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^ That would be great. It is looking like Memorial day weekend for that.


Can you list your dump list? That should be fun to see!



Peace, Big Mike

Just to let you know, Behemoth's got a problem with the lift hill and is likely to be down for the next couple of weekends, which could put you nabbing the credit in jeopardy.


So far the dump list is:

-- Darien Lake

-- William's Grove [not that I have a choice on that one]

-- Lakemont Park

-- Lake Compounce

-- Kings Dominion

-- Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom


The latter two are only on the cusp... a big new attraction could likely get me to return there. Darien Lake is almost definitely a place I wouldn't go back to, it was just awful last time we were there.

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Even if it does rain, you'll still be able to get the credit because it's an indoor coaster. Just watched the weather on the news and they said not too much rain, not as as bad as Monday's nor'easter, so hopefully the weather will cooperate. There was flooding down there shore but not where my house is, mostly West WildWood and the bay areas.

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Thanks for the update on Bohemoth!!!


That would definately mess things up.


Please keep me posted as I may have to switch plans then.



Still leaning on going to Great Adventure of Friday to ride The Dark Knight, but the weather should be lousy.



Sue, Quassy, Rye, and Krazy City should be up tonight!



Thanks to everyone who tried to get Big Mike nominated for the photoshop contest! We lost but that won't slow down the momentum that The Big Mike Road Show 2008 is building



Peace, Big Mike

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Hi there Big Mike readers!!


Thanks for your continued support


It is always nice to hear everyone likes my reports!!



The Big Mike Road Show 2008 left Lake Compounce and traveled to Quassy Amusement Park, Rye Playland, and Krazy City!


I hope you enjoy taking a look at these parks!



Peace, Big Mike


I sooooo could have fit in that thing! Krazy City in a few minutes! Peace, Big Mike


A view of the cars.


I knew this ahead of time too. Too Tall! I thought maybe I could use the Big Mike charm on a female operator! Not today. This battle is not over!!!


The track circles around the kiddie area of the park.


Here is why I am here, The Kiddie Coaster!


I am so not paying attention to the lift in this shot :)


Here is a picture of the course.


The Family Flyer!


It's a mouse, this is all the pictures you get :)


The lift has this fancy decoration on it.


Nice mouse cars.


The Crazy Mouse!


Don't worry. You escape out his butt and continue to enjoy the rest of the ride!


Hello Mr. smoke blowing, red eyed, coaster eating Dragon.


Hello Mr smoke blowing, red eyed Dragon.


Hello Mr. smoke blowing Dragon.


Hello Mr. Dragon!


Everyone is happy climbing the hill and going down the first drop, but they don't know what is waiting around the corner.


The Dragon Coaster from high above.


The original cars. A lot different than is what is running today!


The Dragon Coaster!


Some mid ride upside down action.


A different view of how you get to the top.


A cool lift.


You lay down to ride this ride.


An overhead view of Super Flight.


Super Flight!


I have my fun card, let's go have some fun!


The park map for Rye Playland.


Just in case you forget and or need to check, you can find your remaining balance on these.


Here are the prices and different options at Rye Playland.


I got a free bumper sticker when I paid for parking! I like these extras.


The next stop on The Big Mike Road Show 2008, Rye Playland in Rye New York.


Quassy Amusement Park, thanks for the memories!


Caught up in the massive celebration, Boo Boo Bear gets a little too frisky staring at and licking his lips at Big Mike's package!


The sound of "ka-ching" can be heard as Big Mike collects credit #582! Following that, a bunch of balloons fall from the sky and streamers fly through the air as Big Mike completes Connecticut 100%.


A look at the upcoming excitement.


Another stratigically placed lift hill.


It is time to ride and raise the coaster count!


The lift hill shot.


The second coaster at the park, The Little Dipper!


Just in case you were craving another Big Mike head shot.


A few other rides at the park.


By the look of the Pink Panther's stomach, he needs to stay away from the pizza place.


Count it! Credit #581 for Big Mike. Thanks kid!


A picture from the top level.


The view from the top of the mouse lift hill.


Temporary honorary member of The Big Mike Road Show 2008! The kid later passed on checking off my shirt :)


It is time to wander the park and do some recruiting!


I asked again if they were strict on the single rider rule, the result, more pictures for the Big Mike readers!


Still looking and still taking pictures for the Big Mike readers.


I figured I would take some more pictures until I could find a volunteer to ride with the Big Man.


I knew this was coming. No single riders! I figured I could sweet talk a female operator with my charm, but there were 2 guys running it today :(


Here is the layout. The ride was a little rusty.


