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I guess I have to be the weird person and say 9 ducks.


I say 7 ducks


-8 Duckies



Let's hope that I haven't lost my ducky skills. I'm going to go with 8 little duckies.


Great report Big Mike! It's so great that your back posting your wonderful adventures for all of us to see. Those were some great shots of Tivoli! It looks like a beautiful park. Can't wait to see more from the Big Mike Road Show, sounds like you have some big plans!

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Ah the world has returned to normal. Welcome back Big Mike! Can I share some photos of the Big Man?


My daughter and I had a the pleasure of hanging out with the Big Man in NYC.


The Big Man and Kayla in Times Square!


The Big Man and Kayla on Top of the Rock! The Big Man ran into some hotties from Germany while up here. I am pretty sure they remembered him from his recent trip to Oktoberfest.


At Central Park, I think across from The Plaza.


No law breakers here.

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^If that last picture is any indication of the year to come. I am all in Big Guy! Bring it on!


You should see the pictures that can NOT be posted here!

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Hooray Big Mike...I'm so happy you are back! I lost my dad at Christmas last year err 2009, so I can totally relate. Anyway, I'm really thankful I got to share in that INSANE Rutschebanen hairtime moment with you. That photo really shows how crazy it was...totally rocked! Oh and here's a bonus pic of us from Tivoli!


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