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The parking lot was very empty, but rides did have lines. El Toro only had 1 train and the queue was about 3/4 full, Rolling Thunder had a long wait due to 10 minute dispatches, and Superman's line was quite long even though they had 2 trains there. I hope tomorrow is a better day because I plan on going again. Hopefully, Nitro will by running by tomorrow.

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I'm not happy to hear that, last year it was 5 minute dispatches all season except at Frightfest when it took a little less time but I was hoping for fast dispatches this year, not slower. I skipped it so many times last year or only rode it once a trip because I wasn't willing to wait 15 minutes for a 2- 3 train wait.


I also hope Nitro is running tomorrow. Especially since if it is like last year, where a line at the 30 minute sign was around 10 minutes.

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Just a very quick update from the parking lot since everyone has been asking, we were told that Nitro will be closed all weekend.


The train is stuck on the course smewhere.



More later!



Peace, Big Mike

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wow no nitro all weekend? Well I was going to go tomorrow but maybe I will come back later in the month and hope everything is working by then.


Was great to see you again by the way Big Mike! You have great ways of making yourself known.


I again was not able to ride a coaster with you but hopefully by the end of this coaster season I hope?

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Mike it was awesome seeing you again! The wind KILLED the day, but we made the best that we could from it. We didn't drive two hours for nothing. We even did fly me to the moon...yeah it was sad. But we still had a good time. Superman did go to one train operation towards the end of the day.

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I went today as well. I have to say my first hour went very similar to Big Mike's. However, I stuck it out because I don't plan to go back very soon (live very far away), and the day slowly got better. I got to ride El Toro three times, so I can't complain too much.


Also, just want to say it was nice meeting Big Mike (the man, the myth, the legend), Nay, and Chris from GCI!

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The high winds were a deterant indeed. Gusts up to 40 mph. I had to evac Dark Knight even though it's indoors. I think with the first day there was a lot of training and we were all guinea pigs. I got 2 Toro circuits at least. GASM and Rolling Thunder ran amazingly smooth. I met our one member that works at Sahara Sams I believe.

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Hey Friends!!!





The 2nd Mikestery Treasure Hunt Card has been found!!!!


Great Job Stephanie!!!



Now that it has been found, get ready for the next trip report tonight... Legoland!!!


Where could Big Mike have hidden the Mikestery Card this time??


Last few stops in Southern California!! Get your very own Mikestery Treasure Hunt Card before it is too late!!!



Despite Six Flags Great Adventure below par opening day efforts, EAST COAST BASH was a huge success!!!


Way more Valuable Big Mike Readers came out than were expected!!


Six Flags was not the only ones not on top of thier games yesterday, as there was a major malfunction with the crew of The Big Mike Road Show 2009 also!


Big Mike Production's road crew, executive producer, and camera crew ALL dropped the ball having camera technical difficulties all day long.


All involved have been put on notice of discharge if this happens again.


Thus, with no camera for the day, Big Mike had to rely on his great friends to take some pictures for him!




Well some pictures were posted, some emailed, some put up on websites... so Big Mike will have to get them all organized and sorted through and will also try to get that up tonight as well!


I am sure at least 20 people came up and said hello, hopefully I can remember them all!!!



*** This announcement comes down from the CEO of Big Mike Productions concerning yesterdays technical difficulties:



"We here at Big Mike Productions would like to apologize for yesterday's Big Mike Road Crew fiasco. They were obviously not back in top form after the long off-season. Measures are being implemented to never have this happen again. Everyone who showed up and said hello to our beloved Big Mike WILL BE CREDITED with the "Getting a picture taken with Big Mike" quest, even if a picture was not taken, which I know a few were denied the opportunity.


Just to make sure that no Valuable Big Mike Reader is left behind for the opportunity to win the Grand Prize of a week long condo stay, please take this time to post in this thread that "I met Big Mike yesterday at Great Adventure and I thought he was ______" (fill in).


Please help out with names of any other TPR members that you know Big Mike met during the day!


Thank you very much,

CEO of Big Mike Productions

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Hey Mike, I got Kenny's photos (stolen from his facebook, but he's in my room right now, so he's watching me do this )


El Toro Group Shot


Batman Group Shot


You're not in this one, but I look ridiculous, and it makes me laugh


My third appearance on the Big Mike Roas Show


-Dainan "M&M's are evil BTW" Rafferty

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Hey Big Mike! It's was great meeting you! I'm Kyle, I'm the second from the right in the El Toro group photo. It was nice to finally get the coaster season started, although I am a little disappointed I couldn't get my rides on Nitro and Kingda Ka. The drive was still worth it, though.


