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^ Bad! You played last year and lost so if you read the fine print it says: "No Losers." Kidding


I feel special being (almost officially once I take the picture with the card) part of the club. I wouldn't be surprised if these would sell on eBay.

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^ doesn't almost everyone with a Mikestery card already have 3 of tasks done? All I have left is the ducky stuff, but I'm totally clueless as to how it goes.


I don't have a banner in my signature. I asked for one a while back but I guess Mike is a busy guy. One day it will show up and then my life will be complete.

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Wow, I must say time is flying by and before you know it, I will be on KK with Big Mike! I do not want to rush it though, I need to go to Orlando for vacation first! I hope that there is a Mikestery card placed in SFGA, and that it is posted the day before I go! I have a feeling I have no other chance to get one otherwise! And yes, on to the duckies!!! I cannot wait to actually participate this time! I am fully caught up on reading and can guess with the rest!


Hey Big Mike, did you happen to notice the prices at the gate of SFGA? I know with the camera malfunctions that day, there were no pics. I was looking forward to checking out if they had that 6 for 1 special they ran two years in a row again, or anything similar. That was a great deal for me, because I wasn't sure if I was going more than once. It is even better for my son actually, because he does not ride coasters yet. I only wish I could get him to ride SOMETHING!

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Hey Lena!


I am sooooo excited to meet up with you sooner rather than later!!


I thought for sure we were meeting at the bar event, too bad it got cancelled!



For everyone wondering about the ducky games, they are coming soon!!!


I had a ducky in my pocket the whole day I was at Sea World, and forgot all about him


I was also waiting for last years overtime ducky round to end.


So the next park I go to will definately have a ducky game since I do not have one coming up in any of the Vegas reports!


Thanks for hanging in there everybody!



Peace, Big Mike

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Unfortunately, Lady Bebe had surgery on the Tuesday before WCB and we were unable to go, thus missing our best opportunity for a photo with Big Mike. But we are taking an Eastern trek right after Memorial Day and hope to meet Big Mike before he heads off to Scandanavia.

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The new Yankee Stadium update is almost complete!



Tomorrow, Saturday, The Big Mike Road Show 2009 will be making a stop at Adventuers Amusement Park at noon in Brooklyn NY to get a new credit!! TL-3!!


Being that this is right near Coney Island, I will also check that out too to see how much it has changed since Astroland left.


The ducky will make the trip as well, and it should be the debut game of Find The Ducky!!


So it is Adventuers and Coney Island if you are still in search of completing the Meet Big Mike Quest!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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Hey Friends and Very Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!!


The Big Mike Road Show 2009 took a little side trip to the NEW Yankee Stadium to see a ball game and to bring to all the Valuable Big Mike Readers the ins and outs of the new stadium!


Not only does Big Mike bring to TPR the most in depth and coolest trip reports of amusement parks, but why not some other cool things too???


I know a lot of people do not live anywhere near Yankee Stadium, so when the top brass at the Yankee Organization contacted Big Mike Productions about scheduling an appearance at the new stadium, I had to say yes for all my valuable readers!!


The Steinbrenners really wanted the Big Man at opening day, but due to a previous scheduled appearance, Game #2 would have to surfice for them.


The Yanks and Big Mike go way back and I appreciate everything that the Yanks upper management does to make me feel at home in Yankee Stadium!


I guess it doesn't hurt to be undefeated when going to Yankee games either! They treat me well and I bring them good luck


Remember last year when Big Mike got into the last game ever at Yankee Stadium, without tickets, and bringing 3 friends with him through the VIP area, and meeting up with Derek Jeter and Joba Chamberlein??? (Just in case you missed it, that will be the first picture of this report)


Now thats the kind of strings that Big Mike can pull at Yankee Stadium, and I know my great friend Rick (Coaster Palooza) still can't believe I pulled it off!


This year the Yanks promised Big Mike something even more special, but it was a surprise and I was excited to see what they had in store for me! They just clued me in that they just wanted to "Showcase the BIG MIKE brand name somewhere in the new Stadium!


I will be honest, I figured maybe a quick flash of Big Mike up on the Jumbotron or something like that, but I was way wrong! The Big Mike brand name will be up for the entire season for everyone to enjoy if you visit!!!


I hope you enjoy my thorough report of Yankee Stadium as I try to bring to all my Valuable Big Mike Readers every cool thing to see at the BRAND NEW STADIUM!!!



Peace, Big Mike


This is more like it, hanging with the real fans!


Thats YOUR tour of the NEW Yankee Stadium my Friends, next up is the game!


Peace, Big Mike


... well, with the exception of the super high priced seats, which stayed empty and an eye sore the whole game long.


Big Mike Note - The Yanks just lowered the prices TODAY as I write this.

Now you can see why Big Mike passed on these seats. Who would want to sit all alone in the VIP section???


Every seat in every level is jammed pack with die hard Yankee fans....


The bleachers are even packed as we listen to Rick's favorite song once again, The National Anthem.


Wow, so much for the wide corridors lol. Its time for the game to start!!


The bull pen.


Monument Park is in center field.


Big Mike Time Saver Tip - You can now go on line and reserve a spot for Monument Park for only $5. Today, 2 hours early for the game was not early enough.


... and a seat from the 2009 stadium.


Here is a seat from the 1923 stadium...


Here is a model of the new stadium.


An empty locker dedicated to the one and only Big Mike!


An empty locker dedicated for Yankee Captain Thurman Munson.


A section dedicated to Babe Ruth.


Now to the rest of the museum. You can take a glimpse of some of the Yanks Championship trophies.


The other side of the wall has signed baseballs.




