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Hello Fantastic Friends!!!


This is without a doubt one of the best Big Mike Road Show updates in the history of the thread!


Sitting here writing this now, I still can't believe the The Mighty Big Man pulled this off!!!!!!


This trip report documents the AMAZING time Big Mike spent traveling all across Texas with two super fine hotties for a full week!


WOW!!!! Only The Big Mike folks, only The Big Man



Here are the details on how it all went down:


........ For the first time EVER in the history of The Big Mike Road Show.........



Big Mike hired 2 brand new interns to come along on his entire Texas trip!!!



Everyone knows that Good Ole Big Mike is not getting any younger, and it is time to start looking for someone who will be able to take over The Big Mike Road Show when he retires and continue to bring all the Valuable Big Mike Readers entertainment for years to come!!!



So, whether Big Mike retires when he reaches coaster #1000, whether it is when The Big Mike Road Show hits 1 million views, or whether it is when Big Mike rides every coaster in the USA, that day is coming sooner or later! Big Mike needs to be prepared so Big Mike has now started......





When Big Mike deems it is appropriate, Big Mike will select a few TPR interns to come along on Big Mike's trips and follow and study The Mighty Big Man, see how he operates, learn from The Master on how to entertain and bring people top notch trip reports, and also how to get clearance to ride all those kid only kiddie coasters! Learn the secret formula of The Big Mike Charm, live the high life in the VIP suites, and most of all, how to make tons of friends along the way.



Big Mike will now be accepting applications right in his thread for anyone who is interested in becoming a Big Mike Road Show Intern!!!



Big Mike is VERY PROUD to announce that 2 Theme Park Review members were Big Mike's Interns for the Texas trip, and Big Mike is EVEN MORE PROUD to announce that both of them were in the lower 20's, female, and super hotties!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thus, for this trip only, these two Big Mike hottie interns will now be known as The Big Mike Road Show "Mint"erns, as they are both in mint condition!!!



Thier job as Big Mike Road Show "Mint"erns in Texas consisted of the following jobs as they learn the ins and outs of The Big Mike Road Show:



Make Big Mike look good with a hot babe on each arm


Ride with Big Mike so he does not have to ride solo.


Carry all of Big Mike's luggage


Take lots of photos of The Big Man


Do some driving if so Big Mike can be refreshed for appearances


Perform security if fans get unruly


Entertain Big Mike when he is on any lines


Scout for any hot babes for Big Mike


Hand out any Big Mike prizes


And lastly, just do any things that other interns may have done in the past!



For completing these tasks, my Minterns got to go to all the parks on the Big Mike Road Show Texas Trip, drive along in the Big Mike party car, stay in the same hotel and condo with The Big Man, Eat with The Big Man at restaurants, get the same VIP perks as Big Mike, and also have good quality time in the hot tubs!



Now to introduce the two Minterns that had an incredible time by Big Mike's side all through Texas:


Megan MacCausland - (Pirouettes907) - Knockout hottie from St. Louis Missouri who amazingly talked the title fairy into letting her have the "Future Mrs. Big Mike" title on her TPR profile! The love for coasters is only surpassed by her love for Big Mike!! Megan sports an astonishing gymnasts body and has been deemed by Big Mike in this update to be called "Hot Little Sexy Megan"!


Laura Buell - (cal1br3tto) - Stunning beauty from Aloha Oregon who has all the younger TPR guys craving her! She also is totally gaga about coasters and packs a whalop in the looks and body department! Big Mike deemed her "Laura Buell-tiful" on this trip, and will go by Lovely Laura!


So now, sit back, relax and enjoy looking at all the perks, fun, excitment, and the chance of a lifetime to travel around being a Big Mike Road Show Intern!!!!!!


Remember, Only Big Mike could pluck out a girl from Missouri, a girl from Oregon, a sexy dude from New Jersey, and all meet in Texas for the 1st time for a week of fun and sexiness!! The Mighty Big Man has done it again!