Hey Jay, nice meeting you as well. I can't wait for compounce lake to open, its going to be a LONG month+.


I'm sure this has probably been asked/posted already, but any chance you (Big Mike) are going to make it to opening day at Lake Compounce?

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Hey Friends!


Big Mike coming to you LIVE from Great Adventure!!



I have already met 7 TPR friends in the first hour!!!



Here is how Big Mike's first hour has gone:



El Toro - Closed


Kingda Ka - Closed


Rolling Thunder - Closed


Walk to other side of park.


Nitro - Closed


Dark Knight - Closed


Walk back across park to get Season Passholders ticket book


Books not in yet.



Now I am leaving to get a memory card since I forgot mine in my computer at home.



Oh yeah, "Have a Six Flags Day"



What a joke!



Peace, Big Mike


That's suck's.


Your opening day sounds allot like my opening day at Six Flags Great America last year.


Hope to see you soon.

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Omg, I look pregnant and/or fat in all of those photos!! It was just my purse under my jacket, I swear.


Anyway, yeah, it sucked that a lot of the rides were closed (Nitro, grrrr) or running slowly, but it was a fun day. I'm horrible with remembering names, but it was nice meeting you all!

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Omg, I look pregnant and/or fat in all of those photos!! It was just my purse under my jacket, I swear.


Anyway, yeah, it sucked that a lot of the rides were closed (Nitro, grrrr) or running slowly, but it was a fun day. I'm horrible with remembering names, but it was nice meeting you all!


I thought that was you. When we took the group pic under El Toro's sign I was trying to figure who you were because you looked so familiar. Now I know haha.

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Hello Fantastic Friends!!



I am still waiting for a few pictures to get back to Big Mike World Headquarters from the cool people who helped Big Mike out over the weekend, but I did get some pictures to start a little trip report!!!


Thanks to Sue, Dainan, Josh, Matt, Thomas, and Danny for the pictures in this report



East Coast Bash was a tremendous success, in terms of people wise!


It was a great idea of mine NOT to get any ERT on Kingda Ka and Nitro, as I would have had a lot of unhappy people lol.



I counted roughly 30 friends between Theme Park Reviewers, cool Acers, and new friends from Gadv!



Thanks for coming out to say hello to The Big Mike Road Show 2009:


Renee (nay)


Angela (ElToroGirl84) and her boyfriend Ryan.


Sue (Sue) and her husband Rich.


Jay (JayJay719).


Lindsey (crazyrider06).


Felicia (PhillyGirl) and her son Cameron.


Chris (gciichris)


Dan (coasterpunk)


Dainan (CycloneMan)


Matt (Speeddeamon128)


Chris (Wood Dragon 1998)


Bob (Flying Bob) and his coaster riding pal Deb.


Luko (simlesa)


Thomas (tomtom)


Josh (Josh Davidson)


Danny (Coasterer)


Kyle (Satchboogie3)


Brian (still no screen name?)


I would also like to thank the cool group of NY Acers that made me feel welcomed at thier event earlier this year that were also at the park and took some pictures for me, hopefully I will get them soon!


A big warm thanks to the members of Gadv Online who took Renee and I into thier group for the latter part of the day and made us feel welcomed.



NOW, if I forgot anyone, or messed up in any way.... LET ME KNOW!!!


Everyone needs to get credit for the Meet Big Mike Quest!!!



It was a pleasure meeting everyone and I hope to get to see you again real soon!



Peace, Big Mike



PS - I need to downsize Sue's pictures, they will post later.


An extra special thanks to Renee for hanging out with me the whole day long! I loved getting to know you much better!! Your a great girl :)


Renee (2nd from left), Dainan (10th from left).


Renee (1st from right), Kyle (2nd from right), Dainan (3rd from right), Jay (4th from right).


Josh (5th from left), Renee (8th from left), Dainan (9th from left).


Matt (ms13)


Matt (Millenium Force 44)









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Despite ride operations it still seems like you had a great time. Maybe you should have alerted Six Flags that the BMRS would be in attendance. I'm sure it would have caused them to step up their game .

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