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Spotless Safety Records

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So what parks have a spotless safety record?..


According to www.pointbuzz.com CP does.. ,


( 'Question. Has there ever been a fatal accident at Cedar Point?


Answer. No one has ever died as the result of an accident at Cedar Point.Next time someone tries to tell you about the time Demon Drop flew off it's tracks, or about how many people have died riding Top Thrill Dragster - don't believe it! " )



but when I was looking at the roller coaster accident site I found this


(Saturday, May 28, 1994 - A 14-year-old boy died after riding a roller coaster at an amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio.)


parks besides CP in Sandusky?.. is it a lie?


And on the subject of roller coaster accidents, it seems that people are just dumb. On atleast half of the deaths, people either stood up (duh?) , or took off their seatbealts (duh again? )


Are these people trying to die, or what?.. geeze.


So what rides make you feel unsafe?.. I dont like Magnums lift hill because its so tiny and the cars sway from side to side when its going up making it seem like its going to fall right off, and I also felt very unsafe on SFDL's wooden roller coaster. (forgot the name of it?)


And I will NOT go on carni rides..





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Me either.


I mean, ALL parks have accidents. That's why they are called accidents.


I'm sure there are plenty of parks that nobody has ever died at. Nobody has ever died at DCA as far as I know.


But, people have heart attacks, strokes, asthma attacks, etc when they go to parks. It's something that can't be helped.


I have never felt unsafe on a ride because of maintenance, etc. Sure I have thought "What if an earthquake happens and I'm on Goliath" or something like that, but it doesn't freak me out enough to not go on it.


And regarding "Carni" rides, those rides, at least in CA, are inspected by the state more than permanent park rides.

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People don't die at disney? there was a death there not too long ago caused by an accident on big thunder at disneyland. This wouldn't prevent me from going on that ride though Here in south cali, it's more dangerous trying to drive somewhere than going on a ride

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nobody dies on Disney property. It's some funky rule they have in effect. Even if someone commits suicide, paramedics must try to keep them alive until just outside of property lines.


Did you mean Disneyland property? It's impossible for nobody to die on WDW property, considering they built a town where people actually live (God knows why) on their property. But when it comes to guests, of course, they're only "unresponsive" until they are removed from the park itself.... then they're dead. The kid that died after riding Mission: Space was *officially* pronounced dead at Celebration hospital, but several witnesses will tell you otherwise.

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.. Ive heard so many untrue storys about Cedar Point its not even funny!..


Ive heard everything from


Dragster accidentaly launched too fast, causing peoples hearts to explode.


Dragster flys off the tracks occasionally


Dragster is visable from space ( and that one is a more believable rumor but I believe it is untrue, because it would just be a dot, and you couldnt pick it out from any other tall structures unless you zoomed in to Sandusky)

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Here's the link where my opinion was partly based on: http://www.snopes.com/disney/parks/declare.htm. I've also read "Behind the Mouse" which was rather eye-opening.


I'm sure you'll agree, Disney does a nice job of skirting the issue with using "declared death" as a sole means of maintaining their claim that no one dies at Disney.


anyway, back to the thread at hand!


uh, metal shards on TDD? affecting riders or onlookers?

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The metal just got the riders for some reason.


Well apparently on TTD during a morning test, one of the test dummys flew out at the top and landed in the lagoon.


If TTD lauched to fast and made peoples hearts explode, then KK would bring back a bunch of heart exploded riders!

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holy crap talk about a post archive.. that topic is almost 5 years old..



I look at CP to be a generally safe park.




Is there laws that say coasters have to be built to survive earthquakes, tornados, huricanes, floods, etc..?


Im sorry but if there was ever a twister or quake at CP, i have a feeling that park would be destroyed, doomed by its own likelyness to build tall rides.

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