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Yes the ducky games will start rolling out!!!


I did 3 ducky games while in Scandi, and also had another one set to go before that!


Soon you will be sick of duckies. Lol



Peace, Big Mike

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Great TR, Mike. Always fun to see how everybody ends up in your postings.


And it was once again a great play-sure spending some riding time with you, on some of these great coasters we got to ride on the Scandi Tour.


Hope to see you again on another TPR Tour!


And thanks for the pin too!!!

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Yes the ducky games will start rolling out!!!


I did 3 ducky games while in Scandi, and also had another one set to go before that!


Soon you will be sick of duckies. Lol



Peace, Big Mike


Aight, cool, good to hear.


Oh, and don't worry of me getting sick of duckies....I already am:


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Heh, you can all thank me for that Peter pic.


And what's this? No card at Liseberg?

And none at Skara. :S

Oh well, from Gothenburg to Stockholm, I live like 2/3rds of the way to Stockholm. Wonder if I should make a days excursion sometime.


Btw, once I find the card. Do I keep it for myself or just get a picture and put it back for someone else to find?



PS. Mike, if you want you may also grab that package of pictures: http://edward.leuf.org/x/20090615.zip

May also share with Lou.

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Hey Friends!!!



The Big Mike Road Show 2009 has JUST added a stop for TONIGHT!!!


The New Jersey State Fair at The Meadowlands is the place to be tonight to hang out with The Mighty Big Man.



Big Mike took a poll on Facebook this week asking everyone if they count fair coasters on their coaster count, and the overwhelming result was YES THEY DO!


Big Mike has NEVER counted a faoir or carnival coaster, mainly due to the fact that the coaster counter websites I use don't list them!


Now that Big Mike World Headquarters has updated to using an excel spreadsheet, it is now possible to count them!!!


I admit it was silly not to count them all along since they ARE coasters, and even better than some I ride regularly.


The sad part is Big Mike has lost out on a major number of credits now, but to keep integrity, I will not go back and add them now... Its a fresh start from here!



That said, the NJ State Fair at The Meadowlands kicks off tonight!!


Opening night is DOLLAR night!!!


$1 parking, $1 admission, $1 rides, and most important... $1 food items.



So it makes sense to get these NEW credits for as cheap as possible, and The Big Mike Road Show 2009 will be in full Big Mike Gear Tonight!!


Come on out for a very cheap night of fun!!


First person that comes up and asks for a Brand Spanking New Valuable Big Mike Road Show Reader Pin gets it!!!!


Big mike will arrive by 6pm and if you have a hard time spotting the super good looking guy with the golden tan anbd the awersome T-shirt, a good place to look will be the Hypnotist show, as I love that stuff!


New stop, New credits, New Jersey TONIGHT!!!! Be there!



Peace, Big Mike

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Big Mike Productions has just released this statement from Big Mike World Headquarters:



The Big Mike Road Show 2009 will make it's next stop at Coney Island on Saturday, July 4th!


One of the many things still to do on Big Mike's list is to see the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest live in person, and with Big Mike being home with the TPR trip scheduled a little earlier this year, this is the year it is finally going to happen!!


Also, it is Bank of America's Museums on Us weekend as well, meaning free admission to the NY Aquarium right next door with my BOA card!


A holiday weekend on the beach in Coney Island!


I am posting this a week ahead of time so that everyone can cancel all thier plans and rearrange them to Coney Island!!!


Hope to see you there!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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It has that he visited there, and the date. I looked through pages and pages around the time of the date of the Kings Island visit. So, I still don't know. Either way, I am a big fan of big mike and I enjoy reading all of his updates and such. Big Mike, your updates always make my day!

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Sorry Robbie!


I need to update that front page, but I am falling behind on everything.


I have visited Kings Island, but the report is not up.



I am sooo lost, I even spent 15 minutes looking for it myself before figuring out I had not posted it yet, thats bad



I have one more stop from Cali, then the midwest reports, then the Scandi reports.


How did I fall 25 reports behind???


Oh boy!



Peace, Big Mike

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Big Mike! You always seem to plan your visits when I am busy


I leave for Sweden on Tuesday! And I will be gone! 2 weeks without hearing from Big Mike


You'll be in Sweden for 2 weeks as of Tuesday? Huh, how fun. I'm leaving for London the day after. 5 days later I'll be back, but I'll be in Gothenburg for a few days before returning to my home in Skövde.


Also, thought I had all the time in the world for a treasure hunt like this. Kinda gave me an excuse to visit Gröna Lund again.

This may sound silly, but maybe we can do the search together? Maybe the 11th? 12th? Just a silly thought.



PS. Mike, I know I haven't read the whole BMRS, but about these "clues". Aren't they a little bit obvious? I think 2-3 pictures would be enough for a really good treasure hunt, like entrance, general area, and an optional narrowing down (for examble picture of the card). This seems a bit too much like a walkthrough.

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Hello Fantastic Friends!!!



