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Illum Hills [RCT3]

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Thanks everyone!




Westworth, VA

Tragedy struck Illum Hills yesterday evening as a raging fire at their Haunted House destroyed the structure. The attraction was closed to the public as the park was adding new props and scenes to the building. Mr. Illum spoke to the press saying "This is a very unfortunate accident but we are very thankful that . The cause of the fire is under investigation at this time and we will update you as soon as we learn more."


An employee at the park, whose name will be kept private, informed the press that the fire may have been caused by a faulty electrical wire since the attraction was not originally a permanent structure within the park. At this time, Warner Entertainment, who owns a share of the park, could not be reached for comment.


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Oh No! Damn Warner Entertainment.............

I bet it was all their fault!


Not exactly.


Illum is at fault for putting up a temporary structure and then making it permanent with no fire control


Westworth, VA is also responsible for allowing such a structure to go wtihout regulation


VA is at fault for lax fire standards


Warner is at fault for not upgrading the facility. They will make something better though

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Thanks for all of your supportive comments!


Illum Hills: Summer Year 6

Park Owner: Warner Entertainment

Park Manager: Lee Yardston



Park Hours:









Ticket Prices:

Adult General Admission: $25.00

Child General Admission:$15.00


Under 3: Free

Season Pass: $55.00



Eagle's Nest


Super Swinger

Wonder Wheel


Grand Carousel

Double Take*

Dino Run





Games Square

Rampage Rodeo Bulls

High Noon at Garis Gulch

Mine Mountain Madness



Black Hole

Jolly Roger


*Closed Until Further Notice


Park News

Even more bad luck befell Mr. Illum after the haunted house fell to fire at the start of the summer. Only two weeks after he suffered a heart attack and is still hospitalized. Costly medical bills started piling up and Mr. Illum was forced to sell his interest in the park to Warner Entertainment in order to pay them off. The actual figure was not disclosed, but Warner wishes him a speedy recovery and he is always welcome at the park and to give his input on the future direction of the park.


Warner has already hinted at a big expansion of the park for the next season, but many people are speculating that it won't be a coaster since they just got Black Hole. Considering that the park lost its Haunted House, could a new one be in the works? The old area has been shut off from the public leaving a lot of open land for the future. Double Take has remained closed and staff say its may never reopen, but with the loss of the Haunted House, they may try to save it to compensate for the loss.


Here is the photo update from the Summer!

Warner's influence is already being seen in the park


Horror Hollow is blocked off to the public


Nothing is left


The covering to Double Take's station is gone, is this the beginning of the end?


A long heatwave made lines very long for Lumberjack Falls


All quiet at Inferno and Mine Mountain Madness


The park skyline from afar

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Hey everyone!


I hate to say this, but due to a lack of time, creativity, and interest, I will not be continuing on with Illum Hills. Lately I have been really busy with other activities and haven't been able to really update the park. That being said, in order for it to continue, I'd have to put it on hiatus and probably forget about it. I loved doing this park and I thank everyone who followed it, but I want to move on to a new RCT3 project that isn't bound to a set storyline sometime this year. So keep a lookout for when I make it and I'll announce who is going to be carrying on Illum Hills. After that, I'll contemplate releasing a download of the park up to this point.


Thanks for everything!

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Big bump and mini-update!


I've recently completed my fall semester at college and had some free time, so I dove back into my old park. I'll try to keep this updated as much as possible and want to get this back on track! I'm skipping the fall update for year 6 and just highlighting some major developments for Season 7!


Park News:

With Warner ready to take on its first season of operations, we saw them make their first big impression on the park with the sale and removal of Double Take from the park. The ride had been plagued with operational problems since its first season and the decision was made to sell it and remove it to make way for further expansion.


Warner has announced that it is planning for some exciting new additions to the park next season. They have unveiled concept art for a new theater to be built in the park next season, but its exact location in the park is a mystery. This has been the only confirmed addition, but Warner says there is more to come! People are speculating that the park will finally add a new water ride for the hot summer months while others are thinking that a new, unique coaster is coming to the park! Stay tuned for more details!


Here is a photo from Double Take's disassembly in Fall of Season 6:


And here is some sketches of the new theater:



Enjoy and glad to be back!

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