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I am pretty sure this is the part where I wiped out horrifically and had scratches and bruises up my shin the rest of the trip!


Would have been a lot worse if Joey's hand hadn't appeared out of nowhere to save me, though!


Thanks again, Joey!


Dunn's River Falls was one of the most fun experiences of my life

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!


Chugging along with another daily update for everyone!



Today the Big Mike Road Show comes to you from Lowry Zoo in Tampa Florida, just a little bit down the road from Busch Gardens!


A zoo with a coaster is a double win for The Mighty Big Man!



Hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike


Lowry Park Zoo!




Nice center plaza when you walk in.


Tazmanian Tiger!


Big Mike has his 4 tokens to ride!


The tiger himself.




Side view.




In action.


It is a well known fact that Big Mike always gets lots of tail.


Maybe that's the reason :)


Exclusive side shot!


Coaster Credit #??? who knows, can't find it, sorry!


Other rides and things to do at the zoo:


Pony Trek.



The Woolshed.



Flyin Bananas.











This dude escaped!





Safari ride.


Big Mike is all for close up viewing!








Gator Falls.



Camel Safari.



Tasmanian Tornado for $2.


The girls pig tails are not even moving at 80 mph!


Feed the Budgies for $1, Big Mike gets $10 worth!





Big Mike once had a bird just like this named Chirpy!






Homeless Ape.


It is always nice to end with a baby!


Lowry Zoo, nice place, coaster credit, not exactly sure if it is the #1 zoo in the US, maybe these voters never went to the San Diego Zoo before??


Hope you enjoyed!



Peace, Big Mike

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Even with the less-than-ideal shots from that camera, it's clear that the climb up those falls must be a blast. As said above, this thread does make for a lot of personal bucket list updating.


And any zoo with a flume ride, coaster and "safari jeep" trip is pretty solid. Will not hit BG without making that stop as well, next time I'm down that way.

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I have three coaster credits that Big Mike doesn't.


1. Sky Rocket at Kennywood - went the year it opened

2. Mouse at the I-X Center

3. Orient Express at the I-X Center


I live in the Cleveland area. Do you what time you will be at the I-X Center this year on March 30th? I might be able to meet up with you. Would love to meet a celebrity!


Also, to participate in this year's Big Mike Contest do I post my picture on this thread? Thanks!

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Big Mike once had a bird just like this named Chirpy!


I also once had a bird just like that. He was great for our electric bill -- he would squawk loudly if we left the room without turning off the lights first, and give a polite thank-you chirp when we did turn them off. He never complained about the lights while we were actually in the room. Unfortunately, he liked to play with his own reflection in the mirror more than any of us.

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!



Week #10 of daily Big Mike Road Show updates continues with something fun you can do while visiting an amusement park.



This Thursday we look towards the East at parks like Dutch Wonderland, Dorney Park, Sesame Place, and even Great Adventure!



If you are visiting any of these parks, a quick little bit away and you can visit the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia!



Visiting the Liberty Bell was on Big Mike's Top 50 Always Wanted To Do List, and it was worth the stop by!



Hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike



PS - The Powerball drawing for the free NEW Big Mike Road Show goodie for playing in the secret game a few episodes ago came up #6, and the winner was once again reality15! Your NEW Big Mike prize is on the way and this is the first of its kind going out!


Glad we use the Powerball to select winners or everyone would think it is rigged that the same person won again! Honesty and integrity, that's what The Big Mike Road Show is all about! Congrats again Jon!


Independence Hall in Philadelphia, and the Liberty Bell Center is on the right of this picture.


Liberty Bell Center!


The Liberty Bell, where it is actually free to see!


There it is everybody, the Liberty Bell!!!!!


Megan and the Liberty Bell.


Big Mike and the Liberty Bell.


Exclusive crack shot!


The Liberty Bell, another thing on Big Mike's Top 50 Always Wanted To Do List completed!


This was also in Philadelphia and it seemed fitting to pose next to :)


Hope you enjoyed!


Peace, Big Mike and Megan

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I'm planning to do a Philly day when I go to the Skyrush opening day at Hershey. The Liberty Bell is definitely on my to-do list, but I'm still trying to decide if I should go to Pat's or Gino's for an authentic Philly Cheese Steak.

