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Hell yeah Big Mike!


Great pics from Texas, looks like you went all over the place! Being a VIP like yourself definitely has its perks. And if I do say so myself, those minterns are smokin! Wonderful intern candidates. Insanely jealous you got to ride some wicked coasters and hang out with some hotties, but then again you are Big Mike, i'm always jealous

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Hello Fantastic Friends!!!


The Mighty Big Man is back from Japan and made putting up another fantastic episode of The Big Mike Road Show priority number one!!!!


Sure, there could have been a Riding Coaster #1000 update, or a trip report on Japan, or even the possibility that Big Mike may have found and taken one of Theme Park Review's most sexiest hotties off the market update, but a NEW edition of The Big Mike Road Show with a chance to win some fabulous prizes took top billing!!


Big Mike's Episode #2 is fully stocked with awesomeness as usual, and I hope everyone has a chance to sit down and enjoy the content!


Once again, the show is divided into thirds so you have the option to watch it all at once or in parts at your leasure!


That said, The Big Mike Road Show is introducing probably THE BEST contest with THE BEST PRIZES ever awarded, so you may want to watch ASAP!!!!!!!


Big Mike Productions will not provide any details on the "SUPER EPIC CONTEST" in the thread, only in the video, so anyone who watches the video will get a huge head start to win some awesome prizes!!!


Enjoy everyone!!!!


Peace, Big Mike






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Big Mike - many congratulations on Episode 2! I'm impressed by your showmanship and enjoyed the new streamlined format. I'm convinced there is a career waiting for you in TV! This has really taken the Road Show to the next level - looking forward to some Japan segments in Episode 3.


Good luck to everyone in Big Mike's Super Epic Contest!

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