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Nickelodeon Universe / American Dream Discussion Thread

p. 32 - AWESOME DreamWorks Water Park trip report!

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On 10/12/2021 at 3:39 PM, coasterbill said:

How did we all miss the fact that the ski slope caught on fire? 🤣

I mean the entire place is a dumpster fire so everyone just assumed business as usual.

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At least it's a quality DJ, as oppose to the most likely candidate for an event at that place, Pauly D.

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I actually saw some videos from that event and it looked shockingly fun. They actually did something cool for once.


Nick Universe at American Dream is actually having their first real sale of any kind on tickets that doesn’t involve forcing you to also buy a waterpark ticket.

Save 20% with the code Cyber20. This even works on Twilight tickets so you can get a ticket for $33.

Note that Sandy’s Blasting Bronco is closed for maintenance right now. It’s supposed to open on 12/24 but it was supposed to open last month and it keeps getting pushed out. I wouldn’t by tickets in the next month or two if riding the best ride in the park matters to you (plus, I’d rather just go to Great Adventure’s Holiday in the Park) but you can buy tickets way in advance with this promo. This deal also works with the other attractions in the mall.


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