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Awesome news! I will try and make it out there as long as my Spanish professor doesn't post an exam that Friday. If I can make the opening, it will be the first time I have visited the park in at least two years!


Also, visiting the park this year is inevitable with my cousin performing at The Crazy Horse Saloon this season.

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Hello Fantastic Friends!!!!!!






It's the debut of The Big Mike Road Show's actual show!!!



Today is when the old way of doing things around here, the photo trip reports, gets retired and the new cutting edge way, the VTR (Video Trip Report) takes over the World!


Just like when CDs took over for tapes, and cell phones took over for pay phones, and 3-D movies enhanced the experience over regular movies, the Video Trip Report is about to make the same impact!! You will never look at another Odd-Venture the same way again


Of course, who else would be on the cutting edge and light years ahead of everyone else??? Who does everyone at TPR come to expect the absolute best from?? Who goes the extra mile for all the TPR readers with top notch quality, great contests, and fabulous prizes??


It's your good friend everybody, good ole Big Mike!!!


One day in the future when asked if you remember who was the pioneer of fantastic entertainment that actually puts you into the sensation of actually being at the park that is being reviewed, you can answer "It was that crazy guy in the gold shirt over at Theme Park Review"!



Best of all, the Big Mike Road Show is not only all about the amusement park that is being reviewed, it is also about getting to know your fellow coaster enthusiasts and seeing their talents too!


How many times do you see a TPR hottie and wonder what she is really like personally? What does she like to do other than amusement parks? Actually see and hear from her instead of just looking at her picture!


Big Mike takes the time to let everyone get to know a fellow TPR gal a little better every episode!!


Big Mike also LOVES giving out free prizes, so of course, the new Big Mike Road Show Videos have a brand new running contest also!!! Actually TWO of them!!!!


The 1st one starts with episode #1 with a small cash prize of $50.


The 2nd one, WHICH IS SUPER EPIC, starts in episode #2 and can be played by anyone around the World and has a HUGE prize!!! Stay Tuned!!


There is lots more to an episode of The Big Mike Road Show, so take the time to sit down and watch it and tell me what you think of it when it is all over


We will work to improve on the episodes, cutting them down to about 3 parts to make it easier to watch, and you can watch one and come back to the others another time.


This one for now is the full version, about 35 minutes. I don't think the slider works either, so you cant advance and watch your favoite parts over again right now. Soon


So here it is, and until the big companies find out about it and come after Big Mike with endorsement deals, this first episode is brought to you with NO commercial interruptions!!!!


When you are done watching, tell me what you think, what you liked and didn't like, and how we can improve!! Be Honest!





Peace, Big Mike




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The new format is amazing- and it's great to see a full-on view of the interesting things that the Big Mike Roadshow is- and I can't WAIT for the next episode!




BTW: Song #2- The Proclaimers, (I'm gonna walk) 500 Miles- From the Soundtrack to Benny And Joon. Perfored by: Big Mike.

Song #9- Frank Sinatra. As Performed by Big Mike.

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I dont know if it's my computer, but it kept freezing during Brandy's acting... that being said, my computer is known to royally suck.


Besides that what I saw was AWESOME! The professionalism was top notch... it felt like a real show, and the interactivity is also an awesome feature that I think more people will participate in after the "pilot." This is a great start of great things to come, Big Man!

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Hi Big Mike. I think this new format for the BMRS is awesome! I did have some trouble with the video stalling, and finally it locked up and simply wouldn't play anymore at about the 9 and a half minute mark. I'm currently downloading it to my computer to watch it in its entirety.


I loved the opening, and I really thought it was a nice touch to put in the moment of silence for your dad. I lost my dad some time ago, but I still remember how it felt at the time. Stay strong big man, it will get better as more time passes. You'll always have your memories and I'm sure you have some great ones. The little "break" you took with your assistant was hilarious. I liked the interview with Brandy and I was enjoying the acting bit with her and her husband, but that was when the video locked up on me. I'd say that Brandy's husband is one lucky guy. She seems like a real sweetheart and those are some very cute kids. On top of that, she make some awesome looking cakes! I bet they're delicious as well. I've always enjoyed the family and friends portions of the road show, along with the TPR hotties segments, so seeing you combine the 2 on video is even better.


I'm sure that with your amazing level of resourcefulness you'll work through the technical hurdles. Until then I'll be happy to download the full video and watch it that way. Here's to the further success of what's already one of the greatest threads in the history of TPR. I'll report back when I've watched the whole video, but I at least wanted to post to say that from what I've seen so far it looks like this will be another case of the big man stepping up his game and going the extra mile for the fans of the BMRS.


See you soon!

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Sorry for the double post, but I just got into the segment about the Big Mike in concert contest for the song titles and I wanted to put in my guess for the first song that you were belting out with such gusto:


Metallica, No Leaf Clover.


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Big Mike, that was so much fun to watch! Brittney and I just watched the whole thing and we really enjoyed it. Way to start episode #1 off with a huge celebrity - Santa Claus! Also, you had us LOLing when Rudy started talking, hilarious! We like to make inatimate objects talk too hehe. The whole show was a blast to watch, and I know we'll look forward to every future episode you make. That must have been a ton of work to put together, and it shows! Congrats on trying something new and doing such an awesome job at it on your first try!


We're going to have to mail you something for show #2!

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Oh, and a tip for anyone having trouble with the video freezing:


Click "Click to download video to your computer or iPod/iPhone" which will take you to the Coastertube page for the video. Then, on the Coastertube page, click "Download Original Video File." This will download a .wmv file to your computer which shouldn't freeze and will allow you to fast forward and rewind. Enjoy!

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Oh, and a tip for anyone having trouble with the video freezing:


Click "Click to download video to your computer or iPod/iPhone" which will take you to the Coastertube page for the video. Then, on the Coastertube page, click "Download Original Video File." This will download a .wmv file to your computer which shouldn't freeze and will allow you to fast forward and rewind. Enjoy!

Thanks for posting that, at least there's a way around that little problem. We had a lot of trouble getting the show online because it's so long, and when Big-Mike gets back from West Coast Bash we'll be looking at getting this last problem fixed for everyone.


-Jon "Editor of the Big Mike Road Show " Roost

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