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Hello Fantastic Friends and Fellow Fantasy Footballers!!!


Big Mike has found a way to make EVERYONE happy!!!!!!!


Some people want Fantasy Football updates, some people want more trip reports......




Big Mike is going to combine them every Tuesday!!!!!


I will update the standings and also report on a smaller park visit!



Who's the man????



This park today is "That Fun Place"!


The park is located in Indiana!


Your GPS info is:


1618 North State Street

Greenfield, Indiana 46140


The telephone number is 317-477-Golf


The website is http://www.thatfunplace.com


They have 1 coaster and adults ARE allowed to ride!








Week #2 was another big success for The Mighty Big Man!!! Back to back 4-2 winning weeks for The Master!


Big Mike once again won the big money league!!! This week however he lost the little money league by a measly 9 points, booo!


The 3 TPR leagues went well too, winning 2 out of 3 and only losing the other by 5 points! Meghan was just too tough for me this week lol.




A reminder of the rules and the prizes:


The Grand Prize consists of a Big Mike 5 Piece Prize Pack:


A Mikestery Treasure Hunt Card

A Brand New Big Mike Road Show Pin

A Very Limited Edition Ducky from 2008, there were only 2!

An Official Big Mike Road Show 2008 T-Shirt


The 1st ever given away Official Big Mike Road Show 2009 T-Shirt!


You also get to be known as the only Big Mike Road Show Fantasy Football Invitational Champion and Theme Park Review Fantasy Football Guru!



Now, to win all of this, here is how to do it:



We have 3 leagues going right now.


We have the Steel Coaster league, the Wood Coaster league, and the Powered Coaster league.


Play all season, make the playoffs and win your league is step #1.


The 3 Champions of each leagues will then move on to the Super Finals!!


The Super Finals will be run throughout the whole NFL playoffs, all the way up to and including the Super Bowl.


The 3 Champions will participate in another live draft to choose thier Super Final Team, which could be tricky because some NFL teams will only play one game, should be fun and challenging.


The Big Mike Road Show Fantasy Football Invitational Champion will be whoever has the most points by the end of the Super Bowl!



OK, here is the standings after two weeks of play:



Big Money League


(17 weeks, no play offs)



Taylor 2-0

Fitz Hammer 1-1

Arties Army 1-1

Brad and Bob 1-1

Anthony 1-1

Carol 0-2

Mike K 0-2


* Big Mike rolls to another easy victory, but has a head to head matchup with Taylor this week, with the winner having sole possession of 1st place!



Little Money League


(Head to Head)



Zinger 1-1


*Zinger picks up Chris Johnson this week and he goes off scoring 45 points, and Zinger needed them all to just edge by for a squeaky victory.



Fox Sports Champions League


(6 teams make playoffs)



Dem Boiz 2-0

Airnuts23 2-0

Bigfattboy 2-0

Dr23 1-1

Wasted Time 1-1

Steeltown 1-1

Jstudies 1-1

Soffay 0-2

Bandits 0-2

DrunkenBallers 0-2

KevyKev 0-2


*Big Mike in a rout, totally dominating this league so far!





(13 weeks, 4 teams make playoffs)


Division #1:



themeparkguy27 1-1

Hercules 1-1

Bauton 1-1

packfanlv 0-2


Division #2:


Crazy4Coasters 2-0

stingrock23 2-0

DiSab 1-1

coreysjunk 0-2

slither37 0-2


*Poor Bauton, Big Mike almost doubles his score hehe!





(14 weeks, 4 teams make playoffs)


East Division:


Homeboy23 2-0


Jakizle 1-1

Coaster Palooza 0-2


Central Division:


Jabronis 2-0

bearcut 1-1

Beemer Boy 1-1

sugart 0-2


West Division:


FeelTheForce 2-0

MontuWillOwnYou 2-0

Satchboogie3 0-2

JimmyBo 0-2


*The Coaster Palooza tour saw Big Mike's nice side when they came to visit this summer, but no more Mr. Nice Guy this week as Big Mike doesn't show Coaster Palooza any hospitality in a massacre.