Time to raise the coaster count! The first coaster, the Mad Mouse!


I thought this was cool. You can take your parking receipt and use it as a half off coupon at the souvenier stands. Now if it was half off at the food stands, that would be Ultra Big Mike Approved!


Here is what you can do at Quassy.


The prices for Quassy.


This is not a really big place, but it is on the water and it does have 2 coasters!


The Big Mike Road Show arrives at Quassy Amusement Park.

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Just finishing up with Krazy City!



See everyone tomorrow riding The Dark Knight at Six Flags Great Adventure!!!





Your pal, Big Mike


One last picture of the coaster with some theming in the background. Time for The Big Mike Road Show to go hit the food court! Take Care Everyone, Thanks for reading! Peace, Big Mike


Some of the effects.


A picture of the train.


I never saw a coaster quite like this!


Midnight Express!


The Prices for Krazy City.


The Big Mike Road Show arrives at Krazy City!


Palisades Park Mall is the place to be if you want to visit Krazy City. This mall is fantastic, maybe the best I have ever been to.

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Very nice trip reports. Big Mike, would you say it is possible to drive from Knoebels, visit Rye, Quassy and Lake Compounce in one day?


We're having a New york area trip, and we're already Quassy and Lake Compounce, but it would be really cool to fit a short visit to Rye also. Such a classic park I don't really know how long the drive is, but viamichelin says its about 5 hours.

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Rye, Quassy, and Lake Compounce are all within an hour of each other, so that is not a problem.


Knoebels on the other hand is not that close at all, and according to Mapquest, it says 3 1/2 hours. I will give it 4 hours.


Of course it could be done, just depends on how much time you need to spend at each park, checking to see the park's hours of operations, and such.


I do not know if you are waking up in the Knoebels area and then driving or you want to hit all 4 parks in one day?


I would give a rough estimate that if you are just into coasters and a little more, than you can get these parks done in:


Quassy - 1/2 an hour

Rye - 1 hour

Lake Compounce - 1 1/2 hours

Knoebels - 1 1/2 hours


Thats just coasters and very little else. You could spend more time at Knoebels or Lake Compounce.


So using Big Mike logic, which isn't always 100%:


Knoebels always usually opens at 11am, so you are there until 12:30pm

4 hour drive to Rye

Rye from 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Half hour drive to Quassy

Quassy 6pm to 6:30pm

Half hour drive to Lake Compounce

Arrive at 7pm.

Lake Compounce is open to 10pm usually Friday - Sunday. 8pm OR 9pm during the week. Check when you are going.


Could be done, but that trip from Knoebels is what is the hassle.


Fill me in when you go and what the results were!



Peace, Big Mike

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Ouch, yeah, not going to happen. If you want to hit just about everything and have a good time, I would not suggest doing that. The trip from Elysburg to Rye is a haul, and then trying to fit a Connecticut trip in there, that is just crazy.

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yeah!i if i remember correctly theres on part where theres people displayed behind glass and its all poorly lit and they look like they are drowning. freaked me out! i havent been on it in a long time, so i dunno if they updated it. i hope they didnt. lets not forget thats it feels like its nearly 15 minutes long...

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Well it's raining here in Philly at 12:58p.m. Friday and all across the tri-state area, did you make it up to GA or did you scrap your plans for the day? I saw a little preview video of the coaster and it looks cool. Let us know what happened in you quest to ride the Dark Knight coaster.

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The Big Mike Road Show 2008 made an executive decision that instead of going to Great Adventure in the rain and temps in the 50's, to instead wait until tomorrow and go to Great Adventure in the sun and temps in the 70's!


See you all there tomorrow at opening on line for The Dark Knight!!



Peace, Big Mike

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Thanks for the fast answer! We're doing Knoebels the night before, so we hit the road as soon as possible that morning. If the drive is about 4 hours we would probably be able to get to Rye about 13.00 (that's 1pm for you ), be there about an hour and a half, drive to quassy, do the coasters and the parachute ride and hit Lake Compounce for a nice evening with hopefully loads of Boulder Dash rides. We're going late june, so we probably should excpect some crowds though!


Keep the roadshow rolling, looking forward to the rest

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Enjoy your ride on The Dark Knight! While you're there, be sure to take a ride on Rolling Thunder for Rich and I! Also, if the big tortoises are out in the Golden Kingdom, we want pictures.

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Hey Big Mike!


Just in case you haven't heard elsewhere, Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland was up and running today [Friday the 16th], so everything should be gravy for next weekend!

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