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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!



Thanks for visiting once again!



Today, since it is Thursday, we will show you something fun to do while you are out roller coastering!



If you are ever riding the coasters at Coney Island in New York on the Fourth of July, then this side trip is a must!



The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest takes place right down the street from the Cyclone every July 4th, and Big Mike had quite a good time there!



Check it out on today's episode of The Big Mike Road Show!!!



Hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike


Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island NY!


Big Mike arrives as they are setting up the table, the drinks are very important.


1 hour and 5 minutes until show time!


Just for a quick reference, this is where you get to watch the event if you arrive an hour early!


1 hour to go!


Notice the records, both will fall today!!!


As always, ESPN covers the whole event! It's big time!


If you look good, you can see The Mighty Big Man out there!




They even have guards to watch over the trophies.


Kobayashi from Japan is a 6 time winner!


The year before this contest, Kobayashi and USA's Joey Chestnut tied and went into overtime!


Frankie the Frankfurter was in attendance!


Kobayashi makes his entrance!


The defending 2 time champion Joey Chestnut arrives and is the crowd favorite!


A beautiful day, especially with the Rye Playland sign up there!


The Emcee is raised high above the crowd to give the starting signal.


The clock is at zero, it's time!!!


Chow down!!!


The stuffing begins!


It's 12-12 early!


Around the half way mark, we are still tied at 31-31!!!


Chestnut pulls ahead 45-43 to the delight of the crowd!


They are in the final stretch with Chestnut still holding a 2 hot dog lead 56-54.


It's over! Chestnut wins 68-64! It's a NEW world record!!!!


There is a lot of bad blood between these two, so Chestnut is pumped that he won!


The winner at stillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll champion of the World, Joey Chestnut!!! Chestnut retains the Mustard Belt!


This was really fun to watch in person, and little did Big Mike know that this was the last time Kobayashi has competed here.


One thing was for sure, the camera loved zooming in on The Big Man!


How about that, double World records the day Big Mike attends!!!


Big Mike got so caught up in the excitement that he wanted to eat some hot dogs too!


What a fun time! If you are ever around on July 4th, check it out!


Hope you enjoyed!


Peace, Big Mike

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^I locked you in earlier on the page. You don't need to say your ducky amount again once you've been locked in.



And Big Mike, that looks amazing. I loved going to Coney Island on the NE trip last year and eating at Nathans. But to see the 4th of july competition up close had to be awesome.

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I stumbled onto the Hot Dog eating contest when it was televised when I was in the states. It's certainly one of the most bizarre things I've stumbled across, a line of people gorging themselves silly. People talk about Japan being weird, but this really takes the cake (or hot dog bun).


I know there are eating contests all over, is Nathans the biggest or just the most famous of them?

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Hello Fantastic Friends and Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!



We have completed another full week of daily Monday to Friday updates!!!!



Since it is a Friday, that always means an update on something Big Mike related!



Today's episode is a special one, it is the Doggies of Big Mike World Headquarters!!!



The timing of this episode is a direct result of a special day tomorrow, it's....






So whenever you wind up reading this, Saturday March 3rd is Good Ole Lucky Dog's 9th birthday!!!



As a result of this great occasion, anyone who wishes Lucky Dog a Happy Birthday in this thread over the weekend will be entered into a random drawing for one of the few remaining, very rare, Official Big Mike Road Show World Tour T-Shirts!!!


That's not all, for every Happy Birthday wish, Lucky Dog will get a bag of treats present from you!!!



Happy Birthday my loyal companion, best friend, and faithful buddy!



Hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike


This is my lovely girlfriend Megan (Pirouettes907) and her "Handsome Man" Hampton!


Hampton is a 10 year old English Springer Spaniel.


We like to call him Hammie, Hambalonious, or Hambone.


Mommy LOVES Hampton, with Big Mike a far 2nd :)


This is Zoe!!!


Zoe is a 7 year old Schnauzer/Jack Russell mix.


We like to call her Zo Zo Monster.


Megan's additions to the family.


This is Lucky Dog the Birthday Boy!!!


Lucky Dog will be turning 9 on Saturday and he is a Black Lab mix, with the vet saying "He is probably a little of a lot of dogs!"


We like to call him Good Ole Lucky Dog or L.D Bomber.


There you have it my friends, The Doggies of Big Mike World Headquarters!!!


Good Ole Lucky Dog the Birthday Boy, always supportive of The Big Mike Road Show!!!


Lucky Dog is always right there when Big Mike is putting up updates on his computer, and is sometimes responsible for the delays in updates going up! lol


This is how many birthday presents Lucky Dog (laying on the couch, blends in well on black couch) got last time everyone wished him Happy Birthday!


Hope everyone enjoyed and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCKY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hope you enjoyed!

Peace, Big Mike

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Happy Birthday Lucky! I hope you have a wonderful 9th birthday and that you're spoiled with lots of extra doggie treats or even a little bit of cheesecake.


And Zoe, is absolutely adorable. My parents have a mutt, and even though their mutt's hair color is light, Frankie's hair has the same texture and wiryness to it.


Thanks for showing us the pups!

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Loving all the posts this week, Big Mike! And being a dog lover myself, my favorite has definitely been Lucky Dog's B-Day Post!


Happy Birthday Lucky Dog!!! xoxoxoxoxo



That blue and white ducky is giving me trouble... I'm going to study the photos for a couple more hours before putting my guess in.



-Lady Bebe

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It looked for a long time that no one was going to win this week, but Aronsania nailed it with 7 and everyone else followed! Hats off to Aronsania who only has 6 total posts to all of TPR, but 4 of those 6 were winning Find the Ducky Guesses!


Thanks for the shout out Big Mike! I was honored to be the first of the Find the Ducky winners last week, and am flattered that everyone decided to wait for me to post before posting the correct ducky answer


5 duckies for this week!

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