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PhotoBoothe's 2008 Australia Trip Report!

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Hey TPR! As some of you may know, I've had the privelage of being an exchange student for my school, Moeller High School. I am currently staying is Brisbane, Australia...right on the coast! I am about two weeks into my stay, and about three weeks more! I'm going to Dreamworld in the next couple days and hitting up Movie World and Wet 'n Wild soon.



So we went to the Australia Zoo today. It was really good, they did a great job showcasing the crocs, birds, snakes, 'roos, tigers, and elephants. I really liked how there was alot of interaction between the workers/animals and the guests. They had a great message of keeping the world clean and keeping the animals safe, aswell as humans too. Something I didn't like/thought was wierd was how much Steve Irwin stuff was there. They had him on bilboards infront of the place and near it. There were pictures of him and action figures and CRIKEY everywhere...it was just too much, and they were advertising "The home of the crocodile hunter" EVERYWHERE. It was just abit wierd... Speaking of Irwins, i didn't see any. Unfortunately, my batery ran out before i finished the day with the snake room......really wasn't much there, just a dark room with snakes. They had the Fierce snake who's bite can kill 100 men, making it the MOST venemous snake on EARTH. It was a very awesome and beautiful place with plenty of theming for each attraction, and I'd recomend it to anyone out there! Ohh.....and remember, CROCS RULE!!!!


Got done playing a game of criket with my exchange mate, Doug! For those who don't know what criket is, the best way to explain it is like Home Run Derby and Pickle combined....all on a 5 hour scale.


First little habitat I saw upon entering the zoo. It's a komodo dragon-ish lizard.


We went and watched a show about these small otters, they swam around and chased after food....and made annoying cat-like noises.


A giant tortise named....*sigh* Goliath. 50% of males die during mating because the fall over on their shell and can't roll over! LOL!!!


Lol, I thought this sign was funny.


A pair of fresh water crocs.


A koala! Sleeping...surprise.


Inside the Crocoseum! It's a pretty big thing to fit inside the zoo, and it gives the animals a nice habitat to move around in while being in the show. The park was pretty dead today...




Awesomeness -

So this one woman is going on and on telling people to stay away from snakes and don't bother them and keep safe, blah blah blah....So then she's talking about how guys get bitten more than woman, and she's rambling on about how women are smarter. So the other guy is like.."No, it's because snakes never come into the kitchen!" And alllllllll the guys in the crocoseum laughed their ass off.



A croc named Graham. He is a saltwater croc about 15ft. long.


Must be where all the good 'roos go..


Yup, most 'roos are chillin' under the trees!


"Yeah, pretty much lay around while people bring me food and crap....this really is heaven, right?"


G'day mate.


Sittin' next to an older grey 'roo.


Kangaroo mid-hop!


It's a Caseybird.


I forget the name to this guy, too...


A trio of elephants in an awesome themed south-east Asia area.


A big tiger named Khan. Possible relation to Spanish Khan.


Some great theming aswell as a place to remember one of the recently deceased elephants.


One of the younger tigers messing around with one of the trainers in the water.


Another shot of the tigers messing around....two brothers and a sister I think. It was really cool how thye explained how they interact with them and how they control their behviors with discipline and reward.


Back to chillin' with the red 'roos! I wish they all had names. The kangaroo is pretty sweet, it lays around in the shade...might get up to find some food or water....


It's a kookabura!


Lol, it's a wombat...and it's name is Meg.


It's a dingo!


And those are all the pics from the aussie zoo. I had a blast there and hope to go back some time in the future.



I thought this was hilarious....insert own caption for the emu! Taken at an emu farm.


Thanks for reading and more updates will be soon!

Next: Bunya Mountains.

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Wow. Australia looks amazing. I wish I was you so I could go.

I have a question. Which way do the toilets flush? Clockwise or counter-clockwise? Just wondering.


The Kangeroo looks like the coolest animal. Great pictures of all the animales.




Haha, now everyone was telling me the toilets flush the wrong way....but they don't! It's like..water spews from each side as everything is sucked down, lol.


Sorry RapidsNerd, I don't think I'm going to be able to visit the little parks.


Théo, you're fine!



Thanks for the comments, guys! I'm planning my Dreamworld trip today and am going to try to go tomorrow!

-J "Mmm...tallest drop tower in the world...." Z

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Haha, now everyone was telling me the toilets flush the wrong way....but they don't! It's like..water spews from each side as everything is sucked down, lol.


Can we please get a video of that? Minus waste products, of course.

I wonder if the American embassy has a machine that flushes the correct American way.

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Théo, you're fine!



Thanks for the comments, guys! I'm planning my Dreamworld trip today and am going to try to go tomorrow!