Just in case you have not had the fun time of watching the Brand New installment of The Big Mike Road Show's actual show which debuted last month here on TPR, check it out now or come back to it after the update for a good laugh or thrill!!! It's worth a glance FOR SURE!!!





PART 1 - (Big Mike Opening, Big Mike's Mailbag, Big Mike and the Naked Hottie, Hanging with the Hotties Interview)



PART 2 - (Contest Updates, On the Road with Big Mike's Ipod, Big Mike Road Show Hall of Fame Induction)



PART 3 - (Video Trip Report from Santa's Land in North Caroilina, Big Mike Closing Segment)



PART 4 - (Big Mike Road Show Valuable Viewer Video - "The Big Mike Road Show Tribute Video"




Welcome to Big Mike's Texas Trip Report, with special guest stars and Minterns Laura and Megan!


First stop, Six Flags Over Texas for Opening Day of the New Texas Giant!


What better way to spend opening day of the New Texas Giant with some great people, like Hot Little Sexy Megan....


.... Lovely Laura.....


.... and The Chadster!


The New Texas Giant, coaster #976 for The Mighty Big Man, who also collected coaster #977 that day also!


Does it pay to be a Big Mike Mintern??? You bet your ass it does! Minterns get treated to opening day rides!!!


Sure Big Mike was excited about The New Texas Giant, but he was more excited to check out Hot Little Sexy Megan's photo taking form!


Laura and Chad enjoy taking The Giant in the rear.


Big Mike taught the Minterns a few lessons too! Here, Big Mike shows the Minterns how to find kids to ride the "Only with a kid" coasters. No kidding, took Big Mike less than a minute to round up 3 kids to help us out!


We all stayed the whole day and into the night. Wouldn't you if you got to look at these cute faces all day long?


Next morning after a fun night at the hotel, Big Mike and his Minterns arrive at Wonderland Amusement Park!


How about the Minterns as park map models???


Big Mike used this day to "get to know" his Minterns a lot better! This is the Lovely Laura....


... and this is Hot Little Sexy Megan!! Yowza!


Not only was it a great day to hang with the hotties, but Big Mike also collected coaster credits #978, 979, 980, and 981! 4 new credits + 2 hot babes = Big Mike in his glory!


Stategically for Big Mike, bringing two hotties on the same trip is brilliant, not only for the fact that he has double the viewing pleasure, but also can sit back and relax while the girls have each other to ride the crazy rides!


Big Mike needed to hire a photographer to take all the pictures of when it was his turn to ride with the hotties right in front of him! Those were GREAT rides!


Big Mike treated the girls to their own ERT sessions on the coasters!


Look at the girls bonding together, so sweet and nice!


Big Mike promised the girls he would get them all the credits, and they did!


Time to move on to another exciting adventure, but first the girls and a Big Mike Exclusive artsy picture!


Big Mike surprised his Minterns with a stop at Larson International! They were thrilled!


Larson had a few rides set up outside to see.


How about the old Greezed Lightnin trains too!! Worth the stop right there by itself!


Actually, this view was really what made the stop totally worth it! Yummy!


Another extra side stop before more coastering to see the Prairie Dog Town, a big hit with the hotties!


Big Mike and his Minterns arrive at Joyland and the girls battle who can get closer to Big Mike in the picture!


Big Mike had all 3 credits already, but the good soul that Big Mike is still included the park on our trip just for my girls, as who could deny them the fun of riding a kiddie coaster!


Big Mike likes to see the girls so excited!


Nice picture of the mouse ride, which was Big Mike's favorite since the rerides had a hottie Mintern sitting right in front of him!!


Wonderful picture of the whole gang having so much fun together!


Even though it would have been great to be locked up with a Mintern in there, Big Mike "volunteered" to take pictures!


The group was getting soooooooo close with each other, we even rode 3 across on the sky ride since both girls were feeling the urge to be riding with The Mighty Big Man!


