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PTR: Hector's 2008 adventures!


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Excellent! Another Hector update. That's funny you all ate at Chuck E. Cheese. Sounds like something my friends would do too.


I had the time of my life and came out with some interesting pictures, some of which will not be posted here lol.


And those end up being the really fun ones of any adventure.


Makes me miss Florida a bunch. Looking forward to the next round of pics.

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OH my Hector. You so look like a blow-up sex doll eating at Denny's! :0) Too funny!


I guess it's kinda like a Rorschach test, and we all know what kind of results your giving.


Your TRs are always interesting.


You just say that cause I give you eye candy lol.


Is that an onion ring or another type of ring???


I would hate to meet a guy who could use that as that kind of ring...


Cool report! I love the "HDTV shot".....really funky looking. Looking forward to the WDW stuff.


That's one of my favorite pictures only because of how weird it actually turned out.






OK, so I have the pictures ready, I just don't have enough time today to post an update. I'm also doing something that's a little bit different and hopefully will go over well, at least it's taking up way more of my time then it should!


Stay tuned!

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Ok now some of you will absolutely hate when I say I wasn't as impressed as I probably should have. That said, World Showcase was my second favorite Disney Florida property (right behind Animal Kingdom) and Future World definitely felt dated.


We started off the morning freakin' early and went to have some breakfast before catching the Bus over to EPCOT. I really wasn't sure what to expect, but all I knew was that it was supposed to be extremely good. While I definitely wish I had more time at every park, what I did experience left a lot to be desired.


We hit up Soarin' first, which was the same attraction I've been on a million times here at DCA, but a few in my group never did and they had the same reaction most people do and were in completely awestruck. We then rode Living with t he land which was way too long, and headed over to Spaceship Earth. Since it was my first time I never got to experience it before, but I liked what I did get to ride. The little video at the end was pretty funny especially with the goofy face I made. next up was Mission:Space which I loved. We did orange and it was much better then I was actually expecting. Then we headed over to Test Track which was ok, nothing to spectacular, but it makes me really excited for Carsland! A quick trip on Finding Nemo (which I did like better then the subs) and we got the theme song, "In the Big Blue World" at the end stuck in our heads. next was a trip into our imagination, and I'm really interested in seeing the other two incarnations of the ride. At that point World Showcase opened so it was off to Mexico to start our trip around the world!


I liked the Mexico Pavilion and the ride was fun, I liked the song they played and the Margarita I got was surprisingly not as good as the Ritas you can get at DCA. Next up was Norway and one of the biggest disappointments of the trip, Maelstrom. I've been wanting to ride this since I was a kid watching Walt Disney World Inside Out (as well as a whole mess of other WDW rides some of which are now gone or changed) and while it was fun, it was a bit disappointing. I fell in love with China, and got to experience my first Circle-Vision movie. Over in Germany I had a great time just browsing the shop, and I wish Italy had a bigger pavilion. We didn't have much time to explore the US, as we had to be over in Canada by 4 for our reservations at Le Cellier, so we decided to just move on. We spent a lot of time over in Japan and I got some Hello Panda cookies (MMMMMMMM) and we watched Matsuriza (the Taiko drummer group) for a bit. We wandered past Morocco as some belly Dancers were having at it, and stopped in France for a bit to buy some wine by an amazingly hot guy (I had a picture, but it got lost somewhere). We passed by the UK and it made me miss Lou (our wedding is still on right?) and finally made it to Canada just in time for our reservation at 4. I'm really weird (if you haven't figured that out for yourself yet) and I'm not the biggest fan of steak or big cuts of meat like that, I don't like much sea food and can't handle really spicy things; I ended having a big plate of the kids macaroni and beef lol. I did have some Choup (Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup) so all was well.


After Dinner, We headed over back to Future World to get some re-rides on Test rack and Mission Space and we rode Ellen, but she literally put me to sleep, that wench. Coming out very refreshed, we headed back to Canada to grab our viewing spot for Illuminations and I met up with a friend who works for Disney. We ended up taking a quick stroll around the World Showcase and I met back up with the other friends i was there with. I finally got to See illuminations after many many many years of highly anticipating (and memorizing the soundtrack) which wasn't as good as it could be (which I'm sure it was when it first debuted) but I'm so glad I got to see the inferno barge in person. After a long day at EPCOT it was back to the hotel to get some sleep. Next day would hold Disney's Hollywood Studios!


