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Hello my Valuable Big Mike Readers!!


It's time once again to check out a place that Big Mike made a pit stop at while Traveling The World Riding Roller Coasters!!!


Gator Park in the Everglades is near Miami, and if you were hitting up Boomers, or Uncle Bernies, or Miami Beach, or Elissa's Mom and Dad's :lover: , you could make a quick trip over here and enjoy a day on an airboat checking out gators!


This event was on Big Mike's Top 50 Always Wanted To Do List, so I am glad that I finally got to experience it and have the chance to show everyone here too!



Hope you enjoy!


Peace, Big Mike


Gator Park in the Everglades!


The gators make you feel right at home!


Here is the air boat you ride in and some of the guests.


Nah! This is the actual air boat for the trip.


The engine!


Before you get to go on the boat, you can see a gator show also, which is included with the ride.


Here is a baby gator.


"Let me go and let me get him!"


Next up was a bigger gator.


Big Mike = Gator wrangler


Close up together.


They saved the biggest gator for last.


When I see this, I always think of those idiots who put their hand in his mouth.


The gator didn't get him this time, but one day soon he will get his revenge for....


..... always being forced to have gator sex in front of everyone.


The worst part for the gator is this kissing and spooning part afterwards.


If this gator didn't have a family to support and really needed this 2nd job, I am sure he would not put up with this!


Time to head on out on the water.


There is no escape now.


Interesting life vests I guess just in case the boat tips, probably will keep you alive just long enough for a gator to come up and eat you.


Our first wildlife.


Gator food?


The boat picks up huge speed and you can see Big Mike's hair flowing in the wind.


As is always the case, this lady is ooogling Big Mike, or is it his really cool orange ear plugs?


It must be the famous Big Mike, since everyone else is snapping pictures of The Big Man too, right?


Ah! It was not Big Mike after all, it's a gator!!!!!


I don't know how they do it, but just as the 1st gator appears, a bird flies onto your boat and begins telling you all about gators.


The birds tells us a story about how each gator will pick out one guest and try to snag them for dinner later.


Big Mike teasing the gator. No fear from The Mighty Big Man!


"Come on Big Mike, trying doing that again tough guy"


It is quite clear now that the gator has selected Big Mike as his dinner, and probably with a little left over for breakfast too!


After seeing lots of gators and escaping with his life, Big Mike is all smiles.


We arrive back to land safely!


Now all the Valuable Big Mike Readers know that Big Mike is not afraid of anything and can be proud of his courage.


Gator Park! A fun time and a nice experience to try out if you are in the area!


Hope you enjoyed!


Peace, Big Mike

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Dude, I think the Coasters and hotties are starting to distract from your updates. Where's Thursdays update?

You realize that there are 24 hours in a day, right?


Anyway, I loved this update, Big Mike! I've always wanted to do one of those air boat tours. I drove down through the Everglades a few years ago, but for whatever reason didn't do anything fun like this.

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!


We come to an end of the 4th straight week of daily Mon-Fri updates, meaning we have now put up 20 "New for 2012" Big Mike Road Show updates!!


We are pretty proud here at Big Mike World Headquarters!



All Friday updates are what we call a Big Mike Grab Bag, could be anything dealing with the subject of Big Mike!


Today's new episode is a behind the scenes tour of setting up West Coast Bash!!!


Lots of people stroll into Six Flags Magic Mountain all excited to pick up their registration packet and have a great day, but did you ever wonder how early Big Mike and the rest of the volunteer gang get there to make everything go smooth??


Don't get me wrong, The Mighty Big Man LOVES to help out Robb and Elissa any way he can, so after the work is done, it is a massive friends hangout for the rest of the day, so I added a few of the friends pictures along with this update.



I just wish the schedule date for this year did not conflict with a previous Cancun trip Megan and I planned, or we would so be there yet once again!


Everyone have a GREAT time and do me a favor, tell the registration table crew "thank you" for getting up so early


Not signed up yet???? Take it from Big Mike, it is a GREAT time!!! Sign up ASAP!



Hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike



PS - A few pics were borrowed from my good friends!



Big Mike up at 5:45am to help Theme Park Review???


Is that a coaster in the darkness right behind Big Mike???


No one up this early except us volunteers and these birds!!!


Guess who Big Mike meets first when he walks into SFMM???


Only arrived a minute ago and hotties are flocking to The Big Man!!!


Big Mike at the West Coast Bash Registration Table!!!


Did anyone out there get checked in by The Mighty Big Man??


Other great volunteers along with The Big Man!


Big Mike's 1st picture of West Coast Bash, good buddy Amy!


Nice guy Caesar!


Camera lending Stefan!


Super nice David!


Fantastic couple Shawn and Jazmine!


Off the charts hot Brittany!


High fives to everyone riding!


Best buddy Rick!


Love always meeting Larry!


Cool kid Shawn Reese!


Rick and Gwen, awesome friends!


Full of energy Ericka!


I forgot this TPR member's name, don't think I will see him at any future West Coast Bashes.


I know it will be very hard, but can anyone spot Big Mike in this picture??


The absolute best thing about an event such as West Coast Bash or any other event or trip for Big Mike is always hanging out with such cool and great friends!


I think the previous picture to find Big Mike was too easy, so lets add a lot more people and see if you can still spot The Mighty Big Man??


As we come to an end of this episode, Big Mike can't give enough thanks to his good buddy Robb for not only West Coast Bash, but EVERYTHING that comes along with being a member of Theme Park Review!


The website, the trips, the bashes, the opportunity to share The Big Mike Road Show with everyone, ect ect and probably another million things that I am forgetting!

Sometimes overshadowed in every day life is how Theme Park Review has created such great friendships and awesome times, and for that, Big Mike is honored to help out Robb and Elissa at 5:45am whenever he can!


Hope you enjoyed!



Peace, Big Mike

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What crazy person would be at SFMM before daylight?.... I would! If I could attend this year. But at least I'll have a great thing to look forward to next year!


Love the gator photos too! That looks like a lot of fun, definitely have to add that to my mental bucket list!


I'm also going to say 3 duckies before I wait too long and miss my chance. I'm not confident on this one at all, sadly.

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Lock me in for 2 duckies.... Thanks!!!!!
After much searching I'm going to have to go with 4 duckies.
I'm also going to say 3 duckies before I wait too long and miss my chance. I'm not confident on this one at all, sadly.
That said, I'm going with 3 duckies!
It took a couple of looks over the week and I'm finally going with 3 duckies, lock me in.

You've all been locked in! As for, I'm still searching. That ducky with the red on it is crazy hard for me to spot.

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