Once we left Joyland, another wonderful surprise for the Minterns was still to come.... Finding the secret resting place for Six Flags Greezed Lightnin track!!


It brought a smile to Big Mike's face to see how overjoyed the girls were to see it!


After checking into one of Big Mike's condo's for the week, the gang was off to Six Flags Fiesta Texas and another round of who can squeeze closer to the Big Man!


Another new day, and Big Mike had brand new outfits to admire on his Minterns!


Even though the Minterns are rocking some pretty serious hot bodies, Big Mike still had to keep them fed during the trip, like here at Johnny Rockets.


We got all the coaster credits for the girls, while The Big Man was only able to pick up one new coaster credit, which was #982!


Big Mike kept sending the girls to the water fountain time and time again in the Texas heat to "keep hydrated"! The girls fell for this every time! :) Oh Big Mike you dirty dog!


There was lots of coaster action during the day, but Big Mike also scheduled in a few relaxing rides too so the girls could get their Big Mike Fix in too!


As we left, one of my eagle eyed Minterns spotted a carnival, and how can Big Mike ignore two overly excited Minterns asking to stop there?


Not quite the zipper that Big Mike wanted to see his lovely Minterns excited about, maybe later for that!


A very special dinner that night at Tony Roma's on the San Antonio River Walk, The Lovely Laura's 21st Birthday Dinner Celebration! When asked what Laura wanted for her birthday, all she said was that she wanted to give Good Ole Big Mike a lap dance! Hey, it was her birthday wish, so I was ok with it!


The next day (notice we are leaving out all the x-rated fun back at the condo the night before to keep this update rated PG for the young Valuable Big Mike Readers), We were off to a VERY special day at Sea World San Antonio!


Big Mike with his old high school buddy Steve, who went way above and beyond taking great care of the 3 of us, and even included a security team as shown here to keep an eye over the famous Big Mike and his two lovely and sexy gal pals!


It is now time to show the Minterns what it is like to live the life of Big Mike, with all the extra bells and whistles that comes with being The Mighty Big Man! Here is an early behind the scenes tour of the old Clydesdale barn, where they now keep animals like this porcupine!


How about an up close experience with a Lemur too?? Laura says yes!


Big Mike says that if he can't have an up close and personal experience with one of his hot Minterns right now, the lemur is his next best option!


Next we were escorted to the Dolphin Area, where the Big Mike group were able to go in the off limits area to see the dolphins! The general public was on one side, and we were on the other side where all the dolphins hung out :)


The life of a Big Mike Mintern did not stop there either, as the girls were treated to some private time alone with a Sea Lion!


Not only did the girls get the thrill of meeting the sea lions, they also got to teach them 2 tricks each!


I am not sure if we have covered this yet, but do you think it is rewarding to be a Big Mike Mintern yet?? Hot Little Sexy Megan thinks so!


Megan teaches the Sea Lion some tricks too!


Big Mike thanks the sea lion for showing the girls a good time!


To close the sea lion experience, the girls are treated to a live and impromptu dance session jam between the sea lion and Big Mike!


Just another bonus feature of enrolling in the Big Mike Road Show Internship Program!


Looks like Big Mike is not the only one who loves to check out his Minterns deriairs! Baluga Whale, you dirty dog!

Extra bonus points for this picture for the double Theme Park Review shout outs by the Minterns!


Just another Big Mike Road Show Mintern Exclusive, personal time with the Baluga Whales!


Hanging around with Big Mike for the last few days must have the Lovely Laura in the kissing mood!


Nothing new here for The Mighty Big Man, he is used to being kissed a ton of times on his park visits by many female fans!


Now THIS is why I hired Hot little Sexy Megan as my Mintern, she goes right for the full on lip kiss!! Thats my kind of girl!


After actually kissing the Baluga Whale goodbye, it was off to our VIP seats at the Shamu Show!