Troika Troika Troika!


Having a lot of ghetto people in my life this made me laugh!


Hello Little guy!


I would have been pissed if I had to wait any longer.


One of my favorite buildings.


Ooo Ooo I see something back there!


This came out freaking awesome!




mmmm Fiesta Margarita, I even ordered ti in Spanish. I impress myself sometimes.


Blue bayou-esque restaurant in the "dark"


I was definitely a fan of how they did this Pavilion.


Hola mi gente.


oooo Mexico that's what I'm talking about!


hi United States.


Mmmmmmm Big Ball that's not blue.


reverse waterfall




"In the biiig bluueee woooorld"


"Oh, let's name the zones, the zones, the zones. Let's name the zones of the open SEEEEAAAAA!"




Mine Mine Mine


awwww they have a Hector sized dummy!


Whoo Hoo no line!


There we go, much better.


Was a decent ride. The pre-show was boring though.




Please don't have an Aneurysm.

Please don't have an Aneurysm.

Please don't have an Aneurysm.

Please don't have an Aneurysm.


the movie was pretty meh, but the set was cool.


freaking LOVED this ride.


yeah, just got that right before they disappeared.


Awesome mural


Best. Sponsorship. EVER!


eh, we got time and it's a ride.


oh... no comment...


First stop is Soarin' for the giant screen simulator virgins


To boring. Didn't ride.


me and a huge ball, glad there's not two...


oooo pretty


Oh, so that's what park we ended up at.




or maybe not...


Damn I love Disney


Mickey got a facial


They knew I was coming lol


Los Tres Caballeros


It was early + still recovering = Crooked picture


This actually looks like something not at a Value resort


t3h gh3y


Damn that guy can blow.


It almost looks like the wilderness


Don't forget my name beotch!


Funny enough, I stayed in the Broadway building at Disney's All-Star Music resort

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EPCOT part 2!


And I end this update with FIRE!



thanks for looking, and come back again when I have some Hollywood Studios pics up.


This is what happens when your bored, you take 15 second exposure photos.


Exclusive night shot!


There we go!


Hmmm this isn't Disney enough...


Now that I'm awake, let's go ride Test Track again with no wait!


oh yay, nap time!


*le sigh* freaking France and their insanely hot employees. I would have let him stuff my crepe.


I see you Mexico, no sneaking over borders today.


Oh, maybe because back when Disney cared with Micheal Eisner in charge, they made sure the "Magic" wasn't ruined when they built Tower of Terror at the then MGM studios near by.


This building looks slightly familiar...


Seems like yet another thing to just roam around in


Off to Morrocco, I just ran in and grabbed a few pictures, so I wasn't able to explore much of it.


ooo Matsuriza is playing


YAY Hello Panda! I sure did buy a box.


awwww bears are so cute!


Not shot with an SLR, but still pretty


Very tranquil


Definitely a great place to just escape for a bit


I liked this pavilion a lot as well (you notice a theme here?)


After a shot of Sake, it was off to the rest of Japan!


Someday I will see teh real thing in person!




oh, and POSTCARD!


Must be cold.


How you doin'?


I loved itay, but again I wish it was a tad larger.




gee, thanks.


it was still fun to play giant monster *raaawwwwwwrrrr*


It wasn't working :(


Cuckoo cuckoo


Yup, I'm the Queen.


That's what I'm talking about!


I had a blast just walking through all the shops


Hi Soren!


This was just a cool shot.


I liked this display


Seated Buddha


Even in the shop the detail is something usually only Disney (with foreign financial backing) can do.


the Jade Sculptures were pretty impressive too.


Especially this one... a half scale replica of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest near Beijing


The detail in the buildings was pretty mind blowing


Cute little statue


*Flashback to Hotel Ling Bao at Phantasialand*


I really want to go to actual China now.










This area was really well done as well.



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Beautiful pictures! Epcot looks amazing, especially the Morrocco section!