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^ neither, Jim's on south street


I always love going to the liberty bell when I head into the city. Love it even more now that my high school English teache retired and became a park ranger there, lol. It's a shame you saw independence hall with its lovely scaffolding on. It's looking pretty good now that the work is done.

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I'm planning to do a Philly day when I go to the Skyrush opening day at Hershey. The Liberty Bell is definitely on my to-do list, but I'm still trying to decide if I should go to Pat's or Gino's for an authentic Philly Cheese Steak.


I will have an update on Pats and Genos coming up soon also! Everyone told me Jims too!

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I live in the Cleveland area. Do you what time you will be at the I-X Center this year on March 30th? I might be able to meet up with you. Would love to meet a celebrity!


Also, to participate in this year's Big Mike Contest do I post my picture on this thread? Thanks!



Right now, arriving is up in the air. I wanted to make a 3 day trip out of it, then it turned into a fly in the morning and fly out at night, and now it is questionable if we push it back to next year. I guess this is what happens when you find yourself a better half and that half can't go. lol


Post all contest pictures right here in the Big Mike Road Show thread!!! I can't wait to see it, we need more entries! I am close to deciding on opening this up to all my coaster friends due to lack of interest here on TPR, so the sooner the better



Peace, Big Mike

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Hello my Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!


We have done it!


11 FULL weeks of daily Monday to Friday updates so far in 2012...


55 All New Big Mike Road Show episodes...


Lots of exciting parks and fun things to do, along with special Big Mike moments...


Contests and prizes and duckies galore...




We have passed the quarter of the way point to our goal of 200 new episodes in 2012!!!



Lots of fun and excitement here on The Big Mike Road Show, and since it is Friday, like all other Fridays, this episode is a special Big Mike moment!



Big Mike checked off another thing on Big Mike's Top 50 Always Wanted To Do List by either going to the People's Court or Judge Judy!


This episode will let you see everything that goes into making The People's Court, with Behind the Scenes access to the sets and the stars of the show!



I hope everyone enjoys it, I think Big Mike Productions really did a good job on this milestone episode!



Hope everyone enjoys the hard work!



Peace, Big Mike



To see even more exciting episodes like this one, check out the Big Mike Update Page to see every 2012 episode so far and have a chance to win a free 2013 season pass to ANYWHERE just for posting ONE picture!!!






Big Mike on TV getting interviewed by Harvey Levin on The People's Court:




Big Mike gives everyone an exclusive look inside of The People's Court Set:




Big Mike checks out the interview hallway right outside the court room:



Big Mike has a special invite to a taping of The People's Court!


The People's Court set is in New York City, in a building with no signs, many floors up, and hidden away from the public.


Big Mike knows he will be on camera, that is why he is here!!


Big Mike is also here to check out this hottie, Judge Milian!


Big Mike on The People's Court set!


You can see the cameras right behind where the judge sits!


Talking about where the judge sits, how about an exclusive bench photo!


Big Mike dreams one day to be a defendant on the People's Court, it would go something like this:


Judge: "Big Mike, you have been accused of stealing kids to ride kiddie coasters, please approach the bench."


Big Mike would approach the bench and the judge would say:


"Big Mike, I want you so badly, meet me in my chambers!"


Here is a look right outside the doors of the court room as everyone is prepared to start the case, but they have to wait for Big Mike to conclude his behind the scenes tour for The Valuable Big Mike Readers on Theme Park Review!


I know everyone reading this wonders where do the people go after the interview and they have to go "right down the hall".


"Right down the hall" is actually off the set into this messy area lol.


Court Officer Doug, The Legendary Big Mike, and Court Reporter Curt hang out before we go to production.


Big Mike stood in on a few cases that day and then got exclusive in front of the bench photos!!!


Look at that body she hides from us on TV!


This picture was taken a few seconds before she locked eyes with The Mighty Big Man!


Big Mike has showed you everything INSIDE the People's Court set, with the exception of Judge Milian's private chambers, and since Big Mike does not kiss and tell, all Big Mike can confirm is that The Big Man may or may not have been invited back there with the judge after everyone else left!?!?!?!


Sometime after the shows are put together, we switch to outside the Times Square Information Booth for the on the street interviews, where everyone there ONLY gets to see the opening clip about the show on this tv set.