(4 teams make playoffs)


Jinx 2-0

Robbie 1-1

bigstevet07 1-1

The Ghost 1-1

spaceace12 1-1



*This loss is understandable. Going up against the only hot female in the leagues, Big Mike plays a little soft and there is no way I would ever root against my favorite horse in the World, Jinxy Poo! Jinx > my $1000 Kentucky Derby Winning Horse!


The main reason will be at the end of this report!



Now, on to That Fun Place!!


Sure Meghan somehow managed to beat The Big Man this week, and sure, Meghan is the ONLY undefeated team left in the Powered Coaster League, and sure Meghan qualifies as a Big Mike Super Hottie, but don't let all this fool you into thinking that Big Mike won't be on top of Meghan and pounding her by the end of the season! (In football)


Hope you enjoyed!


Peace, Big Mike


PS - Good job Meghan!


Big Mike is still happy though because 4 out of 6 teams make the playoffs and by then, Big Mike will have built another powerhouse!! See ya in the Championship Game!!


Drafting away from Big Mike World Headquarter's draft bunker and super computers can account for the 0-2 start.


The spot at least had a bathroom and a drink machine to make the draft a little easier.


So, Big Mike's 0-2 start in the Powered Coaster League can be explained right here with a few pictures! Big Mike was drafting on a night that he had traveled from NY, into Canada, hitting both Montreal and Quebec, and then running out of time and hitting a rest stop in the middle of nowhere in the pitch dark in Vermont to participate in his draft!


The owner was very thrilled to have Big Mike in his establishment, which made Big Mike feel nice!



Banana Squadron



Monkey Mayhem.



El Paso Train.



Black Light Golf.


They also have lots of indoor activities too.


Credit #776 for Big Mike!


Big Mike enjoying all the theming.




Big Mike has his 3 tickets!






Reverse Overview.




Sea Serpant!




That Fun Place!

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so with all the updates staring to make there way back, any idea when the next ducky game might be???



Hey Matt!!



In an effort to always improve The Big Mike Road Show Thread, whenever I see the same question pop up a few times from different people, I look to come up with an answer to keep everyone informed and hassle free!


This being said, EVERY round of The Big Mike Road Show Find the Ducky Game is now highlighted on the main schedule on page number 1 of this thread!!!!!


Go to page #1 and find out every trip report that has a ducky game in it. You won't know the exact date it will be posted, as I don't either, but it will give you a great idea as I just roll the reports out in order!


Hope this helps!!



Peace, Big Mike

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Man, I'm getting CREAMED in the Steel Coaster FFB league. First week AP and Reggie Wayne went nuts. The second week Brady throws a stinker, Brees throws a gem, Gore has a career day running the ball, and the Vikings D destroyed DET. I supposedly have a projected slight-edge this week, but I'm sure someone on Jim's team will have a career day and ruin it for me!

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Here's a cheer in Hebrew for you, Big Mike! (Or at least transliteration)


Hu mehsahek khaduregel amerikai,

Hu gadol meod.

Hu kotev nesiyah shmuaot.

Anachnu lirot hu zakha.

Anachnu khitzinim tzahokim,

Anachnu khoggim et ha sportim.

B'hatzlecha Maik Gadol!!!


Or in other words:

He plays football, he's very tall. He writes trip reports.

We see him win. We show him grins. We celebrate the sports!

Good luck, Big Mike!!!

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Wow I started reading this thread at the end of May. I'm finally finished. I will admit that I scrolled through the fantasy football updates because I honestly don't care. lol


Great Job


Hope to meet you sometime.


Big Mike can you post how to put a banner in your signature on the first page?

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Big Mike,


Just thought I would let you know that your trip to Wild Zone Adventures in Ontario should probably be put on hold. The park closed June 30th, and the credit is no longer available.


Let me know what your plans are for the weekend you're coming to Michigan, I'll be in the southeast part of the state for the future-mother-in-law's birthday, and would love to hang out.


-Jon "reality15" Roost

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That picture is soo embarassing! it's like 5 years old! please let me send you a better one lol. And your drafting in the middle of nowhere in VT excuse isn't working!


also I'm going to ignore your comment at the end there...hahaha

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That comment is to just side track you into making mistakes.



If you have a better picture than that one (wow), I would be honored to put it up instead!



Big Mike starts his comeback in the Powered Coaster League tomorrow!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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