I thought it was really funny how in the Germany shop, the beer mugs had eagles nested on top of the caps (this was obviously done to cater to the Americans as you would never see something like this in Germany!) Just curious, how much did they cost?

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Thanks for all the compliments guys!



Next up was Disney's Hollywood Studios (I've never been to Disney-MGM Studios so ) Which I liked, but thought it was extremely lacking in rides! We started the day walking in on a High School Musical performance and heading on over to Tower to get it out of the way. I loved the queue, and the overall presence it had on that area of the park. I know many people will not agree, but I hated the 5th dimension, it was way to cheesey to fit the rest of the ride and it really took me out of the ride. The random drops were awesome, as were all the little things shown each time, but none of them felt nearly as powerful as DCA's. Overall I don't prefer either version to each other (so no "good/bad Tower" from me) and would gladly ride both of them if given the opportunity. then it was over to Rock 'N' Roller coaster, which I thought was fun, but I definitely liked Flight of Fear at PKI more. Although I was extremely happy to get "Love in an elevator" while we were riding, and I got to see the Shocker officially from Disney lol.


Next up we headed over to the Great Movie Ride, which I liked a lot more then I was expecting. We headed over to Star Tours, loved the outdoor queue, and I forced the group to go see Muppet's 3-D (which I'm extremely thankful for the updated (and really good) animatronics we have at DCA. Then we went and saw Lights, Motors, Action where they F'ed up quite a bit during the ballet (including have to switch out main cars) and a not-so-quick trip on the backlot tour. Having been spoiled by the original backlot tour at Universal Hollywood, this seemed very lackluster and staged (which I know it is) in comparison, but it was fun seeing some of the displays they have including the villans exhibit at the end.


After playing for a bit in the Honey, I shrunk the Audience playset area we took a stroll through Walt Disney: One Man's Dream to kill some time until our dinner reservation at Brown Derby, of course walking over high School musical was yet again playing. Anyway, it rained heavily during our meal (I had the Thai Noodle Bowl with cocnut breaded tofu which was pretty damn amazing) so that cleared a lot of the park out. After dinner we headed over to watch the Indiana Jones stunt show and I got choosen to be one of the the extras. However it started raining agian so they didn't do the third act finale. It was getting late-ish so we ended up re-riding Tower and RnR and watching Fantasmic! which was ok, I liked actually having seats for the show, but I'll take Disneyland's anyday.


Overall I fetl Disney's Hollywood Studios was too much of a "show" park. There was plenty of stuff to do (for me since I do like shows) but not enough rides. Toy Story mania will definitely help out, and I thnk another 3 or 4 rides will round out the park a lot. Definitely my third favorite park on property.


I wanted to head over to Downtown Disney to check it out so I invited one of my Orlando friends to come over and hang out for a bit. I liked the area, I just wish it wasn't raining the whole time. Finally got to eat at Earl of Sandwhich and we just walked around and I had a bucket of booze. I didn't do my reasearch and I had no idea that there were three different sections to the place lined up like that. it was kinda cool bieng on the water like that, and Pleasure Island looked like fun. We just kinda strolled around for a bit before my friend drove me back to the hotel to copy pictures from my camera, which was great for me cause I was running out of room on my memry card. I ended up falling asleep around 3-ish.



Finally it was off to bed and the biggest "dissapointment" of the trip later that morning, Magic Kingdom!


Seriously, someone needs to get these companies to hire me, I practically give them their marketing pictures.




ok, maybe you can


YOU can't make me go!!


hmmm what's that?




oh, is that all.


something phallic shaped kept squirting


funny, I've heard that before...




ran back to get a picture of the sign and off to...


This was pretty cool


oooo I want one!




I don't remember what this was.


I liked the movie and Tilda Swinton scares me.


oh those movies just sucked


The Penguin!


oooo backside of action




" I'm going to find it and I'm going to destroy it. I don't know how yet. Possibly with dynamite."


Flight of the navigator was an awesome movie!


Different angle of the plane from the Backlot tour


better part of the finale!




Disney jet!


it's like bieng back in New York, but not really.


That entrance is creepy


YAY Muppets!


This queue is just a little nicer then others.


Kids practicing playing with their sabers.


YAY Marry Poppins!


