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Info on Disney Cruise.


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Hello, first post here, been lurking for awhile. I am thinking about taking my family on a Disney Cruise this year and had a few questions on them and cruises in general. My family consists on myself(26), wife(23) and son(3) in case anyone is wondering.


First, I browsed Disney's website about cruising and everything but somethings weren't really clear or I missed it. If I do a 4 day land/3 day sea cruise are my park tickets included? I ask because the price I got seemed really good if they are.


Second, apparently the nicer your room is aboard the ship, the nicer the hotel you choose at WDW is. Would it be wise for me to spend more or is Port Orleans, thats the hotel choice I was given for the price I choose, nice enough. I've never stayed onside at Disney and I really want to go all out.


Third, I never been on a cruise before and to be honest, I've wanted to do other things first. My idea of a great vacation is actually doing something, not laying by the pool or on the beach. Is there enough to do without boredom setting in?, on any cruise for that matter? How about my son?


Finally, Is there anytime when I shouldn't go on a cruise? I know hurricane season ends in Nov., but I was thinking let Oct for this trip. Bad idea?


Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Hey there!


First off, welcome to the world of cruising...you won't be disappointed!


Secondly, on a 3 day cruise you won't have time to get bored you'll barely be unpacked before it's time to pack again.


Robb is a good example for you I believe. He had many of your same concerns about cruising in general. He hates 'relaxing', doesn't like sitting by a pool or beach, was worried he'd feel trapped or bored on a boat. He wasn't! There is plenty to do and the ship is big and you won't feel trapped at all.


Now I will say though that the Disney ship is mainly geared towards children, not you and your wife. I see you said your son is 3, and that's the age you can start dropping him off at the Children's activities, but the question is, will he go? If he doesn't want to take part in the kids club, there's really no reason for you guys to do a Disney Cruise, as there's not as much for adults to do on the Disney Ships as the other ships.


My example is that even though I love disney, got married at disney...doing the Disney Cruise as a 19 year old was not as great as I was expecting, and I saw a lot of other adults suffering as well. But, if I had KT to go check up on in the kids club, did some spa stuff, etc. I would be much happier.


As for Port Orleans, Robb and I just stayed there in early January and were really impressed. We had never stayed there before and it seemed very nice. Yes the rooms were older and not much higher quality than a Holiday Inn Express, but it was a lovely resort with lots to do.


Weather, well that's always a gamble in the Caribbean, but late October should be pretty safe, just remember there were storms that disrupted cruises in November of 07!

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I couldn't agree more. I won a free, all-expenses-paid three-day Disney cruise at the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" attraction at Walt Disney World a few years ago, and it definitely wasn't worth what I paid for it....


These cruises are mainly geared toward those 7 and under, i.e. the Chuck E. Cheese crowd. Think costumed characters. Think ball pits. Even the food wasn't up to the same standard as what I've had on other cruise ships. Our last night on the ship we went to the piano lounge. One person tipped the pianists $20, and they thanked him profusely. He declared, "No, thank YOU! Listening to you guys is the only thing we've had to do here for the past three days!"


But maybe a 3-year-old would like it.


My favorite part was the lifeboat drill. This was when they sounded an alarm and everyone had to go to the deck for a simulation of what to do in case of an emergency. So alarms were sounding, and people were running everywhere. The youngest kids were scared and confused from the beginning. Then to add that "extra magic Disney touch," the crew held a screaming contest between both sides of the ship. So now people were screaming, and the kids were even more afraid. Then the crew added the cherry on top, encouraging everyone to "scream like you were going to die--because if this was a real disaster, you might!"


Oh, those kids screamed, all right. Most of them didn't stop crying until well after dinner....


I can't imagine going on one of these cruises as a 19-year-old. I was miserable enough in my mid-20s.

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Thanks for the help. I guess it really is a crapshoot whether or not we would enjoy it. Ive been to WDW so many times and love going back, but thought this would be a little different. If the cruise stinks, atleast Ill have 4 days at WDW, which I know wont suck.


Printersdevil- Did you bring any children on the trip or was it just for two? Do you think that was the difference, would it have been enjoyable if you had kids with you.

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