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As everyone else has said the shirt is awesome!! I also love the new duckies!


Hope to see you on your new road show this year, I may just be missing you at Kings island but I'm sure we will meet up at Great Adventure, I plan on going opening day and possibly that sunday as well.

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WOW! That new logo is totally awesome Big Mike! The prizes are crazy as well, especially the grand prize. Oh, and the new ducks are cool as well.


If you didn't get my PM, James (Team Thriller) and I are planning to have the final round of the Find The Ducky Contest take place this Friday the 27th at 4:00 central, 5:00 eastern, 11:00 germany time. SUDDEN DEATH!


Off-Topic: Did anyone else notice the turtles at the bottom of the page?

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Hello Friends!!!


What a great day at West Coast Bash today!


Met a lot of great new friends!!


Thanks to EVERYONE who came up and said hello and had thier picture taken with Big Mike!! That was awesome


Congrats to all the winners at the Big Mike Kick-Off Contest!!


Special thanks to Robb, Chris, and Magic Mountain for putting on a spectacular event!!


I will put up all my pictures as soon as I get a chance!


I can't wait to see you all again!!!


Peace, Big Mike

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Off-Topic: Did anyone else notice the turtles at the bottom of the page?


Yeah, I saw those too. At first I was afraid I had a computer virus, but I guess it's not just me.


You can pick up the turtles and bump them into each other - mighty turtle bash!!!!!!

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You can feed the turtles too! Just click on the white part of the screen, and the food appears (Little yellow things). They go running for it. LOL. Very cute. I like the tic tac toe game though. Keeps me busy at work when I am waiting for the printer to finish, or when I am stuck on the phone!


Big Mike, can't wait for the update!

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