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There's a really cool cos-play gal who's going to Dragon Con with us in September, who I found out tonight also likes taking pictures at theme parks, LOVES Disney, and has motion sick trouble. Equally scary is that she's also an eccentric creative sort, catholic, and an aquarius. She's 12 years younger, but very cool and she is pretty.


While I'm attracted to her, I'm also well spoken for and currently trying to mend things with my girlfriend who really is trying to better herself and get her life in order.


Ultimately, fate will decide here, otherwise I'm old enough to know where the moral lines are and aware enough not to cross them.


Besides, I'm a complicated soul, so you can imagine what kind of charactor the other person needs to be to put up with me. I've a good heart though.


I have absolutely no idea why I'm even airing these private thoughts in such a public place. It is therepudic though.


Perhaps it's best to keep bettering my self and trust that the universe will unfold as it should. If my current girlfriend and I are meant to be, we shall be. If not, then I must flow with the ocean.

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You people are weird.


To all you guys out there...

1. Be yourself, we can tell if you're not. If they don't like you the way you are then you shouldn't be together anyway.


To all you girls out there...

1. Try not to be such a whiny clingy jealous bitch.


My boyfriend is a dorky ex-ACEr who likes to ride coasters and watch Transformers, and I wouldn't want him any other way.

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I have a girlfriend, that a bit far away from here, she lives in domincian replubic. We have been dating since July 21, 2007 (she was up here during the summer working at SFGADV), we didnt start actaully calling ourselves BF/GF till Sept. Eventhough i origanaly met her May 25, 2007, we met at SFGADV which is were we both worked during the summer (we also worked in the same dept.). she left to return to her country in September, in Dec. i made the flight down to see her again. she would like to move up here permantly after shes done with college. She likes me for the way iam unlike most of my other GF who liked me for the money i made.


This is my third GF, and she is the best one i have had

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I have a B/F, he has simular hobbies to me, Cinema, Cooking, Watching live shows, Railtours around England, riding behind English Diesel Loco's, days at Theme Parks, wooden and steel coasters, Visting National Trust places. attending "Classic" Mini's and PT Cruisers events in South England.


He went to the same school as I did 10 years before I went there, his house number is the same as mine, His Mum lives in the same road as my parents and they went to the same school 50 years ago.

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^its not your brother or anything though is it? Thats a lot of coincidences.


Seriously though, sounds great




1. Try not to be such a whiny clingy jealous bitch.


Yeahhhh see thats good advice, and:



^ Good advice. Nothing turns me off more than a woman that has to "have control of her man." The smartest women out there let their guy have time with his friends instead of tying him down.




I feel exactly the same way.

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I'm getting married Saturday, so that means I be officially off da market.


I totally agree with Nicole. Most girls go ballistic with guys and it isn't even necessary. Best thing I can tell anyone to watch movie wise is "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days". Basically they are doing everything wrong to each other.


Learn those lessons. Be you and be cool. I swear you will get a really good bf/gf in no time.


Also, don't fret if you can't find him or her right away...cause they will come around.


Also, my soon to be husband is a coaster geek and loves video games. Gotta love all these nerds!!

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I feel like such a jerk, I dumped my GF the day before valentines. I dumped her after the valentines dance (we had it early) and she was doing the whole, i'm grinding with another girl, but I like guys.


Wait... what?! Did that not make a shred of sense to anyone else?!?!


I think he meant that he broke up with his girlfriend, who then turned around and informed him that she was getting some lesbian action on. Sounds like the start of a great porno.

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