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Enter Katrina Website: http://www.coaster101.com/katrina.htm


MEMPHIS, TN - Production is underway for CD5Production's largest movie project to date. Katrina will pay tribute to one of America's worst disasters, Hurricane Katrina, which made landfall on August 29, 2005. It hit land as a Category 4 storm with wind speeds of 140 mph. New Orleans sustained moderate damage but was hit again when the city suffered from a number of levee breaches which in turn flooded most of the city.


CD5 Productions understands this is a delicate situation and is doing everything in our power to keep it as respectful to the victims as it can be. The movie will be shown to a group of pre-selected Katrina victims before it is released to the internet.


The movie will be made using Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 footage and real-life footage from New Orleans. Principal photography of the on-site filming is expected to begin this summer with the RCT3 half of the movie being completed in the spring. There are some major elements to the movie that are yet-to-be-confirmed such as interviews and other in-depth coverage of the aftermath and rebuilding of the city.


The movie will begin as the storm is ending and will focus mainly on the immediate aftermath of the storm. The real-life footage of the movie will show the on-going rebuilding of the city. Katrina will feature some of the most-recognizable scenes from the aftermath of the tragedy including the infamous highway bus departure.


Katrina is expected to be released to the internet this summer. Visit www.coaster101.com/katrina.htm for more information.

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^Coasterdude5 has his own "movie production" studio. They are all movies made in RCT3. He will show us pictures, trailers, and eventually, he will post the "movie" on 2 or more sites for us to view. They are really good movies, and if this one lives up to his last (Hotel Hellvetica), it is sure to be amazing! I suggest you find some of his last movies and watch them. Most likely, you will love them!

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I need YOUR help!


I need some music you think would be fitting to this movie. Here is what I'm looking for:

- slow-temp, jazz-influenced songs

- can be cajun, jazz, blues, anything of that kind

- I really need slower songs more than up-beat


I'd really appreciate any help. I'm not that experienced in the world of music.



Here is the first teaser poster:

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Hey guys good news - "principal photography" (so-to-speak) for Katrina begins this week!


We've also got some people from New Orleans who will be sharing their stories in the film.


Shooting will take place in New Orleans as well as along the coast on Interstate 10 stretching from Lousiana all the way to the panhandle of Florida. We're trying to keep the main focus on New Orleans, though.


I'd like to thank once again the people who have held their support for this project. I'm hoping you will be pleased with the final outcome.


If you know of a forum that would like updates to this film, just drop me a p.m.!


- John Stevenson

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OMG, amazing. This could be your best movie yet...


I'm guessing it will have slower music, and a kind of sad "memorial" theme to it? I'm sure it will touch our hearts...

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