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Those of you who found 4 have some special powers or something.

There are at least 4. I almost went with 5, but after much debate, I decided that it was a shadow.


Of course Big Mike will eventally come in and prove us all wrong despite our certainty.

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Big Mike, I'm going with 4 duckies - but as other people have already said, one of them really was a 'ghost' to my eyes...! Certainly a very tricky duck to find!


Some more lock-ins:


I think I saw 4 duckies, but it took me a few tries to even see one! That duck was a ninja!


I am going to go with 4 as well.


5 kittycat ducks.

Yay, the 2009 Find The Ducky contest is here again I can't wait for more rubber duck action!


Tell ya how bad my eyes are now. I saw 10. Man, looking way too hard.


I will go with 5 duckies.

Thanks for all the work Big Mike.

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OK, so maybe drinking some wine before looking for the Kitty Duckie wasn't a very wise idea... but I swear I saw 6 duckies. I am pretty certain I will miss my chances of winning 1st prize, due to my lack of Mikestry cards though, so it is all good! And it wouldn't be fair if we are at SFGA together, for me to try and find one there, knowing where you had been. And since I already will have two super vacations this year, I will forfeit my chances of winning that grand prize. So I am only guessing for fun.


*Almost forgot, if you ever retire Kitty Duckie, I am sure she would love a home in Maspeth!! (hint hint!) I totally love this duckie!

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^ Theres a Mikestery Treasure Hunt Card in Brooklyn at Adventurers right now, not too many people are going to be closer than you lol.


Recap coming up soon on who picked what!



Also, how do you guys quote more than one person at a time??? I cant figure it out for the life of me lol.



Peace, Big Mike

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