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With the first "show" segment, there honestly should be a thank-you section to all the people who tried to keep the thread alive and on the front page (including me). It's just a thought, and the show agenda's up to you of course, Big Mike!


Glad to see everything's back up and running and I looked forward to this day like I said to you on Facebook a week ago! Woo!

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Big Mike!!!! I've tried adding the Big Mike Road Show banner to my signature soooooo many times and it just doesn't work! This is the code I'm using....




Do you have any idea what I might be doing wrong?

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AHHHH... I just figured out that there is an "attach a signature" option that you have to check. I feel dumb haha. I must've tried to get that code to work like 10 times over the past year.


Anyhow, I'm glad I can now finally advertise the coolest thread on TPR!!!

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Hello Friends!!!


Here at Big Mike World Headquarters, if you have not heard yet, we are very hard at work constructing the set of the BRAND NEW "BIG MIKE ROAD SHOW" actually show set!


We are sparing no expenses and the stage set is really taking shape!


The Big Mike Road "Show" will be a monthly video show in which we have a lot of fun stuff planned, including:


1. A video trip report of seldom seen parks each month (PTRs are old news, Big Mike launches to the next level of VTRs) while still showing all the rides, prices, fun, and extra shenanigans!


2. Big Mike's Mailbag - a segment Big Mike answers all questions sent from TPR members.


3. Contest updates and standing on the Big Mike Most Valuable Reader Contest, who will win a 1 week free condo stay!


4. Induction ceremonies into The Big Mike Road Show Hall of Fame.


5. A Behind the Scenes of the Big Mike Road Show segment showing videos of Big Mike bringing the Valuable Big Mike Readers to other very cool places with him.


6. Viewer Videos section, where you can create your own video tribute to Big Mike and have it aired on the show for all of TPR to see your talents.


7. A NEW CONTEST FOR 2011!!! As always, besting the Grand Prize from the year before, the winner will once again get a FREE ONE WEEK CONDO STAY of thier choice, but, this time will ALSO get $100 in spending money to increase the fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8. A TPR Hottie Interview!!! - Big Mike interviews a different TPR Hottie each month so you get to know each of them better and find out more interesting facts about them personally! Hopefully, maybe a few of the interviews will come straight from the Hotties bedroom! (Big Mike's goal of calling it Big Mike in Bed with the TPR Hotties). We need some good sports


PLUS MORE content still being worked out!!!



So, this is where all The Valuable Big Mike Readers come into play!!!!


You can help in a wide variety of ways to get the show off the ground and to make it very enjoyable to watch!!!



Big Mike World Headquarters needs and requests the following:


Send any and all questions for the Big Mike's Mailbag segment to the below address. You can ask ANYTHING, Big Mike's opinions, personal stuff, behind the scenes info, goals, likes/dislikes, ect.


Send really cool videos put together of Big Mike and any other cool tributes to the same address so that Big Mike can display them on the show.


Send your favorite 8 X 10 photo of you with Big Mike to the same address as each month, Big Mike would like to display different TPR friends on the main desk of the studio set, I will frame them, and by you sending your favorite picture in, you are saying you want to be on the show and displayed proudly for the camera to see!


Big Mike needs Hottie Interviews!!!!! Big Mike is looking for invites to your house so that he can interview you, just fun stuff, not serious stuff. Maybe see some other hobbies and talents you have, answer a few questions, ect. If you want to show your cool side and invite Big Mike over to do an interview on your bed, Big Mike would be GREATLY appreciative (No bed, thats ok too) Big Mike will also bring a few pizzas over too for compensation!!! So if you want to help Big Mike out, especially if you are near Big Mike World Headquarters like Renee, Lena and my Megans/Meghans, shoot Big Mike a message and set it up!!! (Please lol). Big Mike will also set up interviews when on the road too!



Thats all we are tipping off for now on the show, but if you have any cool ideas or suggestions for the Big Mike Road Show "Show", feel free to post them too!!!! Many great ideas come from the Valuable Readers!!!!


So send all of those questions, videos, photos, gifts, ect to:


Big Mike World Headqurters

126 Revere Ct

Montville NJ 07045




It is that time of year again!!!


The Big Mike Road Show proudly announces the 2nd annual "Big Mike Road Show Fantasy Football Invitational Tournement"!!!!!!



Last year was such a success that we are doing it again, mainly because we did not find anyone who could beat The Mighty Big Man!!


Big Mike returns as the 2009 defending Champion and has lots of prizes available to whoever steps up and can dethrone The Big Man!



The rules are the same as last year:


Big Mike has set up 2 fantasy football leagues this year


Enter and join the one you want


The Winner of each league will advance to the Super Finals during the NFL playoffs


Winner of the Super Finals is crowned Champion and wins the prizes!


Only main rule - There is no trading allowed.



Here are your 2010 league options: (both are online live drafts)


1. ESPN - Steel Coaster League - Wed Sept 8th at 7pm


2. Yahoo - Kiddie Coaster League - Sun Sept 5th at 10am



Anyone on TPR can join in on the fun!


9 spots open in each league.



First come, first served! Once these are full, you are out of luck.



To secure your spot in the 2nd Annual Big Mike Road Show Fantasy Football Invitational 2010, just post that you would like to play and which league and time best fits and I will send out the passwords to the leagues at the end of the night via your private message box here on TPR.


You must then log into the corresponding site and sign a team up!


Good luck to all!!!







As you can see we have been really busy here at the Headquarters. Even though the updates have slowed, we are getting back on track in a big way.


The love and support of everyone on TPR has been fantastic, and Big Mike wants to do his best to bring TPR the continuation of all remaining trip reports in our vault, Finish the find the ducky rounds and the Big Mike Reader of the Year Contest, and to bring smiles and laughs once again to all the Valuable Big Mike Readers!


We are close! Stay tuned for the dates of the debut of The Big Mike Road Show "Show", the remaining 2009 trip reports, and the new aged, cutting edge way to do trip reports from now on, the Video Trip Report (Mixing video with pictures to give a complete trip report of each park).



That is it from The Big Man, send your stuff and sign up for The 2nd Annual Big Mike Road Show Fantasy Football Invitational!!!



Peace, Big Mike



PS - A special thanks to Megan, the only person from last year to ask if we were playing again and got Big Mike's butt moving!


Only girl to play last year, we need more hotties playing! I STILL feel bad eliminating her last year :)

Edited by Big Mike
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Yay! Now that Big Mike is back, that means that Fantasy Football is back. And now that Fantasy Football is back, that means that the Big Mike Show-stoppers are back!


The Big Mike road show is back on the street, he's the one that can't be beat!

He will knock the other players down, he'll make them all look like a clown!


I'm looking forward to the Big Mike Road Show Actual Show and of course more rounds of finding those rubber ducks!

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