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Six Flags New In-Park Network

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If it means more new rides sooner or better rides in the future, I'm all for it. If they can drop $3 off parking because Allstate paid them to paint the spot with "You're in good hands" on it, that would be great. Same for food and drink prices. Any way they can improve the parks is fine by me.



SFoG really doesn't have that much theming to begin with. I honestly wouldn't care if they plastered everything possible with stickers or other ads. They could put a giant poster/billboard ad on the side of Scream Machine or Cyclone, and I honestly wouldn't care. I don't go to Six Flags for the theming, so it doesn't detract from the park experience.



I can understand the uproar if they did this at a park like IoA, but Six Flags? Bring it on.

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As long as they do not ,after loading the coaster a tv screen drops down in front of me and plays a 30sec. commercial for CNN before my ride begins, then I do not have a problem with having ads in the park.


As stated earlier by several people, as long as it does not hamper my ability to enjoy the park and it makes money for the park let them sell space on anything they deem appropriate.


If you look back at SFOG the biggest ad I can remember is the "CHEVY show". It was a 2min commercial for Chevrolet. Did anyone complain about that back then? I know I did not care.

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^ Exactly. Plus, how much money do they even make off of that? It would amaze me if they made any kind of profit off of that at all. I would assume that parks must since they haven't given up on it.


Well you figure that each picture they make probably costs them less than a dollar, and they charge 6-10 dollars for them. I am pretty sure they do pretty well for theirselves, especially considering how many people I see go to buy these pictures as I am in the area around the front of the park. Other than rides and shows at a Pay-one-price park, there isn't much that amusement or theme parks do that doesn't make them money. How much they get just depends on their pricing and the amount they sell.

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Many of the SF advertisements do not bother me, but some of them do. The TV's are a great idea. Thats a perfect place for advertisements and will be heavily watched. Even the occasional Home Depot sign with the trivia is nice to see, and even the Starburst pose advertisement. But when I just see a random sign posted on a tree saying "LA Looks", thats when the park starts to look cluttered to me. As long as they stay "clever" with the advertisements they put in the park, and don't put in too many, I'm fine with them.

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