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Hello Friends!!!!!


What an exciting time of year here at Big Mike World Headquarters!!!


We have Holiday Cards flying in at a staggering rate, and we have Holiday Cards flying out at a staggering rate!!!


Plus, we also have The Big Mike Fantasy Football Invitational Playoffs now in progress!!!!


I know it may not come as a surprise to anyone, but Big Mike made the playoffs in ALL 3 TPR leagues and also the Champions league, plus Big Mike is in the money spots in BOTH his money leagues..... 6 for 6!!!!


Thanks goes out to The Big Mike Road Show Show Stoppers for cheering us on to such great heights!!!!



Here is a quick look at the TPR Playoff brackets in Fantasy Football:





BIG MIKE vs. Crazy4Coasters


stingrock23 vs. coreysjunk





BIG MIKE vs. Jabronis


Jakizle vs. FeelTheFORCE





BIG MIKE vs. Jinx


bigstevet07 vs. spaceace12





BIG MIKE vs. Steel Town


Airnuts23 vs. jstudies





(17 weeks, no play offs, top 2 get money)


Fitz Hammer 11-3


Arties Army 8-6

Brad and Bob 7-7

Mike K 7-7

Taylor 7-7

Carol 4-10

Anthony 3-11






Zinger 7-7




Now on to how to get a Big Mike Road Show 2009 Holiday Card and the status of all cards so far:


Big Mike World Headquarters Official Holiday Card Mailing List and Inbox as of today, Wednesday Dec 16:



So far Big Mike has received some fantastic Holiday Cards in the mail!! Big Mike will post a few picture updates every now and then of the cards!

There have been all kinds from nice long notes, to hand drawn cards, to a picture of a doggy wishing Happy Holidays to Lucky Dog, to Big Mike Mikestery Cards hung in Christmas trees, to Burger King cards, to nice stories of Big Mike with pictures, to roller coaster cards, ect ect!!!


What GREAT friends you all are!!!!!!



Thanks to Sue, Jeff, Nick, Megan, Pam, Andrew, Angela, Griffin, Maureen, Jessica, Nathaniel, Mark, Cameron, Carly, Patrick, Michael, Shawn, and Stephen so far!!!!!!!!!


I have been getting a lot of people jumping the line by sending Holiday Cards to the Headquarters, and I also added all my super hotties that hang out with Big Mike also!


Most updated mailing list:



1. Big Mike - SENT

2. Parents - SENT

3. Grandma - SENT

4. Step Kids - SENT

5. robbalvey/SharkTums - SENT

6. Coaster Palooza - SENT

7. Zakkster - SENT

8. aslinterpreter - SENT

9. PrintersDevil78 - SENT

10. Reality15 - SENT

11. y2j2003y2j - SENT

12. derwood - SENT

13. Sue - SENT

14. Brandy524 - SENT

15. TheRapidsNerd - SENT

16. The Bebes - SENT

17. Nick Pugh - SENT

18. Pirouettes907 - SENT

19. Yeti762 - SENT

20. X2coasterfreak - SENT

21. ElTorogirl84 - SENT

22. B&Man - SENT

23. slither37 - SENT

24. sccoasterfan - SENT

25. traincrossin - SENT

26. Bert (my brother) - SENT


28. Homeboy23 - SENT

29. jamesdillaman - SENT

30. Speeddeamon128 - SENT

31. Crazy4Coasters - SENT

32. spaceace12 - SENT

33. triggernel - SENT

34. Chris Benvenuto - SENT

35. Jayjay719 - SENT

36. SuperShawn - SENT

37. packfanlv - SENT

38. robinschroder - SENT

39. Broomy - SENT

40. Moinab - SENT

41. cedarpointfangirl - SENT

42. Nathaniel Freymeyer - SENT

43. Thrillerman - SENT

44. Cameron - SENT

45. mush619 - SENT

46. shmp5150 - SENT

47. robinschroder - SENT

48. Lisa Hottie - SENT

49. Victoria Hottie - SENT

50. Renee Hottie - SENT

51 - Sonja Hottie - SENT

52. Danielle Hottie - SENT

53. Aunt Christine and Uncle John - SENT


The following people have qualified for a free Holiday Card by having a banner or having Big Mike as thier most viewed topic and will be mailed out in order as which it was posted in the thread, but a week behind to let readers who sent cards get first priority:


54. piggy4891 - Sends as soon as I get address

55. coasterguy4 - Sends as soon as I get address

56. MattyD - Thursday if sent address

57. Tunnel Lover#1 - Thursday

58. Coaster_Dad - Thursday

59. lenaapple1974 - Friday if sent address

60. Mataceman - Saturday



ONLY 40 CARDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!



