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It's 2008! Where are you headed this year?

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Well, the coaster season "officially" opens for me today.


By "officially", I mean I'm getting new credits.


I'm heading down into Mexico to try and get the 3 small credits in Tijuana.


Trips this year for will include:


Today in Tijuana.


A day trip to Houston and Kemah.


A 3-1/2 day weekend to Hard Rock Park, Carowinds, BGE, King's Dominion, and SFGAd (Don't think that I can't do that. I'm a credit whore. Trust me.)


The TPR trip to China, South Korea with a short stop in Tokyo.



I'm also wondering if you'll be hitting any significant # in credits this year. I am trying to catch Elissa (WON'T happen), but I am seriously trying to get to 900.



Discuss, and have fun!!




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Wait...what?! Elissa has more credits than you! Guess you're gonna have to say those credits in TJ count as like 10. Well, this year should be fairly light for me. I'll just be hitting up the local credits that I haven't gotten and maybe a short weekend trip to Vegas to get the credits there too. Next year, I plan to do something big.


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It's very fade for me right now but here are the definite list of where I'm going...


Kings Island - Opening Days (April 20th, 2008!)

Indiana Beach in late August!

Cedar Point - BooBuzz Event if still continue


The reason it is fade for other part is depending where I'm doing my professional immersion (internship) for my master degree (Digital Storytelling from Telecommuncation Department). I am going to apply for Disney in florida and be able to achieve 30 to 40 credits while I'm in florida and a few stop on the way there and back from Indiana. If I end up doing internship in New York if I was denied from Disney in Florida... I have quite a few parks to hit in New York and surround states.


I currently have 68 credits now...Whoo hoo... Wish me luck!

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Ive already been to:


Magic Kingdom


Disney Hollywood Studios

Animal Kingdom

Universal Studios

Islands of Adventures


Still to come in 2008:



Six Flags New England

Lake Compounce

Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags America

Busch Gardens Europe

Kings Dominion

Morey's Pier

Clementon Amusement Park (maybe)

Dutch Wonderland


Dorney Park



I'll hit my 100th credit on the first day of the East Coast trip at Six Flags New England.

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Visited This year:

Thorpe Park

Chessington World of Adventure

Alton Towers

Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Canada's Wonderland

Cedar Point



Islands of Adventure

Busch Gardens Africa

Sea World

Universal Studios Florida

Walt Disney World

Disney MGM Studios

Animal Kingdom


Hope to visit:

Darien Lake

Martins Fantasy Island




It's going to be an expensive but awesome year!

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Six Flags Great Adventure (New)

Dorney Park (New)

Cedar Point (probably at least twice, been there before)

Kennywood (been there before)

Kings Island (been there before)

Waldameer (New)



Darien Lake (New. Definitely the best possiblity out of all the 'possibility' ones)

Six Flags America (New)

Hershey Park (been to before)

Coney Island Cyclone (New)

Morey's Piers (New)

Canada's Wonderland (New)

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (New)

Rye Playland (New)

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I'm heading off to Orlando this year in March. I'm going to hit up Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Sea World and BGA. Then of course in April and the rest of the season I'll be going to KI has much as I can.


I would also like to take a trip to CP and HW this year. We'll see if these 2 happen or not.

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Our definite plans for 2008 are:


Lake Compounce

SF New England

SF Great Adventure




SF Fiesta Texas

SF over Texas

Kemah Boardwalk

Joyland in Lubbock, TX

Wonderland in Amarillo, TX

Western Playland

Cliff's Amusement Park

Sea World San Antonio

Canada's Wonderland

Martin's Fantasy Island

Busch Gardens Africa

Cedar Point



Canobie Lake


Other possibilities are:


Kings Dominion

Wild Adventures

Cypress Gardens

Sea World Orlando

Dania Beach

Las Vegas




I just reached 700 coasters in October so it'll probably be a while before I get any more milestones.

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Im going overseas this year. First we'll spend a few days in NY and then we'll get a rental car and drive around on the east coast. Were planning to visit the following parks:







Dorney or Lake Compounce

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I'm hoping to do a lot more this year than last year. I have five weeks of paid vacation (two rolled over from last year) so I want to take advantage of it!



Winter Coaster Solace and West Coast Bash-March

Knott's and SFMM


Six Flags Over Georgia (Atlanta)

Hard Rock Park (Myrtle Beach)



Busch Gardens Europe


The latter three will be part of my trip to see family on the East Coast in May or June. I might end up splitting that into two trips.


I'm considering a few other trips as well, but they are dependent on a few factors. Once I get my new employees up to speed at work, finish some huge web development projects that will speed up workflow and streamline a lot of time consuming tasks, finish up some of the freelance projects I am working on and see what kind of budget I have, I may want to try to plan to add more to these trips or schedule some other ones.

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