Of course, if you have not noticed already, Big Mike had ANOTHER treat in store for his Minterns! Private and solo Shamu time!


Not a sole in the Stadium but 2 whales and 2 Minterns, an exclusive after the show Meet and Greet!


The Big Mike Road Show Internship really has some amazing opportunities, and these two hotties really took advantage of it all week long!


Now that the girls had such a great time with the animals, it was time to go get those credits too, and it sure helped having these Quick Queue Unlimited wristbands!


Once again, the girls got every credit!


Megan had seen Shamu bars on a TV show and HAD to have one!

Does Big Mike know how to select sexy Minterns or what??


Another totally fantastic day together on The Big Mike Road Show!


Since we had such a magnificent time at the River Walk the night before, the girls were dying to go back again, so of course, we did!


Big Mike was not the only person that thought his Minterns were smoking, these Mariacci players serenaded my hotties all dinner long!


You don't think that the Big Mike Road Show expense account had enough extra cash on hand for a boat ride on the River Walk, do you? Of course we did!


Since the Hot Little Sexy Megan turned Big Mike on so much with her last ice cream picture, Big Mike wanted to go get some more ice cream once again!


The next morning after yet another mind blowing night at the Condo, Megan was hard at work at one of her Mintern duties!


Our next stop on the state of Texas tour was ItZ Family, Food, and Fun!


You need to buy the buffet in order to gain access to ride the coaster, and since the Minterns worked up a big appetite at the Condo last night, the buffet just hit the spot!


The ItZ Express, coaster #983 for The Big Man!


One of Big Mike's favorite parts of the day, to see who could get the prime spot under Big Mike's arm in the Zuma Fun Center picture!


Ugh, the ONE let down of the whole trip! Coaster track - Check!

Coaster train - Out getting repaired!

This will wind up being the ONLY coaster Big Mike has left to ride in the whole state of Texas!


Next stop - Kemah Boardwalk

Big Mike also found a way to make BOTH hotties happy, duel closeness time to The Big Man!!


The girls just LOVED all the flat rides!


Big Mike just LOVED being in between a hottie sandwich!


Great double decker carousel at Kemah!

Can you guess what Big Mike is riding before you go to the next picture? You have seen it in this update already!


A Sea Lion!!!

Per carousel tradition of naming who I am riding from Shannon, this Sea Lion is named Scott! (I think Shannon would approve!)


The Boardwalk Bullet, credit #984 for Big Mike!


The Minterns and their Master all had a truly and memorable day at Kemah Boardwalk! (Especially on the ferris wheel)


Amazingly enough, or I guess not SO amazing since this is The Big Mike Road Show we are talking about, Big Mike and his Minterns find a traveling carnival with 2 credits that not even one of the coaster sites even knew about until after Big Mike emailed them!


These girls just LOVE collecting those credits, which made them top Intern material!

Megan's 1st ever wacky worm and Big Mike's 985th and 986th coasters ridden!


After 4 days of traveling around Texas non stop in persuit of coasters, Big Mike and his sexy Minterns had a scheduled off day to spend at the condo resort to recoup, relax, and request special alone time with The Big Man!


A round of mini golf right on property to start things off while each Mintern figured out how to get more of Big Mike's attention than the other!

Here is how it went and what each girl chose in order to seduce The Mighty Big Man:


Laura: Come on Big Mike, lets relax alone inside the condo and check out my short shorts and sexy long legs!


Megan: Come on Big Mike, lets go hang out alone in the hot tub and check out my little sexy bikini body!


Sadly, I have reached the maximum amount of pictures I can upload in one update, just when I was going to tell everyone who won the "Turn Big Mike On Contest"!

Also sadly, Hot Little Sexy Megan had only signed up for the 1/2 tour internship.

Stay tuned, part 2 of the update is loading right away!

If you are reading this and it is not up yet, go back and check out Laura's legs and Megan's bikini body a little more!

