and many more) This one catches the magic of New York City!




This is the BEST video, the finale in Times Square where a big crowd gathers to hear Big Mike sing "New York, New York"!!! Make sure you suffer until the end for the HUGE finish!




Hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike


So Big Mike was in his back yard again, NYC, and doing his usually job of raising money for more coaster trips!


While standing on the corner, Big Mike notices "The Ride" drive by, which you can see over Big Mike's shoulder now.


Big Mike just had to ride it and experience it, so he collected enough money on the street to get a ticket!


You can see that only one side of the bus has windows, and there are 3 rows of seats.


Once inside, it is very comfortable and impressive!


The lights and sound system are dazzling!


The bus drives along with an announcer describing the NYC landmarks like Grand Central Station!


Between landmarks, little sketches or shows are performed outside for everyone to watch, and we can hear everything outside perfectly too!


Big Mike also scouted out this cupcake vendor and when the tour was over, went to find him!


Hope you enjoyed!


Peace, Big Mike

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The Ride looks like a ton of fun. How much is the tour supposed to be? I'll definitely consider doing it next time I visit.


It also seems pretty new. Last time I visited the city (last summer), that bus wasn't there.


When I saw "The Ride" I thought you meant that attraction that was advertised on top of the Empire State Building. It was heavily advertised when I was last there with people holding signs and giving out brochures about it.

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* All public appearances are subject to change. All cancellations will be announced as soon as possible. Check back to the Big Mike Road Show thread, Big Mike's Facebook page (Big-Mike Betzler), or Big Mike's Twitter account (bigmikeroadshow) for up to the minute park arrival times and schedule changes. Although Big Mike's sole purpose is to collect coasters and produce trip reports, Big Mike welcomes visits and meet ups, photo ops and autographs are free of charge and encouraged, and a coaster ride together can always be accommodated!


May 18-19 - Cedar Point Spring Conference



Hey there Big Mike!! Long-time BMRS reader, first time poster!


This thread is simply epic, and I enjoy all of your reports and adventures. Congrats on landing Megan as well.....you two look like a perfect fit together! I wish you guys nothing but the best!!


When I saw your itinerary for 2012, I was very happy to see you would also be attending the Cedar Point Spring Conference! I know there may be lots of people there, but I think it'd be awesome to meet the Big Man in person! Life would be complete for this coaster rider! So, here's hoping!


I'll be keeping an eye if/when you swing by Kennywood this year too, as I'd be happy to share a Sky Rocket ride with ya. That little coaster is a hidden gem at my home park, in my humblest opinion.

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The Ride seems like a very unique way to experience the city. I think that is something I will have to try sometime, because you have to get some kind of culture credit. Call me whatever you want, but there is more to travel than coasters. Haha, anyway I was just joking with that last part.


300th Post!

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!



Small park update time!!



Today's episode of The Big Mike Road Show comes to you from Arizona, at a park called Enchanted Island Amusement Park!



Big Mike scouts out these small places, and it is always a fun day to try and visit about 3 or more of these small places all in a row!



Today we had a very nice turnout of Big Mike Road Show Valuable Readers, which is always very special!



Also, for everyone who enjoys seeing Big Mike pull out The Big Mike Charm to get on a coaster, we do it again on this episode!!!




Hope you enjoy Enchanted Island Amusement Park!



Peace, Big Mike


Enchanted Island Amusement Park in Arizona!




Park map.


Height chart.


Big Mike has his sights on only one ride, the coaster!!


The Hours.


Notice that the park closes at 12:30 everyday, why do you think that is?? Any guesses before you see the next picture?


Yep, we are Arizona, and things get VERY hot around here with the sun.


Yep, that hot!


There was a great turnout when The Big Mike Road Show visited Arizona, which The Big Man LOVES!


This is Jim! (JimmyBo)


This is Dave (dj snow)


This is Jeff (picknyourseat)


Jeff is using this meet up as one of the quests in the Big Mike Most Valuable Reader of the Year Contest, where he now has about a 1 in 7 shot at a free one week condo stay courtesy of The Mighty Big Man!


There it is, the Dragon Wagon!




Side view.


The worst view.


36 to 54 inches ONLY!


Big Mike stands at a gorgeous 73 inches, 19 inches over the limit and sadly denied to ride.


Big Mike was hoping not to unpack The Big Mike Charm on this trip, but it was time to break it out once again!

Big Mike always brings it with him on these long and far away trips being that he may only have one shot to get these credits!

Time to go back through the off limits area and find the office!


You can see in Big Mike's expression that going to the owner of the park to discuss riding a kiddie coaster is not one of Big Mike's most favorite things to do, but when you are in the business of being the best coaster collector out there, these things have to be done!

Now, will the owner even grant Big Mike a meeting?




Big Mike gets to tell the story of "Traveling the World Riding Roller Coasters" yet once again!


Will it work? It's time to see the owner now!




Craig, the owner of Enchanted Island, makes a deal with Big Mike:


"Come back after the park closes and give me a Big Mike Road Show Valuable Reader Pin, and you can ride the coaster!"


Big Mike accepts the deal!


Since we had some time until the park closed, we took some pictures of everything else at the park for the Valuable Big Mike Readers to see!


This was brand new!


It was so hot, Big Mike almost joined in on the fun!








They did have a nice train ride.



Also of note, a Herschell carousel!



We took pictures of everything and still had time to spare, so the whole gang went out for breakfast!


Big Mike's treat!


Hey look, the park is closed..... but it is open for The Big Man!!!


Mike the ride operator was waiting for us and excited to see Big Mike!


Why you ask? Craig and Mike was checking out The Big Mike Road Show thread while we were gone!


Exclusive walk back just for Big Mike and his friends!




Success for the friends too!


Coaster credit #885 for The Mighty Big Man!


Wow, so many coasters ago!


The fun times that you can share coming out and hanging out with The Big Mike Road Show World Tour!


Thanks to Craig for being so cool, to Mike for staying to let us ride, and to Jimmy, Dave, and Jeff for coming out for the day!


Hope you enjoyed!


Peace, Big Mike

Edited by Big Mike
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