Remember, as soon as a card is sent to Big Mike World Headquarters, you go to the top of the list and your card gets sent out the very next day!!!



FACEBOOK FRIENDS are now invited and if you are reading this, there are 2 ways to get a Big Mike Road Show Holiday Card!!!!


1. Join up today to Theme Park Review and just make one post saying hello in this thread and you get a free Holiday Card!!! (Most active topic)




2. Mail a Holiday Card to Big Mike at:


Big Mike World Headquarters

126 Revere Ct.

Montville NJ 07045



Just as a refresher to everyone on Theme Park Review, here is how to get your very own Big Mike Holiday Card:


There are 3 possible ways to get on the mailing list!!!



Method #1 (The best way, as this way will permanantly put you on the yearly Holiday Card list like the people above).....


Send Big Mike a Holiday Card this year!!!!


Send it to:


Big Mike World Headquarters

126 Revere Ct.

Montville NJ 07045


Method #2 - If you have a Big Mike Banner in your profile, you get a Holiday Card!!!!


Method #3 - If you go to your profile and your "Most Active Topic" says its The Big Mike Road Show, you get a Holiday Card!!!!



I understand that during the holiday season, time and money is short, so if you choose to take the Step #2 or #3 route... here is what you have to do:



Post in this thread that you would like a Big Mike Holiday Card and then state that you either have a banner or that Big Mike is your most active topic!!! That's it!!!!


I will then send you a private message for your address after Big Mike World Headquarters confirms your qualifications!!!



So now it is up to The Valuable Big Mike Readers to choose:


A. The quick and easy method of stating you have a banner or the most active topic is Big Mike, but then you are not put on the yearly distribution list.


(* There will be a one week delay in mailing after you post to let the mail arrive at Big Mike World Headquarters and take priority)




B. The not so quick and not so easy way of sending Big Mike a Holiday Card in the mail, but then you will be on the annual list AND.......


......This just added...... The first 20 people to send a Holiday Card in the mail to Big Mike can get a free Holiday Gift from The Mighty Big Man!!!!!!


You can choose either one of the unused remaining Mikestery Treasure Hunt Cards or a Valuable Big Mike Reader Pin!!!!


Just write on your Holiday Card you are sending which one you want, a pin or a card!


Supplies are limited to 10 pins and 10 cards, and they will be distributed in the order that Big Mike's Holiday Cards are received!!

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Got my holiday card this week along with my bonus Mikestery Treasure Hunt Card!


Had to share this picture posing with it and my soon to be here little girl (hard to believe I am 9 months pregnant now.)


Thanks again!


Week 36 picture - 9 months pregnant

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As expected the favored Rampage took care of business 114-77 today and are pumped up to play in the super bowl next week.


Can Bike Mike get 2 points from Kevin Boss tomorrow and move into the superbowl?


If the big man gets to the superbowl, will be be able to avenge two losses to Jakizle in the regular season?


I love story lines! Can't wait to see what happens.

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I thought I had that game in the bag, didn't realize that Stewart had such a big game and caught him up! lol


Just to get the facts straight, The Mighty Big Man just needs ONE point from Kevin Boss, as I have the tie braker



Not a bad playoff week for Big Mike, advanced to the Championship Game in 3 out of 4 leagues, with Crazy4Coasters totally kicking my ass in my only loss for the week!


Also won BOTH money leagues, meaning I just have to win 1 of the next 2 weeks in both leagues to cash in for some moola!!!



Sure, I had dreams of being the Champ in ALL 6 leagues, but I guess this year is just going to go down in history as a "bad year"!



Peace, Big Mike

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Well, it's gonna be a shootout in the wooden coaster league with TWO Los Angeles teams Advancing!!!!


L.A. Mr Bebe vs. L.A. ODS Drummer


Here's the storyline:


BOTH teams belong to the same division in the Wooden Coaster League.


ODS Drummer beat Mr. Bebe 126-101 in week 1.

Mr. Bebe beat ODS Drummer 103-79 in week 9.


Both teams finished with 8-5 records.


Mr. Bebe scored 235 pts to win RD1 Matchup.

ODS Drummer scored 234 pts to win RD1 Matchup.


Couldn't be a more exciting scenario!!!!!


Good Luck Josh!!!!!

-Mr. Bebe

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