-J "Mmm...tallest drop tower in the world...." Z


Oh thanks a lot! I'm sure my dad will laugh seeing the picture on the computer screen lol.


I'm looking forward your trip in Dreamland! This park still a mystery for me^^

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This is SO cool! I've always wanted to go to Australia, and I've been thinking a lot about it in the past few weeks! I was thinking about being an exchange student next year. How is that going? Is it weird starting out a new school not knowing anyone? I'd kind of like to look into going for a semester next year...



"it's a wombat...and it's name is Meg."


I LOLed.


Thanks for this.



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^ Just what i was about to say!


Great TR JZ, hope you have a lot of fun at the parks. I think i should also point out in response to Steve Irwin evrywhere that he is probably not so well known by everyone here as a Movie and TV show personality then as he is as a fighter for the protection of wildlife, which is why there are reminders of him everywhere around the park. And also, you wouldn't have seen the other Irwins, as they're probably following Bindi around with her new"Fitness Show".


BTW, it's spelt "Cricket" not "Criket" .

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Very cool! Had wondered what the Australia Zoo was like.


Any plans to pass by what's left of Wonderland Sydney?


Thanks for posting this.


There is nothing left at the Wonderland Sydney site, if you compare the 2 pictures below, you can see where the park was.

Wow, they really paved through that place quick! Even Boardwalk and Baseball still had structures standing like 20 years later.


What are those new white buildings?


And did anyone ever hear what happened to the drop tower?



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Take the back pack with food, but remember to take drink in plastic bottles...they don't allow glass into the parks from memory.


We will be heading to White Water World on Sunday, as it looks to be the only half clear day this week. My advise on Dreamworld is this, as soon as you get into the park go straight past the fountain/pond and head to the left.


Follow the signs and you will soon be dropping from the highest drop ride in the world. As soon as you have done that, head back the way you came, but go across the train track and under the Tower of Terror track, and from that point you have two choices. To the left you can go onto the Motorcoaster, and if you head to the right, follow the signs to the TOT.


From that point, where you head to is up to you, but make sure you head around the back of the park through the animal areas of Dreamworld and have a ride on the old Model T Ford cars for a bit of slow fun....


Will remember to take the camera on Sunday so I can do a TR from White Water World in case you don't end up going there. Have fun and looking forward to the next TR you post.

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Thanks for the bit of info!


My plan is to go straight for Giant Drop or Tower of Terror. It's a Thursday and school day, so crowds shouldn't be bad... I'm going to get in all the rides I can, skipping Reptar since I have one at home. Camera is charging now!

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Yeah, thunder001 speaks the truth.


-GD pretty much has to be done first to avoid frustrating queues.


-Next I'd do Cyclone (also low capacity) get here by heading back past the fountain at the entrance, then past the Claw and Wipeout (these have short queues all day, resist the urge to ride them) till you reach the entrance which is near the flowrider.


-After Cyclone, go through to the Tower of Terror, do this by heading through Nickelodeon Central, and then through Tiger Island


-From the Tower of Terror, head under the train tracks and go through nick central to get to the Motocoaster.


-From here, do whatever, you should be fine to get the Reptar credit, then hit Wipeout and the Claw


-If its getting warm, head over to Goldrush and try out the rapids, and then to Rocky Hollow to try the log ride.


-From here, head towards the back of the park, have a go at the Vintage Cars, then keep heading around through the wildlife area.


What are those new white buildings?



Its basically a big freight logistics center.



But to satisfy you guys now, check this out. I call it the Australian Waterfall. And it's only for the guys


I never realized our urinal design was so interesting, or unique for that matter, but come to think of it, when I was in America I never saw any like it. But yeah, water just flows down the steel like a waterfall (but its only a thin layer of water)


PKI ManJZ wrote:

Haha, now everyone was telling me the toilets flush the wrong way....but they don't! It's like..water spews from each side as everything is sucked down, lol.



Can we please get a video of that? Minus waste products, of course.

I cant believe I did one, but I did, no waste products, but I did make a little "toilet paper turd" for demonstration purposes.


But I present Australian Toilets 101


-Common slang terms used here are a "loo" or a "dunny"


-You may notice in the vid, but in basically ALL houses in Australia the toilet is in its own little room near the bathroom, but not actually in the bathroom


-Hence we say "I need to go to the toilet", not "I need to go to the bathroom"


-Rather than flushing with a lever, there are two buttons you press down on, the half flush, or the full flush. Half is for liquids, full is for solids.


-They work more by dumping water in which forces everything out, rather than sucking stuff down using a siphoning action like American toilets.


-There is less water in the bottom of the bowl. American toilets were freaky, it was like sitting over a swimming pool.


Aussie Dunny.

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