The other end of the wall has a Yogi Berra statue catching for him, with Big Mike being the umpire!


You can see Don Larson at the far end and this wall of autographs is to represent the path of the baseball he throws.


This is to dedicate the perfect game he threw in the World Series.


The center piece of the museum is this Don Larson statue.


Time to make a visit to The New York Yankee Museum!


Slowly but surely, everything is coming down.


I feel bad for the old stadium :(


A lot of those Championships took place right next door at the old Yankee Stadium.


Here are all the Championship years! All 26 of them :)


Here are all the retired uniform numbers.


I found the seal on the original Yankee Stadium.


Just like the prices on the sandwiches, even the penny machine is double priced Rick!


What a beautiful sight to see!


My own sandwich named after me :) NOW i was impressed!! Thanks Yanks!!!!


This is!!! Read the menu Big Mike Fans!


Wait for it... wait for it... The top brass bring me to a food stand called MIKES! I pretend to be honored, but I am "BIG MIKE" goes through my head. They inform me that this is not the honor they want to bestow on me.


The only thing I would miss about these seats is that they take your food order right at your seat! No problem though, the NY Yankee surprise for Big Mike was up next!!!


This is where the Yanks wanted to sit Big Mike, in the $2500 seats! While that would be cool and all, Big Mike has always been a man of the people and for the people, so I politely declined and asked to hang with the real fans.


I am glad that they kept the facade the same.


Johnny Damon comes over and hangs with Big Mike.


Big Mike takes a trip down to field level to chat with some of his Yankee friends while the security guard makes sure that the hot babes don't make a mad rush for Big Mike.


For all the warning track fans out there.


The seats are not the only thing very padded, the home run fence is too.


The traditional Big Mike and the foul pole picture.


Every row in the stadium has a Yankee emblem, and these high priced seats have comfortable cushions.


It didn't take long being in the stadium before Mariano Rivera called out "Big Mike!"


Time to walk around the new stadium and see what it has to offer the fans.


Nice food carriers, 26 championships and counting! It's these extra touches that makes the Yanks special.


Huge wide concourse with ALL kinds of different foods!


Big Mike's first view of the new Yankee Stadium field.


A neat touch, elevators to all levels.




Throughout the Great Hall are huge murals of great Yankee moments.


Great Hall overview.


As soon as you enter the building, you enter The Great Hall!


Today was Yankee Calendar Magnet Day.


Inside the new Yankee Stadium! Over 2 hours early to get pictures of everything for all the Valuable Big Mike Readers.


Todays game is against the Cleveland Indians.


The new Yankee Stadium!


Last year - Last game ever at the Stadium! No tickets Big Mike? No problem! You have 3 friends too Big Mike? No problem! Just use the VIP enterance right over there were Derek Jeter is walking in!


"Come on Rick, I am not kidding, just follow me!" LOL

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Now to the game highlights and to see if Big Mike's good luck as being undefeated at Yankee games continues!!




This concludes the report and gets everyone up to date on the Broadway Shows, the Yanks, and the Hotties!


Peace, Big Mike



Rock of Ages!


Back into NYC on Saturday night with another hottie named Victoria, who I shared my good luck with and she won the lottery for the new Broadway show Rock of Ages!


Once again, I am blessed to be in the company of Renee (Nay), who is getting hotter and hotter every time I see her!


The evening show on Friday was the new Broadway Show 9 to 5!


Big Mike walks through the doors just like his Dad did back in the day.


Also around the corner was Baruch College, where my Dad went a long time ago!


Actually that was the building that Big Mike's first ever crush on a girl works at! All through elementary school, she was "the one" ;)


Some NY architecture for the Valuable Big Mike Readers!



Sessions - a matinee show on Friday.


Big Mike does a little Off Broadway show first.


Unfortunately, everyone elses favorite too! See the shake Shack way off in the distance, and Big Mike is 166th in line!


One of Big Mike's favorite places to eat, The Shake Shack!!!


A nice beautiful day at the park.


Just to catch everyone up on the Broadway Shows, this was this past weekend starting at Madison Square Park in NYC.


Big Mike with the lead actress, who obviously had the hots for Big Mike! :)


Just like on coasters, not too many places let you take pictures while riding or inside a show, but this one did and that was cool!


In The Heights!


Big Mike in the winners line, I am hot!


On a run of good luck now, Big Mike tries the "In The Heights" lottery for tickets.


Leavng the game to see another Broadway show, Times Square already had the good news of Jeter's blast!


Final score.


... and the BIG finale... New "Yooooooooooooork"!!!!!


Now the best time of the day, singing New York New York at the end of a Yankee victory!

Here is Big Mike in mid line of "It's" up to you.....


Just a FYI as the Yanks congratulate each other, the Yanks got spanked by double digit runs the game before this and after this, I AM GOOD LUCK!! :)




Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yankees Win!


This scenerio only means one thing, the Yankees win!


The Yanks up 1 run into the ninth.


Enter Sandman by Metallica starts to play... which means its time for Mariano Rivera.


Captain Clutch comes through again.


No need to worry!!! Jeter delivers the 5th Yankee Home Run of the game to put the Yanks ahead!


The 7th inning strecth, tie game! The good luck charm streak is in jeopardy!!!


The grounds crew singing YMCA.



Yankees Home Run #4



Yankees Home Run #3



Yankees Home Run #2



Yankees Home Run #1


A nice new collectors commemorative cup for the Big Man!

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Great update Big Mike. I think I would have enjoyed it more if the Yankees didn't suck so much!!!


I had the pleasure of watching the Yankees lose a game at the old stadium a couple of years ago and I have to say it was an amazing place. The new stadium looks great, but I fear we lost a great piece of baseball history.

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