The Big Mike Road Show 2009 visited the NJ State Fair at the Meadowlands this past weekend and wanted to bump this up so that anyone thinking about going can see what it looks like before it departs.



Big Mike had never counted any coasters at fairs before, but when he found out everyone else did, he decided to start counting them too!



Big Mike decided that his search for more credits would start with a bang, Dollar Day where parking, admission, rides, and food items are all only $1!!!



There is an added bonus at the end of this report too!!!


As almost everyone is aware, Big Mike's main goal in life is to ride one coaster with his best friend, Lucky Dog!


The annual 4th of July Carnival came to town once again here in the beautiful town of Montville NJ, home to Big Mike World Headquarters!


There was a coaster here and we were going to give it our best try to ride it together!!!


Enjoy Lucky Dog's quest for his 1st coaster credit!



Peace, Big Mike


Lucky Dog ends this report with one of the many whizzes he took all over the rides to show his disgust about being rejected.


Hope you enjoyed!


We will get n a coaster together one day!!!!



Peace, Big Mike


But, a few minutes later, Lucky Dog is informed that they measure by the head and not the ears and he turns around and leaves the ride with his head hung low and his heart broken :(


Lucky Dog gets in line full of excitement with his tail wagging waiting for his first coaster credit ever!


Lucky Dog makes it!!! Well he only makes it if he sticks his ears straight up.


Here was our dilemma. Big Mike was too tall to ride at all, which dashed our dreams right away. Lucky Dog was sad but still wanted to get his 1st coaster crecit, so he had to reach the 42 inch line instead of the 36 inch line to ride on his own.


A good little starter coaster for a little puppy.


Lucky Dog finds the coaster and stares at it with love and affection.


Lucky Dog's search was halted by this cotton candy.


Lucky Dog looked all over for a coaster and almost settled for a trip down the fun slide.


Lucky Dog headed inside looking for a coaster.


Lucky Dog was all excited to see if they had a coaster as it has been a life long dream of both of ours to ride a coaster together one day. I could not say no to those puppy dog eyes!


This time though, there was a town carnival in the parking lot!


The next day I was walking my dog, Lucky Dog, up on the hill behind my old high school as usual.


and a Churro from this stand! The Funnel Cake stand had too long of a line lol.


Another Hot Dog and a Drink from this stand!


Ice Cream from this stand!


Italian Ice from this stand!


Popcorn and a Drink from this stand!


Zeppoles from this stand!


Fresh Squeezed Orangeade from this stand!


Corn Dog, Fries, and a Drink from this stand!


Spaghetti and Garlic Bread from this stand!


Having shown you most of the important parts of the fair, it is time to show you Big Mike's parade through the dollar food items!!!


Hot Dog and drink from this stand!


... and once again, the hot girl deep throating the fire wand! Sexy!


... the sword swallowing...


Some other shows were the bed of nails.....


My dollar admission was justified though when this girl sat on the electric chair to pure enjoyment.


The 2 headed lady was just as lousy.


Well some of the shows were just plain stupid, like Spider Lady here, you can just see her head.


Everyone else wanted to talk to spider girl too it seems.


A 30 minute show for just $1, best bargain in town.


Especially when it only cost $1 today! I paid and went inside.


The chance to talk with Spider Girl was just too much to pass up.


Of course, no fair would be the same without the Freak Show!


All kinds of these gimmick attractions too.


Elephant rides.


Petting zoo.


Another favorite, dunk the foul mouthed insulting clown. An entertaining show in itself.


Pig Racing.


Tiger Show.


The hypnotis show is Big Mike's favorite attraction.


Other attractions at the fair this year:


Big Mike reaches the car after a 2 hour and 5 minute wait for credit #853!


It is hard to tell from this picture and you missed the full queve, but this line ran all the way back to those rides in the background.


The last coaster at the fair was the Crazy Mouse!


Credit #852 for Big Mike!


The train and the usual smile.




Adults can ride!


The 3rd coaster at the fair was the Wacky Worm!


Avalanche was huge as you can tell by this overview, but was down due to a blown motor which was supposed to be fixed by opening night . NOT!


The 2nd coaster at the fair was Avalanche!


The train.


Here is an overview anyway.


It is so strict, you even have to pass this checklist just to ride the kiddie ride.


A 56 inch height limit :( There is also no exceptions, these fair operators mean business.


The 1st coaster is the Go Gator!


A quick browse through the park located 4 coasters, but only 2 of which Big Mike could ride today.


The fair rides were operated by Amusements of America, so under coaster counting rules, I can only count them once no matter where the fair travels to.


The only problem with dollar night is that there are a LOT of other cheapskates like Big Mike.


Don't fret about the weather either, you get a free Weather Insurance Policy with your admission!


Here are the dates that the fair runs to.


Parking was $3, now $1. Admission was $9, now $1, coasters were $5, now $1, food for $1 equals a buffet for The Big Man!


Dollar Day! You can't beat it.


The NJ State Fair at the Meadowlands!

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