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We toured that park, and stayed nearby back in ....1976,

before Spielberg's "Close Encounters" came out. They had done

filming there already, so we were now allowed to go

up to and around the Gopher Village, lol. Very cool to see.


Thanks for the upclose tour of it all, Mike.


Such good memories of it - mystical and breathtaking

- at sunset (when we arrived) or sunrise (when we woke up).

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!


Wednesdays mean a small, little park... and Big Mike has an unusual one for sure!


Big Mike was on another whirlwind tour of many states at one time, and no matter how Big Mike planned it, there was absolutely no logical way Big Mike could get this coaster!


The parks before and after it was Oaks and Enchanted Forest in the state of Oregon, and Silverwood in the state of Idaho, and Big Mike was trying to get the coaster at Country Mercantile in the state of Washington!!!


The only way Big Mike could get this coaster was to use The Big Mike Charm, and use it in full force!!


Big Mike came up with a plan to leave Silverwood at closing and drive all the way to Country Mercantile and find a hotel there, wake up and hit Country Mercantile at opening at 7am, ride the coaster and then drive all the way to Oregon for those parks the same day!


Craziness for sure, especially since the rides at Country Mercantile won't be open until 11am!


Big Mike needed to try at least, and decided to use the Big Mike Charm to the fullest to get this accomplished!


Big Mike made a call, or two, or maybe even three, and explained the plan and the importance of not leaving a coaster credit behind, and asked REALLY REALLY nicely if they could open the coaster up just for Big Mike VERY early in the morning!


Of course the 1st call said 11am no matter what, the 2nd call was met with more compassion and they said they would try to work it out, and the 3rd call confirmed that they would take care of The Mighty Big Man!!!!


The moral of the story - The Big Mike Road Show has some serious clout



Hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike








Mike and Megan make a pit stop in the state of Washington to get a fruit stand credit while coming from Idaho and traveling to Oregon!


Country Mercantile in Washington, a fruit stand coaster!


Yep, a little amusement park right next to the fruit market!






The coaster, looks like a Python Pit outside!


Yep, that is Big Mike and Megan at 7am collecting a coaster credit!!


Another coaster credit conquered by The Mighty Big Man!


I tried to look back and see what number this was, but after 5 minutes of looking gave up!


Other rides at Country Mercantile:






Train ride.


Halloween extras!


Straw Bale Maze.


Big Mike loves mazes!


Corn Maze too.


A quick ride, a few pictures, and Big Mike was on his way to Oregon, but only after stopping inside the store for a nice breakfast! :)


I know that someday I will have used up all the magical power of The Big Mike Charm, but until that day, I will continue to use it to its fullest power time and time again!


Hope you enjoyed!



Peace, Big Mike and Megan

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Cool, I had no idea that Devil's Tower was the country's first National Monument - awesome. Especially because it's the setting for one of the greatest endings to any movie ever made.


And your dedication - and Megan's - to the cause of credit whoredom is exemplary. Found yourself a good woman, there.

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!


It's time for a Thursday update, and Thursday updates are always something fun or exciting to do while you visit an amusement park in a certain area.


This episode, Big Mike and Megan were visiting Wild Waves and the Puyallup Fair in the state of Washington and took a side trip to see this one of a kind attraction!


Actually, it is far from a one of a kind place, there are so many of these places all over the place, but this was the VERY FIRST one of them all!


Big Mike and Megan bring you the World's first Starbucks!!!!


Hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike and Megan



PS - If you have missed any of the first 25 episodes of The Big Mike Road Show 2012, click this link to see a description of every single episode so far! http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1138984#p1138984




Big Mike and Megan travel to Pike Place Market in the state of Washington for a special reason.


The view from here is sure special, but that is not the reason.


Hey look, a Starbucks!


What a very basic looking Starbucks it is.


Big Mike has never really even gone to a Starbucks before, yet he tracked this one down just for one reason, it is the very first Starbucks ever!!!

Now with all the Starbucks out there right now, Big Mike thought this was special enough to check out!


This is the special plaque seen in the front of the store!!!


Big Mike and Megan bring you another view that not too many people get to see, so we enjoy making sure everyone gets to see it!


Hope you enjoyed!


Peace, Big Mike and Megan

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4 sandpail duckies for me.
4 sand pail duckies!
I obsessed over the ducks last time and ended up over-guessing because I convinced myself that there must be another duck, and talked myself into thinking a few specks were ducks ...


So this time I'm going to say four ducks.

5 Duckies BTW! Lock me in please


Locked in!


As for me, I'm gonna unconfidently guess 4 Sand Pail Duckies! Lock me in, please!

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!


We wrap up our 6th week of episodes today, which translates to 30 updates already in 2012!


Today, The Big Mike Road Show will show you one of the things on his Top 50 Always Wanted To Do List that he has already completed, attending The Little League World Series in Williamsport Pennsylvania!


This was actually a really fun time and I hope you enjoy our coverage!



Remember, the Find the Ducky Game is winding down, every win counts, don't forget to enter!!!!



A friendly reminder, if you have missed any of the super cool first 30 episodes of The Big Mike Road Show 2012, click this link to see a description of every single episode so far! http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1138984#p1138984



Hope you enjoy this one too!



Peace, Big Mike






Big Mike finally attends The Little League World Series!


You know the event is huge when the Good Year blimp covers the action!


If this was video, you could see the message scrolling on the blimp "Welcome Big Mike"!


Of course, perfect landscaping.


Nice scenery of a father and son.


Big Mike used to play little league ball too, and to say he was a superstar would be an understatement!


This Williamsport complex consisted of many fields.


ESPN is in the house!


Many people said they saw The Mighty Big Man on TV that day!


Today was a semi final game between Asia Pacific and Japan, with 2 USA teams later, the winners advancing to the finals tomorrow!


View from the outfield.


Center field camera.


We are going on air soon with live coverage!


Team Japan emerges!


Every team groups up at a monument in center field before the game starts.


A better view of the monument!


Little League World Series 2010, finally off Big Mike's Always Wanted To Do List!


Big Mike continues his tradition of checking out the foul poles of every stadium.


Yep, this event always gets crowded!


You have to be a real big wig to get seats in the stands like Big Mike did!


Big Mike is more of a "be with the people" kind of guy, so he headed out to all the real fans in the outfield!


Good thing too! Look who I found! Jordan from TPR! (jbarner)


Jordan came with his own sign to get on TV!


Big Mike couldn't help but notice all the fun everyone was having on the hill in the outfield and wanted to be a part of it!


Statue on the hill.


All you need is some cardboard and the hill provides the rest of the fun.


Big Mike did not want to miss out on the experience, so The Big Man went down the hill right after snapping this picture. It was fun!!!


The upper boon dock seats, often referred to as the Bob Eucker seats in baseball.


The lineups for the upcoming USA game.


Maybe one day we can check back on this thread to see if any big league players played today!


The game was thrilling as Japan scored a run in the bottom of the last inning to tie it and won it in extra innings, and eventually won the whole thing!


Little league teaches you to have good sportsmanship.


The complex had a whole area of activities, sales, demonstrations and such as well.


Here, Big Mike and Jared Fogle from Subway discuss who looks in better shape with the goldish/yellowish shirt on.


Hope you enjoyed!



Peace, Big Mike

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