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Happy Birthday TPR Forums

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Three years already...and they've done a good job potty training it.


First is the TPR forums, next up is Kidtums... good luck with that.

It brings a whole new meaning to TPR Bag o' Crap, doesn't it?



*Eats Rollercoaster shaped cake, Pays back with 20 dollars*


*Makes a second roller coaster shaped cake with extreme tasty awesomeness, and eats it all in front of everyone else to see the raving looks of hunger on everyone's face, especially Robb's and doesn't give $20.*




Anyway, 3 years, 25,742 members, and (as of the minute I post this) 20,117 topics and 441,028 posts excluding the private TPR trip forums. Keep it going! (I'll try to celebrate once we get past 1,000,000 posts.)

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I'm BUMPING this, because it's "amost time for..."



And before somebody thinks "a thread hasn't been created for"...



And for some time zones "It's Already Official For"...



(Edit: But it's now 4 years old, huh? Hmmmm. Possible ASSistance here in the subheading? Thanks.)

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