The latest fall fashions from Narnia


A dress fit for a Queen


Taking this "uphat" felt kinda dirty


Rock on!


Steven Tyler's Shocker + love in an Elevator = awesome ride!


The line took way too long (there definitely had to have been a shut down of some sort for how long we were in the same spot) but it was fun.


This Queue was the perfect mood setter for the ride, that I will give to Florida's ToT


Hello original tower


wow, it's like the queue isn't just a bunch of switchbacks right in front of the building


"Everybody all for one,

A real summer has just begun!

Let's rock and roll and just let go,

feel the rhythm of the drums

We're gonna have fun in the sun

Now that all the hard work, work is done!

Everybody, one for all and all for one!

All for one, one!"


Disneyland in CA Are you seeing this?

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Unfortunately, due to rain I didn't get the camera out as much as I would have liked the final few days. Here are a few more pics from DHS and Downtown Disney.



next up is Magic Kingdom!


When we got back to the hotel, a school group was coming in and all the security guards were yelling at the kids to get back into their own rooms, made us laugh!


I am now the Toy Story bitch


Buzz Lightyear why I NEVER!!"


We went into the Vrgin mega store and played in there for a little while and I don't even remember what book this was in it just made me laugh.


yeah, that bad.


CIRQUE DU SOLIEL! I'm a huge geek about their shows.


"what's that smell?"


This is kinda what I saw getting to the bottom


Starting the bucket of Booze.


RAWR give me some McDonalds!


When i was there two summers ago, i didn't see a giant Rainforrest cafe logo in the sky nor anyone walking there dogs on the roof of the Sydney Opera House


I have a thing for long big wet things


it was good.


Mmmmm Earl of Sandwhich.


Switching over to Downtown Disney, the fat kid in me came out and I couldn't resist licking goofy's balls.


Fantasmic! was not as good as the show out West, but I did like sitting down on benches.


ooo Disney went all out in themeing the sky too. Damn they're good.


Look, I'm famous! (pardon the blur, I was on stage and it takes a while to get used to the settings I usually use) Of course I was the only brown one up there so I guess I filled in there quota for the show.


It's not my cup of tea, but I would let Indy use his whip on me.


Some more interesting Disney inspired topiary


This was our hot waiter, I apparently had my after sex glow filter on.


Like I said, I had the Thai Noodle Bowl for the main course, but I also had the Brown Derby Grapefruit Cake which was awesome as well.


YAY We made it!


Ooo almost there!


What time is it?

Dinner time

Go get your grub on!



I know laaammme.


I love me some GRR action


Imagining this as real definitely gives me a semi.


The Tree of Life, the Animal Kingdom "Weenie"


They had a ton of stuff to see, leanr, and even play with in there (I really liked the Animatronics display they had) This is a model of Euro-Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle


It wasn't quite time for our reservations so we headed over to find other stuff to se for a bit, we skipped on The Little Mermaid show, and opted for walking through this exhibit for a bit.

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Some great pics and captions. I've been laughing quite a bit.

Great to see the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground was still there. Always thought it was cool how they built the "ground" and made it squishy.


You brought back some nice memories by retracing some of the places we went years ago.


Well done.

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  • 2 weeks later...

YAY new update!



Magic Kingdom was the third Park we hit and after a bit of drama at the hotel that morning, we were on our way and arrived nice and early to the park. To be honest, I didn't like the park as I thought I would. I had a blast and the park is really fun, but I definitely didn't think it lived up to the hype that many people have set up for it. I think the biggest thing is that it's not much different then Disneyland, just more spaced out with less impressive rides. I also know nostalgia is playing a huge part in my views as I grew up on Disneyland. It used to be the BIG thing as a kid when we could manage to make it that year to Disneyland. When I got my pass a few years ago, I was there two three times a month, sometimes a week, and I got to know that park and all the little things that were just plain cool and I still discover new things every visit. lol now I'm just rambling, bottom line is I love Disneyland and Magic Kingdom just didn't surpass it.


First up as we entered the park it was time to get some buttons! I got a first visit button and a birthday button which would provide a real highlight moment for the whole trip. Off to Adventureland and a trip on the Jungle Cruise, I'm glad we had a decent captain as having worked on Cedar Point's Paddlewheel Excursions I definitely know that a bad captain can make a very bad ride. Next up was Pirates of the Caribbean which had a great queue, but the ride was inferior to it's western counterpart. I enjoyed seeing Swiss Family Treehouse again as it's been a while since the overlay DL's with Tarzan.


