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Yes, it was a great night at BGW--not much of a crowd and perfect weather. But we did get soaked to the skin on the Roman Rapids.


Enjoy Motorworld tomorrow, Mike!

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Mr. Big Mike it was nice to meet you and Jeremy at KD on Thursday, even though it was somewhat of a bummer to hear about your experience on the way to VA. Glad you had a good time at BG and picked up a few credits. Take care and safe travels

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Big Mike coming to you LIVE from Motor World in Viginia Beach!


The Motor World Express coaster has been conquered by The Mighty Big Man!!


Nice place, huge complex.


Big Mike will next travel the Cheasapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel, stop at Chincoteague to witness the wild free horses, then take the Cape May/Lewes Ferry Ride (since Big Mike loved them so much on the Scandi trip), and finally conclude hopefully with the brand new coaster at Gillian's Fun World whichevery other coaster website has as "under construction".


Big Mike thrives to make TPR and the Big Mike Road Show the cream of the crop for new coaster news and openings and your overall "Worldwide Leader in Coasters"!!


Peace, Big Mike

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Hello Friends!!


Your good buddy, Big Mike, has done it once again!


Your #1 source for coasters has struck gold yet once again!


Coming off last week when Big Mike went out and hunted down a whole park and coaster that none of the other coaster websites even knew existed yet, he has unbelievable done it again in back to back weeks!


Sure the other sites new about this brand new park, but they ALL have the coaster listed as under construction.


Let your main man for coaster info let you in on a little secret that only TPR will know....


Big Mike is coming to you LIVE from Gillians Fun Land and CAN CONFIRM the park and coaster are both open!!!


Big Mike has already KaChinged this coaster tonight!



Just another day at the office for The Worldwide Leader in Coaster Info, TPR and Big Mike!



Peace, Big Mike

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Hello Fantastic Friends and Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!!



Just in case, here is this weekends schedule:


Thursday afternoon - Central Park Fun Land


Saturday afternoon - Gillians Funland



Yes, Big Mike is at it again looking to hunt down brand new coasters and coasters that all the other coaster sites have down as closed for The Valuable Big Mike Readers and the rest of the TPR community!


Central Park Funland is a new place that opened up and has a coaster but no TPR coverage yet.


Gillians Funland is also new but every coaster site has the coaster listed as under construction but Big Mike's in depth investigations have uncovered that indeed this coaster is open and running and Big Mike will once again uncover a new credit for everyone to see!



Peace, Big Mike



Don't worry Erik, you didn't burst my bubble!



Here is what I posted Wednesday afternoon!


I knew it was open already, but instead of holding out on The Valuable Big Mike Readers, I posted it early so that they could all go ride it THIS weekend if they wanted! I could have held off, but my readers come first so I let the cat out of the bag early for them.


I am 100% guarenteed that no other site had it open, as I checked them all.


It is becoming OBVIOUS that those sites are all checking in on The Big Mike Road Show for thier info, as they should be since I am nailing these new parks at an alarming rate lately!


Posting from the road on my Blackberry prevented me from seeing someone posted it yesterday. Thats cool. I could have done a reverse loop and hit Gillians first, but I did the loop the other way and hit Central Park first. Either way was starting off with a brand new coaster for TPR to see.


So the bubble and the status of Worldwide Leader in Coaster Info is still intact, I just wanted to mention that I mentioned it way back on Wednesday!



To answer another question, The Ducky Final Results will be tomorrow morning!



Also, Ben (ElToroAddiict), since you were the magical post that made The Big Mike Road Show now 400 pages long, I will make a deal with you!


I found one of the VERY RARE, Super Cool, Brand New, Big Mike Road Show Valuable Reader Pins still stuck to one of my Official Big Mike Road Show T-Shirts that I wore in Scandinavia!!


I will wear it once again and If you find me at the NJ State Fair Sunday night, you will get the last one of the inaugural pins!!!


Good Luck!



Peace, Big Mike

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Yesterday I went to Särkänniemi, in order to ride rides and of course to find the mikestery card. But it wasn't there! I'm 100% sure I looked everywhere (in every footer in other words).


But good news is that I'm going there on the next weekend again. Better luck then.

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Hello Fantastic Friends!!!



Here are The Official Final Results of Find the Ducky Round #2!!!



I hope you won!!!



Peace, Big Mike


2 DUCKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry, this was a ducky look alike too!!!!!!


I know, that was horrible of me to do lol.





Updated standings next!


Next ducky game in 2 reports, at Beech bend! (Unless we fast track either of these two new credit parks.



Peace, Big Mike



Thanks for playing!


The final ducky guess and this ducky is INCORRECT :( Another ducky look alike.




This ducky is INCORRECT :( Still at 3. It is amazing though now looking back through the pictures at how duck look alikes just pop off the page now!


This ducky is INCORRECT :( Still at 3.


This ducky is INCORRECT :( Still at 3.


This ducky is CORRECT!!! That is 3!


