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^I think you're right.

Page 596:

Hmmm... I'm thinking there were six.... yeah. Going with six.




I am not a fan of the white duckie, much harder to spot. Got anything in a blaze orange?


I spotted 6 white duckies. ^ Don't worry about it to much Big Mike, I like a challenge like this. Lock me in.


Goin with 9 duckies!


Lock me in with a guess of 6 duckies.... and great report Big Mike!


Lock me in with 5 duckies.




This page:


I'm going with 7 as well! I have a good feeling about this round!


8 duck!

LOCKED as well!

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!


Welcome to another Thursday episode of The Big Mike Road Show!


The theme with all Thursdays is that Big Mike shows you something fun and exciting to do while you are near certain amusement parks!


Today's episode comes to you from Big Mike's back yard and old hang out, Seaside Heights New Jersey!


While back in high school, Big Mike worked the boardwalk on Seaside Heights for many a year, snagging hottie after hottie back in his prime!


Those were the days for sure, as MTV had a Summer Beach House show with Carson Daly there just like they have the Jersey Shore house now.


Bon Jovi was making album covers right on the street Big Mike worked on, and did I mention the multitude of super hot babes that all wanted the slim and sexy and spiked haired Mighty Big Man???


Well if you are visiting Seaside Heights to hit Casino Pier and Fun Town Pier and ride the many coaster credits, why not go over to MTV's Jersey Shore house!!


The shore house is right in the middle of both piers and maybe you can catch Big Mike's best buddy Pauly D hanging out! Yep, Big Mike and Pauly D go way back, kind of like two peas in a pod. Pauly is always calling Big Mike for advice on the ladies!



I hope you enjoy the report, and I threw in a bonus video just so you can hear The Mighty Big Man!



Peace, Big Mike




Big Mike is back in his old neighborhood, Seaside Heights New Jersey, home of many coasters and Jersey Girls!


Big Mike used to work right there at Lucky Leos in those exact stands!


One was a wheel and one was a balloon dart game.


I know everyone out there is saying Big Mike didn't work at Seaside, Big Mike didn't get all the hotties, Big Mike doesn't know Pauly D!


Well Big Mike always has proof to show you how cool he really is!! :)


Look at that sexy guy, spiked hair, all tanned, and sporting the "Babe Magnet" shirt in the top picture!!


Here is the Jersey Shore House from season 1, and yours truly The Big Man!


Darn policies kept me from taking pictures inside!


Of course, Big Mike has to show some Jersey attitude too!


Fast forward to this year, and the Jersey shore house has changed a bit, but it is still the center of attention!


Check out all the cameras too.


There is Big Mike's bro, Pauly D!


Big Mike is not allowed on set while filming is in process.


I know everyone is going to be asking for a Snooki shot, so there it is!


Here is a snap shot from Big Mike for this upcoming season going on right now!


Watch for Deena leaving with a suitcase and a green stuffed toy and you will know Big Mike brought it to The Valuable Big Mike Readers first!!


What most people don't see unless you read The Big Mike Road Show for behind the scenes access, is the huge crowd watching every day......


.... the production team set up right next door going in and out of the house all day......


....... and the huge security force keeping the peace.


Since it is so crowded in the front, Big Mike will show you the back of the house and the Shore Store where they work occasionally.


The Outside patio of the Jersey shore house with the hot tub is actually right on top of the Shore Store!


Here is the boss of the Shore Store, but no cool people are working today.


This guy is actually a big jerkoff.


Big Mike will let you in on a little secret if you ever decide to visit, the Sky Ride actually gives you a great view of the action!


Big Mike and his step son John visiting from Michigan decide to check it out together!


Not only does the Sky Ride give you great views of the amusement piers....


..... it gives you a great view of the patio of the Jersey Shore house also as you ride right on by.


Big Mike says hello to his old buddy Frankie who he worked with way back in the day, still on the boards and with the same balloon dart game.


Frankie says he will be on an episode as Snooki played there and won (actually lost and bought) a motor scooter. Look for that this year too!


Big Mike calls it a day and heads on over to Karma to partake in some hot babes, but it is no fun without his buddy Pauly D, so Big Mike gives him a call!


Yeah, Big Mike did not get any face time on the show, but at least he got a shout out and recognized for being cool with Pauly D!


Thanks for reading everybody, The Big Man is off to the smush room now!



Peace, Big Mike

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I loved this update, Big Mike! I'm half embarrassed to say this, but I love Jersey Shore, haha. I went to Seaside right before the TPR North East trip this summer, and I spotted Snooki, Deena, Sammi, and Ronnie on the boardwalk playing games with a huge crowd of people around, the MTV crew, and a bunch of security. I didn't even realize I was THAT close to the house, or I would have run over and snapped a couple pics. Oh well, I'd love to go back anyway!


P.S. Do we have 'till Friday again this week to get our ducky guesses in?

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Do we have 'till Friday again this week to get our ducky guesses in?


That is correct! We will awlas set the contest ending at Friday at Midnight EST.


I notice a lot of the top of the standings people have been holding out so far, must really be studying!



Peace, Big Mike

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Hello Fantastic Friends and Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!!


This is a VERY special Friday "Grab Bag" episode!!


Today is the day on The Big Mike Road Show that we have been waiting for, the day Big Mike rode his 1000th roller coaster!


The monumental occasion occured overseas and since The Big Mike Road Show was on hiatus, not much fanfare was made about the event until today!


Big Mike thought that since all The Valuable Big Mike Readers have been with The Big Man every step of the way, supporting, cheering, and rooting him on, Big Mike Productions had to get a video and some pictures of the glorious moment and share it with all of the Theme Park Reviewers so that they can post and express their happiness of Big Mike hitting the major milestone!


Thanks in advance for all of the love that should be coming The Mighty Big Man's way


Enjoy everybody!



Peace, Big Mike




Big Mike travels all the way to Japan to ride coaster #1000 at Fuji Q!


There is the date and the man of the hour, June 17th, 2011, Big Mike makes history!


TV crews in Japan were all converging on Fuji Q for the monumental event and a chance to see Big Mike in person!


Big Mike's 1000th coaster - Rock N Roll Duncan!


This was the shot that was splashed all across the newspapers in Japan the next day!


The Big Mike Road Show has been on the road for a loooooong time waiting for this moment of riding coaster #1000! The day is finally here!!


Big Mike shows his love for Duncan, as we will be linked in roller coaster history together!


Big Mike joins the elite club of top coaster riders in the World!


The guys that rode the milestone ride with Big Mike display the number 1000 behind The Mighty Big Man!!!


Since Big Mike rode coaster #1000 without much media attention except the mega coverage in Japan, and also did not really have a lot of fan fare about it on TPR, now would be a great time to congratulate Big Mike on the milestone!!!!


Big Mike would feel warm and fuzzy if you did :)


Week two of full daily updates is in the books, hope you have been enjoying it all!


Peace, Big Mike

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18 Little duckies is what I got.




Yay!!! The congrats are starting to roll in too!!!!


Did everyone like the video??



Peace, Big Mike

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