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Klotten Park - A New Theme Park Review Video!

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Hey everyone!


Here is another clip from Coaster Expedition Volume 9. This time around it's from Klotten Park in Germany where you'll find lots of "self-operated" rides and one really kick ass coaster!


This park is so screwed up it's AMAZING! Hope you enjoy the video!


Order Coaster Expedition Volume 9 here:



Klotten Video to download to your computer hard drive.


Klotten Park Video


Klotten Video for your IPOD!

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It kind of sucks that there aren't any self-operated-ride parks like Klotten in the U.S. It looks like an extremely fun place to visit.


They would be closed within a week from lawsuits, or some other excuse. Silly American children! Like that coaster, if you can touch the floor, I doubt we'd even see the plans in a park in the U.S.



...although...eh nevermind.

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I loved Klotten. Seriously one of my favorite parks ever. I kind of wonder though if it wouldn't be as special if I lived in Europe and that sort of place was more common and accessible for me... but for now I will continue to love Klotten and its anti-American ways! I had just watched the DVD this morning, it was awesome

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This was one of my favorite parks on the trip and one of my favorite videos on the DVD. The song flows real well with the quick editing and gotta love all the TPR nerds running around the park. This video makes me miss TPR trips.


Jimmy "I love this video!" Bo

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Damn you, Windows Media Player! Why do you make the video lag so much?


In all seriousness, that was a totally awesome video. It had great editing and I loved how the scenes were in sync with the music. Excellent job Robb. Now I want to see it on a media player that doesn't make the video lag.

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was announced that the 'known fact' was 'lack of money'.


When you visit the park you'll notice that they only have like three ride ops in the whole park, everything else is a self operated/policed attraction. This coaster was a GIANT investment for them and I don't think they're quite ready for the log flume yet.


I have no doubt that someday we'll see the volcano!

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Nice video as usual Robb. I do know of a place in the US with a ride like that, except it's not do it yourself and I found it quite scary. It was maybe 3 years ago and I went on a school field trip and they had a swing ride of death, and the boat slide of death.


The swing ride was just a rock climbing harness attached to rope as it hurls you in circles.


Now for the real thing this ghetto boat slide, guarantee it is just as scary as that ride or more, much larger in size. You start at the top on a steep slope and you have to sit without falling down the track. It's about 40-50 feet tall at least and was rigged up to a tractor motor to pull you up. It would first drop you then you would slide and fly of the track, no not into a pool, into a "RIVER" no lie. I was like if this cable some how snapped, down the Potomac I go, at least thats the river I thought it was.


But it didn't stop there, it pulled you back up that insane drop and, dropped you again. Seriously one of the best experiences of my life.


This crazy camp / party / family fun center area was located in Maryland and is still operating as far as I know they have a few open days, but besides that I think you have to reserve to go.


If anyone else knows what I'm talking about speak up.


I'm going to search around for it since you sparked my memory. I will add it to the post if I find a link or pictures, to bad I didn't get any.


Just remember to never say it couldn't happen in the U.S. everything I have seen some one say about something, I have normally seen something that is in the U.S. close to it. But not self operated yet, can't say I have seen that before.



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