This ducky is CORRECT!!! That is 2!


This ducky is CORRECT!!! That is 1!

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Coaster Palooza

The Bebes














Everyone else on TPR!



The contest is still WIDE OPEN to win, 13 games to go!!!!!



Good Luck!



Peace, Big Mike



PS - Don't forget, you need 3 wins to win the ducky quest!

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"It is becoming OBVIOUS that those sites are all checking in on The Big Mike Road Show for thier info, as they should be since I am nailing these new parks at an alarming rate lately! "


I'm sorry but this is really bothering me.

It was me who went. I've known this park has been open since June 27th (which after watching the video. It didn't open on time. or the day the Gillians website said it would be; i've been following it way back when it was announced as just "plans") The only reason it took me so long to get there is because I've been sick. And I am not a "valuable Big Mike Reader". I was the one who e-mailed all the top websites confirming that the ride is open (coaster fanatics, I guess doesn't read e-mails). I'm sorry but it's really bothering me how you're trying to take all the credit for me going there.


Thank You. Any Mods can delete this if it is too "anti-fun."

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Hey, no problem dude!


I don't care who found it, as long as it was found!



It is NOW OFFICIAL, this dude found it 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I was just going by who posted about it first, not sure why you knew about it that long and waited until after I posted about it on Wed to take the credit on Friday or why all the sites you informed about it didn't bothet to post it either until after Wed, but who really cares!


Now if you take credit for the Dreamland park I found last week, then we have trouble!



I hereby withdraw my Wednesdays post and officially proclaim this dudes Friday post as the first!!



Keep up the good work dude!



Peace, Big Mike

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lol. Because I can't do Trip Reports if my life depended on it. I have no sense of humor. or can't do anything funny. And like the person who posted the Gillians topic said. That it doesn't seem like an important enough event to warrant its own topic. Can someone please delete this. I feel like a $%& now.

I can't even take credit for "finding" Gillians because James (CanobieFan) showed me the news article about it over the winter.


I just checked an noticed you didn't notify RCDB about your find on Coney Island. Why haven't you emailed him? I refuse to email him for you because; To me, there's a certain sense of honor in this. I know, it is silly.

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Don't feel bad dude, you are standing up for what you believe in and what is right!


I am just a big bafoon who likes to toot his owm horn as much as possible!


I didn't do any research if anyone else posted, I just hyped it!


Most people know that Big Mike likes and tends to bend the truth once in a while, but would not want to offend any possible future Big Mike Valuable Readers!


I hope you are feeling better from being sick!



Peace, Big Mike

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I think a round of applause is in order for EVERYONE involved in finding it. Without CanobieFan showing Medusa the news article, Medusa would not have made it there. Since Medusa claims he can't do a TR, Big Mike was (or will be) the first to post a TR. So, in my eyes all three of you are winners, and so I say, Thank you.

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I agree!


Everyone is a winner!!!


Anyone who helps out The Valuable Big Mike Readers, the rest of TPR, and the rest of the coaster world is OK in my book and is owed a big thank you!



Peace, Big Mike

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Hello Fantastic Friends!!



Since my great friend Jojo asked for it, here it is!



Gillians Funland!



The park is new, just opening up a few weeks ago and still does not have a website.


The address to the park for your GPS units is 304 JFK Blvd in Sea Isle City.



I will also post the other new park that I also visited this weekend, Central Park Fun Land in Fredericksburg VA later tonight.


Thats TWO new for 2009 coasters for your viewing pleasure today!!!



Hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike


Finally, a Ferris Wheel.


What you see is what you get, they packed this place into a small lot of land and there does not seem to be any chance of expanding on any sides.


Hope you enjoyed and go get that credit before it disappears!



Peace, Big Mike


A Train.


A Frog Hopper style ride.


Bumper Cars.


A carousel.


Since the park is new, the rest of the rides did not have ride signs yet.


A frog ride.



Fly High






Rockin Tug



A view of the other rides at Gillian's Funland:


Fun Slide


It is hard to tell if all these people that packed the park that night came out since the park was new or since Big Mike was in town, but it was crowded.


Credit #859 for Big Mike!


Smile, you are going to be on the extremely popular Big Mike Road Show!


Nor did you get to ride right along the street while it was at Cypress Gardens.


New location.

New atmosphere.

New credit!


You didn't get to ride right past a stop sign and street sign while it was at Cypress Gardens, now did you?


The lift.


Proof that adults can ride!


The train with a nice sky in the background done expertly by Big Mike.


Front of train.


Overview with train.


Overview! A zig zag design.


3 tickets to ride = $3



Fiesta Express!


The prices.


The sign says the park opens at 4pm, but I was told that it opens at 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays.


The park is now opened daily, so get out there and get that new credit!


A 2nd sign also.



... theres a new amusement park and a new coaster credit in town!!!


Gillian's Funland!


You do indeed have a reason to smile in Sea Isle City nowadays, and that is because...

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