We headed over to Splash Mountain and the Frontierland section of the park. I liked that SM told the story of Br'er Rabbit running away from the Briar patch better, but it felt slow and it was damn humid in that show building. Next up was Big Thunder Mountain, and we waited way to long to ride, it was fun, but I'm not the biggest fan of the Big Thunder's I've been on.


Next up was a relaxing ride on Liberty Belle Riverboat and heading over to haunted mansion. I really liked it, it was odd not actually moving in the stretching room, but the new speaker system was pretty damn amazing! I liked the improvements throughout the rest of the ride as well and hope a few of the newer effects make it into the refurbishments of Disneyland's.


Over in Fantasyland we hit up "it's a small world" and I saw a friend from Cedar Point so yay for that, iasw is also a guilty pleasure of mine so I enjoyed it and I actually can't wait for the "improvements" coming to DL's. One of the attractions I was definitely looking forward to was Mickey's PhilharMagic and it didn't disappoint. I absolutely loved the show and while the 3-D was a little lacking, the overall attraction was worth a view and I wish I could have watched it again! we ended up skipping out on the rest of the Fantasyland dark rides as the other really didn't want to do any and I figured I'll be back so I could skip out on them. We headed over to Mickey's Toontown Fair so I could get my barnstormer credit and we could get some pictures with the characters where we waited yet another ridiculously long time to get pictures with Donald, Goofy, Pluto and Mickey in his separate tent.


It was about time for our reservations at Cinderella's Royal Table inside of Cinderella's Castle. so we trekked back through Fantasyland and got in line for our picture with Cinderella herself and headed up to our table. We had yet another amazing waitress and I ended up having the prime rib which was actually really good and usually I'm not found of those types of cuts. Since two of us were wearing birthday buttons, our waitress started singing happy birthday enlisting the help of the table next to us, by the end the whole restraunt was singing, BEST. THEME PARK EXPERIENCE. EVER. For now at least.


Off to Tomorrowland as this was the last "land" to hit and there was plenty of filler rides to do. Since we just had a huge meal, we headed over to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority and it just so happened that the lights were on in Space Mountain's building. After that we headed over to Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. I hated the guns that were attached and again, the building was again very humid. We ended up stopping, which was great for my score, but sucked cause it was gross in there. At some point I forced everyone to do Stitch cause I wanted to see the animatronics for myself (freakin AWESOME by the way) and we did MILF (Monster's Inc. laugh Floor) and they made me dance on screen and they told my joke at the end, today f**king rocked. At some point we also did Space Mountain sometime after small world, but I don't really remember when. Coaster wise I liked it a little more then DL's, but for me you can't beat the awesome soundtrack from Michael Giacchino. if they end up doing what they did out here and rip out the existing track but added new track with the same layout and added some music it could very easily top Disneyland's.


Finally, we staked out our spot to watch Wishes and it was damn good, just to the right facing the castle. The show was pretty good to, not as solid as the Remember Dreams come true show at Disneyland, but it managed to use a lot more big shells more often so that was fun, I like when things explode lol. That was the end of our day so we all went back to the hotel and crashed. The next and final day lead to Animal Kingdom and a final night at Pleasure Island.


I really like the building they chose for this though.


Well, fu** this, This gravestone blinks!


Hmmmm I hope there are no ghosts.


Let's go ride the boat instead! I think I like this shot almost as much as the "innards" of a Ferris wheel.


awww it definitely looks haunted to me.


ooo what's that creepy looking building, I hope it's not Haunted.


YAY! Two at once!


"Thar she blows!" Some of them are squirters, some of the are dribblers.


30 minute wait...yeah right, I think we waited 45 if not longer.


Splash's queue here looks like Pooh's in Cali.


Now that we're properly lubricated, off to run to "the wildest ride in the wilderness!" only to find out it was down so it was back to getting moist


Disney is very liberal, this ride is sponsored by gay bears


*insert you're own wide log going into a small wet hole here*


After the gay Cowboys danced with Woody, Jessie and Bullseye, we heded further in to find this.


