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Just a got back from the media event for Carowinds' Carolina Cobra, the Vekoma Boomerang relocated from Geauga Lake. Despite dreary overcast skies and eventually rain, the park offerd a nice lunch, band, CC ice sculpture and even live snakes (no Cobra's ... sorry. ).


Opening remarks came from Bart Kinzel, Carowinds VP/GM. Dick Kinzel was also in attendance but did not speak. Along with new paint on Borg-Hawk and lots of landscaping, there are BIG things planned for this park in 2010 and the years ahead. And where the old Arrow log flume once was you'll find a nice big construction fence where work is underway on "something"...


The new Vekoma trains are major improvement over the standard vehicles. Though the "vest" rests snugly against ones shoulder and chest, there's still a LOT more rider freedom. And there's NO additional seatbelt-thing attaching the restraint to the car body. This "should" speed up cycles as the crew gets used to the ride.


Here a few pics I got before the sprinkle became a downpour.


Gotta run, we're off to a wet Spring Fling at SFOG!








Snakey ice sculpture


Bart Kinzel


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Seems like a repeat of Dominator's media day what with the bad weather but the ride sure looks nice & I actually like how the sign & logo turned out.It looks like the GP who were in attendance for the event certainly enjoyed the ride experience,boomerangs can be quite enjoyable so long as the restraints don't kill your head during the ride.....man we need a new boomerang or invertigo at KD since SFA decided to remove two face because that was actually an enjoyable ride.

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^ The new restraints are completely amazing. The vest doesn't lock up, so it acts more like a seat belt. It gives a very good feeling of freedom. Also, you couldn't hit your head on the bars even if you tried, or well I haven't noticed anyone trying and I'd suspect no one here would try either. The new restraints make all the difference.


Boomerangs just don't seem fun to me (along with most Vekomas) but those trains look nice. Good trains can make all the difference.


Boomerangs didn't seem fun to me either, until I rode this one. Intense and smooth.

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I was just perusing The Closet's many wonders and thought it was time to share a few tasty nuggets of defunct coaster goodness. So here, in absolutely no particular order, is yet another a grab bag of classic rides from the past. Enjoy!


These trains featured a sweet purple-yellow-red color scheme. Too bad they were scrapped. They belong in a museum.


These PTC-designed beauties on the Forest Park Highland's Comet are among the most beautiful trains ever produced.


Yet another Happyland shot.


Another view of Church's Happyland Giant Dipper. Looks a lot like Revere Beach Cyclone ...


This Fred Church ride preceded the current Playland Coaster. These trains -- currently in operation on the Coaster at the Puyallup Fairgrounds -- are the last examples of Church's rolling stock in operation today.


Joyland's Coaster. This is an excellent ride that deserves to be saved. Riding in these roomy PTC trains with a fixed lap bar is beyond wonderful ...


That 'other' Playland up in Vancouver. OK, it's not defunct, but the shot looks nostalgic. Builder Walker LeRoy stands atop his magnificent Coaster. I LOVE this sweet ride!


The Playland Rocket (in Texas) before it flew to Pennsylvania to be reborn as Phoenix!


Postcard of the Flyer.


Hunt's Pier Flyer. I rode this one ... but not when this cool miniature train was there.


Long Beach's biggest mistake was removing this monstrous thriller. I wish I'd ridden it.

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