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PhotoBoothe's 2008 Australia Trip Report!

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The description of Earthquake sounds so familiar...


Too bad USH or USF don't have an Intamin rocket coaster to go with the show!

Bingo, when I was at USH I did see quite a few similarities, though the Universal version has somewhat better effects (Fire, sparks, the truck).

I have always had this lingering feeling that they were indeed borrowing ideas. Interestingly, Shrek 4D opened a few months ahead of Superman, and I wonder if during all the dealings to get Shrek, they saw what Universal had done with earthquake and decided to use some of that too.

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Well if the one at Parque Warner has a backwards double down, it's probably a clone.



Here's a video of Scooby Doo's queue area. It's a pretty cool, nicely themed area...check it out!


John - Tim Tam's are awesome! I've had the Caramel, Regular, and Double Coat......Double Coat is the best! I'm stocking up before I leave!




Scooby Doo!


Here's a video of Scooby Doo station, showing the train launching and car detail. Check it out!

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Wild West Falls (Hopkins) at MW opened in 1998, and Rio Bravo (Intamin) at Parque Warner opened in 2002, so the Parque Warner one is the clone.

You can compare the two, but the original has the better theming.

The airtime hill on WWF is smaller than the one on Rio Bravo, which means more air)


Rio Bravo


Wild West Falls


(You cant see, but at the top of the first lift, but there is an encounter with a couple of bandits that are projected onto a glass screen)



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Hey everyone, I went to Wet 'n Wild yesterday and got on all the rides except the Black Hole. Didn't look worth the wait. The park was great! Alot of rides to choose from..and any water park with an Intamin HalfPipe in it is awesome! It was also a beautiful park. It had tons of palm trees and other exotic plants throughout the entire place. It was vastly spreadout.


Surfrider - I didn't really know what to expect from this ride. It looked pretty fun...almost like Intamin looked at a Huss Frisbee and turned it into a coaster. It was pretty fun, a few good moments of floater air was good. Can't this be considered a floorless coaster? Is it?

One bad thing - They spray you with these fire hoses...ouch. But refreshing.


Looking at Surfrider from across the park. Looks steeper than 90* to me.


Yay for another new Intamin coaster! I love those restraints.


Hanging ten on the most awesome wave out there!


Super 8 Aqua Racer (One person Mats) - It was a fun ride. Eight lanes to choose and hop on a mat and slide down. It looks more fun than it really is IMO.


KERSPLOOSH. I think it's a tie.



White Water Mountain Rapids (one person body slides) -

Enlosed slides: One was really good. It was pretty long and zig zaged its way down the mountain. The other kinda turned around and went straight. BUT both had an AWESOME helix of death.

Open slides: Both were pretty good with some dip and twisty paths down the mountain.


Mmm...four options of awesomeness.


One of the Rapids with Speedcoaster in the backround.


Mmm...two awesome helixes with nice forces for a waterslide.


Twister (enlcosed body slides) - It's the typical twister you would see at a park. I think this one was better than KI's...smoother or something.


Speedcoaster (Two-two person enclosed/open slides) - This really puts the word 'coast' in 'coaster'. It was pretty lame...not really much speed, just a gradual decent...then you get about 3m up the hill and fall back ddown.


Mmm...time for some lunch! I got the Mountain Burger at Bombora's.


Next up I went over to the Mammoth Falls. It's one of those big raft rides. We got six people in a raft and man the ride was great! Countless times your raft went really high up on the sides of the slide! Oh, that's wave pool in there. Some nice waves!


The Mach 5. Three jetspeed slides...OUCH. I went on 2/3, because the outside ones are the same. They basically ripped the skin off your back traveling about 85 km/h or something. The Sidewinders were pretty good. It was like the Mammoth Falls except only 3 people and there are more bumps and drops.


The Tornado was really good. It was a smaller version of KI's big bowl, but it was still just as good! We got pretty far up the side of the bowl.


Back to the otherside of the park to explore some of these "Canyons" I've been hearing about...



Terror Canyon 1 and 2(Enclosed double person tube ride) - Wow, now this ride was really cool. There were light effects, airtime, and high speed helixes. The ending was insane! You got sooo airborne on both of the drops!


Can you say...airtime?!


You really need to hold on....tight!





Thanks for reading guys....still more updates to come!

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That reminds me that I needed to post the pictures from last weekend's trip. Make sure you have a look over towards the old Thunderbolt car park area, as you will see they have started some construction there for the expansion of WhiteWaterWorld.


Have fun and enjoy.

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We are only there for 2 hours, but skipping the body slides that should be enough time. But we will check out the construction while we are there. But it should be good seeing these expansions completed. Cheers for the heads up on the construction Thunder001!