Harvey Levin then reads the card corresponding to that show, comes out and tells us the "meat and potatoes" as he put it of that case, and then interviews people on the street about their opinions.


Big Mike must have been seen in a dozen cases outside, while getting interviewed personally for 4 shows!


That is how the whole show is put together, from court room to post interviews, and it was a fun experience!


Once the show was a wrap, and the full day of show recaps were completed, Big Mike and Harvey Levin hung out and grabbed a bite to eat!


Hope you enjoyed!



Peace, Big Mike

Edited by Big Mike
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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!


Thanks for stopping by!



As we start our 12th week of daily Monday to Friday NEW episodes of The Big Mike Road Show, two exciting things are right around the corner!!


First, Big Mike's Coaster Season's Opening Day has been CONFIRMED to be this upcoming Saturday as Big Mike flies out to Cleveland Ohio to hit the I/X Indoor Amusement Park, a first time visit for The Mighty Big Man, and will try to claim the 4 coasters there!


Secondly, The Big Mike Road Show Most Valuable Reader Contest is about to give away a FREE ONE WEEK CONDO STAY to a lucky and hard working Valuable Reader!


There will be a "WILD CARD" game this Friday, and anyone who accomplished 3 out of the 4 quests can win this game and use the wild card to qualify for the Finals!


There are only 12 Valuable Big Mike Readers left with a shot at the Grand Prize!!! See them all on page #1.


The following people are qualified and need to post a number between 1 and 35. That will be your lucky number!

The Bebes





The following people are in the wild card game this upcoming Friday, a set time will be randomly drawn later in the week:

Chiquita Loquita


SuperShawn (Can qualify if posts a Valuable Big Mike Reader Banner beforehand)


picknyourseat (Can qualify if posts his found Mikestery Card and puts up a banner)




Everyone else above had 2 ducky wins and can use the wild card for the 3rd!



Now that this contest has ended, make sure to enter the SUPER EPIC Contest for another chance at a FREE ONE WEEK CONDO STAY or A FREE 2013 SEASON PASS! See the rules and enter, it is very easy! http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1138984#p1138984



Today's episode of The Big Mike Road Show comes to you from Munich Germany, and it was THE highlight of the year for The Big Man!


Octoberfest in Munich Germany was on Big Mike's Top 50 Always Wanted To Do List, and it finally got done!


The only bad part about Octoberfest is that there is no pay one price, and you could go broke trying to ride everything.


Anyway, here are the coasters of Octoberfest!



Hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike










Octoberfest in Munich Germany!


Big Mike has finally made it here, a long standing place on Big Mike's Top 50 Always Wanted To Do List!


Big Mike picked a special year to come too, it's the 200th anniversary!!!


Big Mike decided to walk around and scout out all the coasters to ride!


Wilde Maus!





Double credit, as these are back to back Wilde Mauses sitting side by side.


Rumor has it that there was a secret bet made on this coaster ride as to who could drink the most beer at the fair. Who ya got?


Alpina Bahn!



Good looking coaster.


Good looking rider on the good looking coaster!





This guy is laughing at us since we can't get any photos of this indoor coaster.


The main draw, Olympia Looping!!!



Lots of loops!


What a wonderful sight! :)


Feuer and Eis! (Even Big Mike could figure out this said Fire and Ice)



Nice theming.


Now that the coasters were done, time to eat! How about this half meter hot dog!!

Big Mike had 2, that's a full meter!!


Big Mike was REALLY honored to meet up with some Valuable Big Mike Readers!


This is Andrea and Andy, a husband and wife that are BOTH just slightly ahead of Big Mike with their coaster counts as of this episode!


Andy has Big Mike by 20, and Andrea has Big Mike by 13.


Big Mike bows to whoever is ahead of him because he realizes the hard work and dedication that it takes to beat The Mighty Big Man!


The best non coaster thing Big Mike found was this Teufelsrad!


It is a spinning wheel and you can see it spin if you watch the video attached to this episode!


Big Mike would have shown you all the rides at Octoberfest, but he got locked up.


That's about it, except for who drank the most beer at the fair.


I hope everyone enjoyed the sights of Octoberfest in Munich Germany, I know Big Mike sure did!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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