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Not a bad looking park with what seems a nice mix of rides.


I am going with three duckies.



2 Duckies and 1 hot chick in a bikini!


And someone needs to go lock me in as well. But These two are Locked!

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The pics turned out fine, Big Mike. I could see everything in them.


P.S. Where is this bikini pic everyone is talking about?


For someone who is the leader in the Find the Duckie you are not very observant!

Hahahaha, how embarrassing! I'm trying to get out of the house, and just did a quick browsing of the pics, with the intention of reading through it thoroughly later on tonight, which is what I usually do. This time though, it bit me in the butt!

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^^^ Yes you have Nicole


Nice seeing your name pop up again!






Don't miss the dark ride there, Haunted Barrel Works. It's pretty fun... or at least it was when I was 13.


Oh and you know Toronto Island Monster is powered, right?!?! Anyway have fun! You'll have to see for me if they still have the bunny farm and the awesome indoor scrambler!

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!



Glad everyone enjoyed the bikini pictures of Megan last episode, thanks for all the comments!



Today we show you something to do while roller coastering in the state of Oregon!



Sea Lion Caves is right on the coast of 101 in Oregon, and it is also the World's Largest Sea Cave, so it is like a double bonus to see!



Big Mike and Megan could not wait to see all the sea lions and bring it back to all the Valuable Big Mike Readers!



Hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike






Sea Lion Caves and the World's Largest Sea Cave!


Don't believe it is the World's largest sea cave in the whole universe? Here's proof!


Sea Lion info board.


This was Megan's first look at the Pacific Ocean!


Once you enter, you have 2 choices, the viewing point or the cave.


First, we take the path to the left to the viewing site to see tons and tons of sea lions!!


Megan decides to use the binoculars since we are having a little trouble locating the sea lions.


We look to the right, no sea lions???


We look to the left, no sea lions???


We come to the determination that they all must be hanging out in the Worlds largest sea cave!!!


Just so our walk down to the viewing area was not a total waste, we use this as a photo op!


We anxiously take the path to the right to go see the cave and the sea lions!


WARNING!! Look at all the things that could go wrong in the cave!


EXCLUSIVE opening to the cave from above!


Big Mike and Megan ignore all the possible things that could go wrong and take the elevator 200 feet down to the cave!


There is a really nice view of the Oregon coast!


There is it, the World's largest sea cave at the bottom of the steps!


No flashes are allowed, but you can still see the excitement in our eyes to see tons of sea lions!




Just one tiny little problem though, where are the Sea Lions????


The brochure has zillions of sea lions laying all over these rocks!!


Can you say "major disappointment"?


We are told that this is feeding season, and all the sea lions are out to feed except a few stragglers like this one.


Actually we were told this before we paid, and it was half price due to this, but still, blah!

There is one in the top right corner if you squint to see it lol.


We still had a great time seeing the cave and the few sea lions, so it was still a success!


Hope you enjoyed the Sea Lion Caves everybody!



Peace, Big Mike and Megan

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After about 3 months of reading i have finally done it! I have read through the entire Big Mike Road Show thread! Just want to say well done Big Mike and i wish i could do the same one day!


Oh wow 3 months. I think I'm up to page 77 right now. I figure I'll get there eventually

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That is super fantastic!!!


I remember Lena saying she read it from page #1 a few years ago and it took her a month and a half!


I guess we are up to 3 months now, which is good to know because I have the urge to re-read the whole thing too!


I wonder if I promote this thread as a full page book, if girls would choose this as a nice bedtime novel??


It does have a story line, lots of humor, some interesting facts, photos from around the World, and most of all, a great looking lead character!!!



I could be published, go on book reading and signing tours, and be on the Times best seller list!!!



Thanks forvreading it, I hope you enjoyed it and got a few chuckles, and hope to meet up one day soon!



Thanks for being a Valuable Big Mike Reader and this deserves a Big Mike Prize Pack, complete with the newest Big Mike goody! Private message me your address!



Ok, off to see who wants to publish my new book!




Peace, Big Mike

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