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Well, I'm heading home in a few hours. It's been the time of my life here in Australia and I WILL come back. Thanks to all those who gave tips and advice, it helped! I'll be posting more updates later. For now, here's a picture of the COOLEST entertainer at a theme park....PERIOD.


THE WIZZ!!!! He rides around on a magical dragon, leaving a trail of toxic exhaust....dodging people as he speeds through narrow pathways while he blares AC/DC!


THE WIZZ! A must watch video!

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wow man i absolutely LUVED this trip report =D it was really great. But its still a pitty that you didnt get to go on superman, i did and it was really superman awesome lol


But im still conserned on the fact that aussie hasnt really got any decent "long"/"mega" coasters =[

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Well it does look like Sea World will be getting a new water coaster. Here is the link with all the info on that upcoming attraction.




It looks like it is going to be a Mack water coaster, with the layout from the plans an exact copy of those from the Mack web site link.


Can only hope for a nice long coaster sometime soon...

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GO THE WIZZ! The staff at Dreamworld were absolutely AMAZING on Friday. I was taking that photo for PKI Man, and then the lady from the helicopters just comes up and asks if I want to jump in. She then took the photo for us.


Talk about great service right there.

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We decided to go to Dreamworld instead, hit up some rides I missed and some more rides on my favorites. DW Pt. 2 is coming soon!

Aww man you should have gone to WWW, there is some pretty awesome stuff you missed like the BRO and the Rip, I mean you had done the main DW stuff hadn't you?

Geez Hurricane, you're misleading the poor kid

Or was the weather cold?

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I'm a little late here but yes Robb the PA show is still running. It never closed, they talk about it every year and it looks like its more possible than ever it will be replaced.

But they still can't get the time line confirmed.


The Mack coaster has been canned but Sea World is getting something much more exciting... stay tuned...

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We decided to go to Dreamworld instead, hit up some rides I missed and some more rides on my favorites. DW Pt. 2 is coming soon!

Aww man you should have gone to WWW, there is some pretty awesome stuff you missed like the BRO and the Rip, I mean you had done the main DW stuff hadn't you?

Geez Hurricane, you're misleading the poor kid

Or was the weather cold?


Well, BRO looked cool, but KI has pretty much the same thing...but abit smaller. The Rip looked cool, but I was really only interested in that and Super Water Coaster Thing. But from what I heard, it's LAME compared to Deluge at SFKK.


New Things Done at DW that day:

-Meeting new friends

-Metting the WIZZ!

-Getting a GREAT ride on ToT! Make sure you leave some space between you and the lap bar, then you get that 6.5 seconds of 0 g's!!!

-Breaking The Claw

-Seeing the "Aussie Zoo" section of the park

-Seeing a 'roo with a joey in it's pouch! It's soooo wierd!

-Getting more pictures

-More Giant Drop!!!


It was an AWESOME last day in Australia. I was so bummed to leave. I'm in Denver right now because flights got canceled and delayed...so I have some internet time! If it isn't too slow, I will get some more pictures up.


-J "Grrrr 20 hours on airplanes.." Z

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LOL! I remember breaking the Claw! I was sitting there thinking "Uh... shouldn't the floor be coming up right about now" And then the op said "We are experiencing a short delay" It took them 15 mins to get us off... and I missed my bus home!


But yeah, it was great meeting you and I hope you had a great time in AU!

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Hey guys! It's time for Dreamworld Part Two! Check out the pics for a full report on a really cool park.


Bring a clown free day at Dreamworld?


Time for the CLAW. Check out the nice overview.


It spins you, it swings you high in the air and then throws you back down, it's awesome, yeah.


OI! Airtime!


The Claw has been swiping many things recently. OI! Give the Barbie back, Claw!


Beach is closed folks, the 'roo out front should have told ya.


The Vortex. It's a swirling...thing that spins you around and makes gravity go away!


Hey there sexy...


Come in here and we WILL SUE YOU! Or worse....put you in...THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE!!!!


Doesn't this belong to Universal? Or did that one kid take more than his hat when he jumped the track?


Hey KI, can you do this?


Aw, it's a big alligator....its looks pretty hungry, maybe I should feed it something..


Ughh...nevermind then...


He's missing his yamika.




Am I in RCT2?


Dreamworld farted and then there were the Lil' Rips.


Heyyyy Sarah.


Me 'n Lauren be gangsta.


The Reef Diver......hahahaha.


What goes up....


Scares the crap outa everyone else up there.




Wow....it's not an Acer or Golden Ticket award!


Mmm...all the Tower of Terrors are good.




And then it rained and I had to go home.

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