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A continuation of the dream trip of a lifetime!


Big Mike and the Lovely Laura next checked out Schlitterbahn Water Park!!


Getting some insider news that the traveling carnival in Texas with the most coasters was going to be set up in Corpus Christi that week, Big Mike and Laura head down there, which also just happens to be the origination and founding place of "Whataburger!" A stop there was a must!


Big Mike and Laura find the carnival set up at Buccaneer Days!


Great place to set it up as it is right on the bay!


No better way to kick off the carnival than with a whole boat load of female pirates and making the mayor walk the plank!


A very rare carnival coaster, the Pole Position with the turning lift hill! Big Mike claimed coaster credits #987, 988, and 989 at the fair!


I can neither confirm or deny that the Lovely Laura is a freak in the sack! :)


The Lovely Laura will also neither confirm or deny that Big Mike is packing some major lumber!


Big Mike and Laura try to see if Big Mike has been able to pull off some magic, in getting to ride the closed for the season coaster at the Canton Christmas Tree Farm!


The coaster is ONLY OPEN in October and December, and ONLY on weekends!

Being this is a weekday in April, no chance of riding, right????


There it is, all by itself, so lonely, so inviting!


Well how about that??????

The Mighty Big Mike uses his Big Mike Charm and nails down a ride in mid April :)

Santa's Runaway Sleigh, coaster credit #990 for The Mighty Big Man!


Thanks to the gang over at Canton for treating Big Mike and his Mintern to special VIP access!!!

I think this is when Laura blurted out "I absolutely LOVE being a Big Mike Road Show Intern!!!"


Of course, not the whole trip was coasters and sexy time, there were also stops to see some cool places like Cowboys Stadium!


Being it was in the same parking lot as Six Flags Over Texas, the Texas Rangers Stadium too!


Final day of the tour before hitting the airport, we stop at Sandy Lake Amusement Park!


Credit #991 for Big Mike, the Little Dipper!

The countdown to coaster #1000 has now begun!


Dragon Wagon moves Big Mike even closer with coaster #992


Laura sure does love her some rock-o rides!


Having a little extra time, Big Mike and Laura decide to go find a geocache deep in the heart of Texas!


Surprise!! A quick visit to Zero Gravity Amusement Park!!!


It is time for Laura to be rewarded for being an excellent Mintern with a drop from the SCAD tower!!

Video to be uploaded shortly!


Time to say goodbye once again to one of my superb Minterns!


What a tremedous time we all spent together! Thanks girls, you were the best!


The 1st ever Big Mike Road Show Internship Trip was a smashing success!!

Do you want to be on the next internship trip, post it in the thread!!!

Do you think I should hire one of these interns for the perminent spot by Big Mike's side??? Tell me which one you want to see again!!

Just in case you need a reminder, here they are again one last time for your viewing pleasure:


The Lovely Laura Buell-tiful


The Hot Little Sexy Megan!


Finally, I know this trip report was rated PG for the family atmosphere on TPR, but I was just wondering if people were interested in seeing the behind the scenes pictures of what went on at the Big Mike Condo after a long day at the parks??

I am not sure, but is anyone interested in seeing a ton of sexy time pictures we have, kind of like this one where Hot Little Sexy Megan is making this Big Mike Road Show shirt look really good?

If you do, just reply in the thread with a "Hell Yeah Big Mike!"

If not, hope you thoroughly enjoyed the Big Mike Road Show Internship Trip in Texas!

Peace, Big Mike

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This post saved for the SCAD tower video of Laura coming tonight!


Well what did you think everybody????


It would be really nice to see some comments on the Big Mike Road Show Internship idea



Peace, Big Mike

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Hell Yeah Big Mike!


(Seriously, always awesome and I bow low before the epicness of your intern program.)


(A side note to you straight male youngsters... be grateful that the coaster enthusiast community has grown to include so many babelicious babes... wasn't always this way... )

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