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Big Mike, I'm going to bend the rules and vote for 4 of the ladies, instead of just 3. As for the reasons they'd be great for you... Well, if I have to tell you, then you really need more help than I could provide in a written explanation.


Here are all 4 of my choices, conveniently all together in the same picture.



P.S. I do realize we were supposed to vote for one the named TPR Hotties. This post was mainly just for fun, and a good excuse to give this particularly fabulous picture a little more well-deserved exposure.


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Atleast I feel good to be on 2 Big Mike lists; but I can't hold a candle to any of those women on that list.


It was nice to go to Six Flags and have people from this site say 'you look familier' which in turn I get to say 'You probably saw me on the Big Mike Road Show Topic' which is rather cool in more ways than one.

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Thank you to all the Valuable Big Mike Readers who helped pick Big Mike's Queen and the title of:


Miss Big Mike Road Show 2008!



The voting is now closed!!!



The winner will be crowned next time she and I get together, with a tiara and a Miss Big Mike Road Show 2008 sash.



Now it is time for the presentation!


We will cut in live right now to the tv telecast!


Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to get the live feed on to my thread, so I will just commentate what I am watching to you on here!!



Right now, the top 5 finalists are up on stage, all happy and smiling and really hoping that they get crowned Miss Big Mike Road Show 2008!


The girls I see up on stage from my seat in the VIP section are:






and Beeja!


There is a good representation from the whole world up there!



I can see all the other girls who did not make the top 5, and they are still thrilled and excited to be here.


Big Mike talked to all the girls just before the show went on the air and they were told that they were ALL winners and that Big Mike is in debt to them for sharing some fantastic and memorable times throughout the year, and that THEY ARE ALL LOVED BY BIG MIKE!!!



I am getting the feeling that just me writing what is happening here is not picking up and conveying all the excitement, so I will post the pictures of the girls as they get called right here live!!



OK, the MC is on stage and prepared to call the 4th runner up!!!!



The girls look so fantastically pretty and sexy, while also look to be eagerly waiting to see if they can be Big Mike's Queen for the year!!!






The MC steps up to the podium, and announces the 4th runner up!!!















It's the Lovely Louise!!!


The crowd cheers and Big Mike gives Lou a nice hug and a kiss!



The MC is ready to announce the 3rd runner up everybody!!!
















It's the Ravishing Renee!!!


The crowd cheers again and Big Mike also gives Renee a nice hug and a kiss!



Wow, this MC is really rushing through the ceremony and is ready to announce the second runner up!
















It's "Killer Looks" Christiana!!!


(Big Mike loved this picture but could not figure out how to get it into the original contest thread)


The crowd cheers loudly and Big Mike gives Christiana a nice hug and a kiss!!




The stage is pretty bare now, with just two lovely ladies standing up there holding each others hand!


The lights are on them and they just look soooooo great!!


The MC reminds them that he will call the 1st runner up first, with the other girl being crowned Miss Big Mike Road Show 2008!!


He also reminds the girls that in the event that the newly crowned Miss Big Mike Road Show 2008 cannot fulfill her duties of pleasing and satisfying Big Mike, that the 1st runner up will take her place!!



The two girls await the MC!


The 1st runner up in the Miss Big Mike Road Show 2008 is:


























The Beautiful Beeja!!!


The crowd goes wild and Big Mike goes over to Beeja for a nice long hug and a kiss, but while kissing her feels the tear drops from her eyes on his lips



The MC calls Big Mike over to the center of the stage where his newly crowned Miss Big Mike Road Show 2008 is standing, and the MC proudly announces the winner....




















Jaw Dropping Janice!!



Big Mike happily goes over to give Janice a victory hug and a kiss but Janice jumps into Big Mike's arms, stradles him, and gives him one of the biggest X-Rated kisses in the history of television!!!


The producers pull the plug on the show fearing fines and irate viewer letters and the show ends with the stage lights being shut off and Janice and Big Mike still making out passionately in the dark in front of the wildly cheering and standing ovation from the audience!!




Hope you enjoyed and see you next year for the Miss Big Mike Road Show 2009!!!


Goodnight everybody!

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