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Photo TR: Jaycees go to Washington, D.C.


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As a few people on here may know, I assumed the presidency this year of my local Jaycees chapter. Toward the end of last year, I conferred with my individual development vice president, Dave, to figure out new ways to reinvigorate the chapter. We came up with, among other things, a series of day trips to regional historic and educational venues. After all, we're based within 150 miles of Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., so why not take advantage of it?


We inaugurated the series yesterday with our first of two D.C. trips planned for the year, and I'm happy to report we had nearly 10 percent of the chapter in attendance (which may not sound that great, but it's phenomenal when you consider our average is less than 1 percent). I thought I'd share some of the highlights here, especially for some of the west coasters who may not have made it to our nation's capital yet.




Hot, steamy penne rustica goodness! And that's it. No theme parks, but a good day overall, nonetheless.


Dinner stop in Annapolis. Romano's Macaroni Grill > Carrabba's any day!


A quick shot of Smithsonian Castle on the way back to the metro.


I loved this walk-in mock-up of a 1950s passenger airplane. These old planes remind me of two of my favorite movies: "The Aviator" and "Catch Me If You Can." Ironically enough, I'm not a Leonardo DiCaprio fan....


Props from "The Wizard of Oz." From left: Dorothy's ruby slippers, the Scarecrow costume and an original script.


The signpost from "M*A*S*H."


Mr. Rogers' cardigan. A portion of the sleeve from Seinfeld's infamous "puffy shirt" can be seen in the upper left-hand corner.


Lincoln's top hat.


While the Smithsonian Museum of American History is down for renovations, a small portion of its holdings is on display at the Air and Space Museum. Included in the collection: one Kermit the Frog.


Ever wonder how the term "clams" became slang for "money"? Well, take a look at this... it's a promissory note from the Great Depression.


...but also a jacket owned by Cesar Chavez.


Inspired by Taste Pilots' Grill, I had also hoped to get a photo of the "Glamorous Glennis" at the Air and Space Museum, but like the "Spirit of St. Louis," it too was under wraps for the sprinkler repairs.


Unlike 99.99999 percent of the rest of the universe, I actually LIKE "Golden Dreams" at Disney's California Adventure. So I was thrilled to not only find a print from Dorothea Lange's original negative of the famous photo reenacted in the film...


This reminded me of something from "Star Trek," but apparently it really was a piece of NASA equipment at one time.


Envy much?


Because the Jaycees also helped plot the United States' first airmail routes, this was also a necessary photo. Plus I like looking at old airplanes....


Since Charles Lindbergh was a Jaycee, I felt compelled to take a picture of the "Spirit of St. Louis" at the National Air and Space Museum. Only it was covered up for sprinkler repairs, so this was the best I could do.


And speaking of Elissa-friendly....




3 p.m. and we're finally having lunch. And it's Elissa-friendly!


"My name is Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump."


Dave makes some new friends.


Does anyone but me find it ironic that more than 60 years after V.J. Day, the World War II Memorial seems to be a top attraction for Japanese tourists in D.C.?


Sightseeing is hard work....


The World War II Memorial is impressive, probably more so during the warmer months when the giant fountain in the middle is turned on.


This stiff fellow was part of the Korean Veterans Memorial.


We were waiting for some lollygaggers when this pay phone started ringing. Travis took it upon himself to answer, complete with a Mr. Burns-style "Ahoy-hoy." After completely confusing whomever had dialed the wrong number, we were ready to continue our tour. And Travis pretty much bathed his entire face with Purel.


It was a lot smaller than I had anticipated, but poignant, nonetheless.


Entrance to the Vietnam Memorial.


All that's missing is a bald eagle....


I really like this picture, not only because of the composition, but because it reminds me of a scene from the "Futurama" episode where the aliens from Zoidberg's planet enslaved the human race.


This looks a lot smaller on the $5 bill.


This is what the Taj Mahal would look like if it was tall and pointy.


World War I Memorial... through the trees!


Travis gets cozy with FDR's giant bronze dog.


Matt joins the breadline at the FDR Memorial.


Joanne and Travis lust over Thomas Jefferson. But then, they just got engaged, so they pretty much lust over everything right now.


Yep, just like on the nickel.


Dave was our tour guide, and with the help of a pre-trip survey, he tried to plan an itinerary of sites most of us hadn't seen before. First stop: the Jefferson Memorial.


...while Matt fell asleep!


How is riding with Kristin and Matt like traveling with my grandparents? Kristin spent the drive to D.C. doing needlepoint...

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Man I enjoyed this one and it brought back some good DC memories. Glad you posted this.


Noticed you said poignant about the Vietnam Memorial. When I visited, even before you got within 30 feet of it, there was a great heaviness and sadness that hit you. I didn't really appreciate the situation or the sacrifice fully, but it was a deeply moving feeling. Heavy. Ominous. I'll never ever forget that.


World War I Memorial... through the trees!

Good twist on that joke.


As for the whole Macaroni Grill vs. Carrabba's debate, gonna have to good-naturedly disagree. Ultimately though, I think we both agree on good Italian food, eh?


Good TR.

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Unfortunately, we didn't see the Kennedy Center. D.C. is so big, you just can't see it all at once. That's why we're planning another trip this year. Most of us have already seen the White House, Washington Monument, etc., but there's a whole plethora of stuff crammed into that little city.


Congratulations on getting to play there. When I was in high school I got to perform in a parade for the governor's inaugural in Annapolis, which was a big deal since it was the first one they'd had in nearly 40 years. The year after I graduated, my sister got to perform with the band in the Apple Blossom Parade in Winchester, Va., which, after Macy's and the Rose Bowl, is one of the largest parades in the U.S. The band came in third out of literally dozens of bands from across the country!


Fortunately, even though I didn't get to play in that one, I still got to go. It helps when your father is president of the Band Boosters....

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Thanks! I have a thread somewhere about it. We are one of 3 high school bands invited. Our bands past performance in Boston got us invited.


Our band has played in the Macys Parade. They have gotten more civilized lately though. They went to Carnage Hall in 04, Boston Symphony Hall in 06, and now The Kennedy Center in 08. We are very excited since this is our biggest performance yet!

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