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H(anno) happy gets bored driving home from Austria..

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Hi there,


It's winter time which means that most of the parks in Europe are closed we don't have a climate like the Miami area and i'm not used to taking a cheap flight (euro cheap is way more expensive then US cheap) to go south and visit something.


Anyway.. while driving back from Austria after being there for 2 weeks as a ski instructor i noticed the Tripsdrill sign along the number 6 Highway.


Since it was still pretty early on this valentine day (nobody waiting for me) and i somewhat remembered the route we took last summer i decided to have a look.


After some nice scenery and mental challenges regarding the route (in the end you just have to follow the signs (even in that small town (going right)) i made it to the park..


First stop was the building area but for this report i'll start at the entrance.


It was pretty cold while i was there and the sun was loosing power quickly so here's a selection of the pics i quickly took during the half hour visit..


Hope you enjoy it.


i will conclude this selection with this picture..

Hope you enjoyed it.


Looking forward to trains on this ride. By they way.. do you see how close it is to the road?


another angle of one of the other rides at this lovely and fun park.


another "tunnel" view


looking at the banking.. it will be a fast ride at this point ;)


Looks like a partially undergroud ride ( i never paid attention to the other reports so far (especially the last month))


twisty goodness


First drop looks nice to me


what can i say?


plenty of space left ;)




It's always fun to look while others are working


After a quick chat i got the suggestion to take a short walk..


I don't have a clue what the purpose of these things are.. but they were being loaded on a lorry..


but there's the biggest reason for this visit.. wood :)


Quick overview of a part of the building area


Hard at work :)


Looks like this will become the station building. Looks pretty impressive from a distance.


Have a look at the DVD (Coaster expedition 9) and you will know why i like this one.


For me the biggest surprise from last year's visit


Yes, i did actually make it :)

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