Too boring, didn't watch.




Ugh, I'm on vacation, too many stairs!


No Rosie O'Donnell allowed!


Does it involve booty?


Yeah Pirates!


Poor-man's Epcot?


Very nice!



Q:Why do Seagulls fly over the Sea?


A:Cause if they flew over the bay they would be called "Bay-gulls"


YAY Corny jokes?


Q:What do you call a dog with no legs?


A: Doesn't matter he won't come to you anyway


Maybe next time horrible show


These guys were awesome and I'm sure a HUGE relief in the summer.


I love Cherry Blossoms


oooo very nice, i don't know what it is, but this had a much different feeling then it's counter part on the other side of the country.


There we go, on to some rides!


Seriously, how much room do you need?


It's so big! (That's what he said)


Man, there's just so much room.


ooo what's that? the actual space to use the "rocks" entrance to tomorroland look decent


The closest I got to a Monorail this trip :( I also apparently take pictures like a proper lady with my pinkie up lol.


I love that everything is to scale except for Lumiere. Lumiere attack!


I love the Mainstreet displays of movies.


oooo I can actually see the Castle at the end of the street


It's so pretty!


Hell yeah, visit #1!


It's so roomy




It looks so familiar!


Hello and Welcome to my park.

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Here are the rest of the pictures from magic Kingdom, Stay tuned for Animal kingdom pics and (eventually) Six Flags Magic Mountain pics!


One last pic, *BARF*


Not bad without a tripod (I did use my phone as with the Indy pics from Page 2 though)


Electric Palm Tree of the Future!


This doesn't look to bad from this side.


uh yeah, that could have been done a lot better.


YAY People mover! I love how grumpy the lady looks.


Pleakley is a DVC member, are you? (not bad for taking this pic myself...)


It was decent, I could have done without the chilidog scent, but the animatronic Project626 and those gun arms were damn amazing to see in person.


Nexus of Suck?


I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign. No ones gonna drag you up. To get into the light where you belong.


Dude, are they running around naked ecept for their gloves?




I finally made it to being Queen... er... King!


The backside of Awesome


hmmm I don't think I like the cover for the teacups, another ride I missed riding though.


It doesn't look to bad from this side.


Nice little path in between the two, I think we did Space Mountain after Mickey's Toontown Fair.


Me and the main man... er... Mouse!


I would HATE to be a parent if this was full


Like in California, there's plenty to look at going through


Mickey's House


The Barnstormer was a fun little vekoma Roller skater.


Hi Lou! Pluto said he'd make our wedding.


"let's get together, yeah, yeah, yeah"


Look it's my berfday!


awwww so cute!


Another line that took way too long to go through. but I did get to meet a few celebrities


Mmmmm Real Steam Trains


Not just for kids!


Daisy doing her best Regan impression.


Mickey's Toontown Fair was a bit nicer then I was actually expecting


Man I loved that film


YAY I actually like this ride (more so at Holiday time)

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Thanks for the TR Hector. As a Southern California native who just visited WDW for the first time last year, I almost agree with all of your thoughts on the Magic Kingdom. I think with all of the extra space they lost a little charm. I also agree that Philharmagic is a really neat show and the PeopleMover is awesome!


The only thing I disagree with you on is Space Mountain. I will take the California version any day over the Florida layout. If they do refurb the ride in Florida, I hope they scrap the current layout and design a new one.


I can't wait to see your Animal Kingdom pics. At least you left a lot at Magic Kingdom undone so you have a reason to head back soon! God I love Disney theme parks. I only have about three weeks before I get to visit Hong Kong Disneyland. I can't wait!

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He doesn't look too happy in this pic.



And he's probably not doing his share of the parental duties. Poor wifey. He's all buff and she's...well... you know. He might want to cut short his gym visits and watch the kids for a while and let her catch up before they wonder how that other woman got into the picture.


Ain't fair at all.


Terry "yeah I said it" Weaver


P.S. I would love the layout of California's space mountain in Florida too. The Magic Kingdom is the least visited of the Florida Disney parks; it's always too crowded and most rides aren't worth the wait compared to the other parks.

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