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I've always wanted to ride a Mountain Coaster! We've got an Alpine Slide here in Michigan now, Big Mike, and I've also wiped out on it twice! The last time I rode it, about three years ago, I was going brake less the whole way down and picked up way too much speed and ended up flipping right over. I still have scars from it, haha! I thought they would be slippery like a water slide, but they are the complete opposite. They are are not slippery at all, so there is NO sliding, just burning! OUCH!

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Hello my Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!



Once again, a big thanks for continuing to participate in Big Mike's huge quest to post 200 updates in 2012!!!


As with all the past Thursday updates, this update will be the usual "something fun near an amusement park that you can do just like Big Mike did!"



So, if you are ever visiting the likes of Coney Island, or maybe even Victorian Gardens in Central Park for the coaster there in the summer time, or even as far as the Jersey shore or Great Adventure, you are close enough to go check out the Empire State Building in NYC!!!



This time around, Big Mike had some super cool friends come and visit The Mighty Big Man and off we went for a little sight seeing!


Special guests on the episode are Rick (Coaster Palooza) and his wife Gyendolynne!



Hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike



PS - Thanks to Rick as I am using 3 of his pictures for this update!


Big Mike always enjoys meeting his great friends at the airport with special VIP pick up service from The Mighty Big Man himself!


Rick and Gyendolynne enjoy visiting every single Hard Rock Cafe they can get to, so this was a must!


A little relaxing time before sight seeing.


Big Mike checks in with his good buddy The Naked Cowboy since we were already in Times Square!


Bonus butt shot for anyone interested!


Showed my guests some NY art too!


Here is the real highlight of the day, The Empire State Building!


The Empire State Building!


They rolled out the carpet for our visit.


The Empire State Building has 2 observatories, this is the one on the 86th floor!


Wow, we are way up there!


Gyendolynne and Rick!


Big Mike met some new friends 86 stories up, and came prepared!


Lets face it, there are not many food options this high for them.


I wonder how many times this has been struck by lightning?


Those windows at the top are the 102nd floor observatory!


Big Mike searching around for the way up as you don't come all this way and not go to the very top!


Woo Hoo! Found it! Bring us up top!


We made it!


The 102nd floor observation is 16 floors higher, but you are no longer outdoors like at the 86th floor observatory.


Being this high up, you can see many famous things like...


Central Park...


... the New Year's Eve Ball in Times Square...


... The Statue of Liberty...


... the cruise terminal on the west side...


... Madison Square Garden...


... and best of all, Big Mike's home state of New Jersey!!!


Thanks to Rick and Gyendolynne for coming to visit and I hope everyone enjoyed this episode on The Empire State Building!



Peace, Big Mike



PS - Who is coming to visit next???

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I live about an hour from the city and a few weeks ago after a Rangers game my girlfriend and I spontaneously decided to go up on the Empire State Building. Like most native New Yorkers I rarely take advantage of the awesome stuff the city has to offer but I must say I was blown away by the experience. If you ever get the chance you should go up there at night too, it's really amazing.


By the way, how was the 102nd floor observatory? Was it worth the extra fee?

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!!


Wow, we have now finished 7 full weeks of daily Big Mike Road Show updates, minus the one week vacation to Cancun!


This puts us at 35 new 2012 updates so far, on a goal of hitting 200 for the year, so we are already 1/6 of the way there!!!



I think it is a great time to tell the full story on how Big Mike got to guest star on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and let all the new Theme Park Review people who have joined since 2008 a chance to witness the moment of greatness! Honestly, the clip NEVER gets old since it is pure gold comic genius from The Mighty Big Man and you can watch it again and again and still laugh every time, or at least Big Mike does!





Big Mike was visiting California once again while he was "Traveling The World Riding Roller Coasters"!


While at Universal Studios in Hollywood, Big Mike was sitting on a bench wearing his Official Big Mike Road Show T-Shirt and updating his thread on TPR on his smart phone.


Two men come up to Big Mike while his head is down and say hello and ask about the T-shirt and the story behind it.


I proudly tell the men that I am Big Mike and travel to all parts of the World riding as many diferent roller coasters as I can.


The men are so interested in Big Mike's story and accomplishments that they proceed to tell The Mighty Big Man that they are producers of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and they are looking for very interesting people such as myself to be on TV with Jay Leno.


I, of course, am totally interested in finding more ways to promote The Big Mike Road Show, so I tell them that I will help THEM out by appearing.


They give me tickets and tell me to show up at the studio early, but don't get in line, go in the VIP section.


I have a few hours to spare, so I give a call to Robb and tell him the news and he spreads the word that Big Mike will be appearing tonight!


Big Mike arrives at the studio and goes straight past the huge line to get in, and is greeted by the same two guys at the VIP area. "Hey Big Mike" they say, obviously seeing the star quality in The Big Man!


The producers give me a card and ask me to memorize it, and make sure that I am not wearing my Big Mike Road Show T-Shirt, which was not allowed for some reason. Booooooo. They also say no cameras, to which I said double boooooo.


Anyway, Big Mike learns his lines and is told to say where I work and make sure I also include that I "Travel the World Riding Roller Coasters", and not to vary from that what so ever.


The producers then tell me that Jay will ask me about The Big Mike Road Show and then move on to the question I ask.


Big Mike is escorted in via the VIP entrance and guided to his pre-selected seat, so that Jay will know exactly where The Big Man is sitting.


The show starts and Big Mike is ready to go!


Our skit finally starts and Big Mike is true to his word, saying exactly what was planned. Jay, however, decides to have a little fun at The Big Man's expense, and instead of asking questions about The Big Mike Road Show like I was told, decides to throw a couple zinger insults Big Mike's way!


The crowd laughs, Jay is amused, and Big Mike figures out that he has been had and is only there for star power and to be the butt of Jay's jokes.


Little does Jay know, Big Mike is pretty quick and smart on his feet, and the joke is about to backfire in his face thanks to The Mighty Big Man!


Big Mike may not have gotten a chance to hype The Big Mike Road Show as originally planned ,but he was going to make damn sure that Jay's little skit came to a crash and burn also as payback for the insults!


Big Mike tanked the rest of the skit, making believe he forgot his lines and then completely throwing Jay for a loop by asking the original question after Jay had already finished his skit. This moment was a majestic masterpiece, as you can hear Jay just stumble for a loss of words as Big Mike gets his revenge!


For what it is worth, Jay did come over and laugh about it with good ole Big Mike while the musical act was on, so we are on good terms!



I hope everyone enjoys this classic comedy and if you want to see more Big Mike entertainment, click this link for a summary of ALL of the first 35 brand new episodes of 2012 on The Big Mike Road Show, SO MANY fun things to see!!!!!!!








Peace, Big Mike







Big Mike does three things well!

1. Travels and rides many coasters in many countries.

2. Will always get the last laugh.

3. Too X-rated to tell on TPR!



Hope you enjoyed!


Peace, Big Mike

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