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Disturbed's 4th Album - Indestructible

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Before I get to the real meat of the post, let me just explain who Disturbed is for anyone who doesn't know...


Disturbed is a Nu Metal band from Chicago, Illinois. They're line up consists of David Draiman on vocals, Dan Donegan on guitar John Moyer (Previously Steve "Fuzz" Kmak) on bass guitar, and Mike Wengren on drums. They are quite possibly one of the most popular metal bands today. Their most recognizable songs include Down With the Sickness, Stupify, Prayer, Guarded, Just Stop, Stricken (Featured on GH3) and a cover of Genesis' Land of confusion.


And just because someone may recognize the band once they hear them, here is their video to Down with the Sickness (Undoubtedly their most famous song)




Anyway... To the real subject. Disturbed is currently recording their 4th studio album, named Indestructible, which is set for a May release this year. (Geez, I'm sounding like a stinkin' commercial!! ) But, who plans on buying it when it comes out? Just based on their past work, I know I will. Especially since they said that it would be "Ballsier" which to me, hopefully means something more like their first album, but combined with some of the deeper lyrics used in Ten Thousand Fists and Believe. So I, personally, can't wait!

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This is the first I've heard of a new album, and now that I've heard it, yes I am very excited!


I'm definitely going to buy it when it comes out, or is available on Itunes. But man, Disturbed ROCKS!!!!



Yep. This album is shaping up to be big, I can't freaking wait!!! And also later this year, they are going to go on tour with (YES!!!!!!!!!!) Slipknot, Dragonforce, and Mastodon.

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^^Slipkot is worth seeing/listening to for the drumming. Dragonforce, however, can barely play their own stuff live. It'd be like a perennial "Hard" Guitar Hero player trying to play "Through the Fire and Flames" on Expert. They get by, but I wouldn't get too excited about watching them shred on stage...


Distirbed, however, is excellent through and through. What I really admired about TEN THOUSAND FISTS was the lack or vulgarity, showing they can still produce quality, edgy (dare I say controversal in some cases?) lyrics without using a bunch of %*@$&! stuff. Shows good writing skill. I guess they can play music OK to...


I look forward to this new album, whatever the lyrical content (the lead singer Draiman said it will be more furiosly paced and darker than the previous work...WOW...)

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I just got some news from Disturbed ('s Myspace...)


They are going to release a teaser track on their website ( www.disturbed1.com ), one this Friday, and one a little later. The song is coming Friday and is called "Perfect Insanity".

Myspace bulletin:





Date: Mar 5, 2008 2:00 PM

Subject: Wanna hear a new Disturbed song?!?!



The first official single from Disturbed - "Inside The Fire" - will becoming soon, but you can get an early taste of another track - "Perfect Insanity" - THIS FRIDAY. You have already heard the song clip, but you will

be able to get the full song as an MP3 by just going to disturbed1.com this Friday and filling out your info.


And don't forget to watch Disturbed LIVE from Kuwait at myspace.com/operationmyspace this upcoming Monday the 10th! The band will be performing "Perfect Insanity" live for the first time!


I can not wait for Friday...

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Good news and bad news....


Bad news, the release date has been bumped back to June 3rd. (I've known this for a while, Ive just been to busy [OKAY FINE LAZY] to say something. )


Good news: TRAILER!!!!



Sigh, I'd like to say the trailer makes me less anxious, but really, it just makes it worse.



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The video is awful. Just AWFUL.


I saw Disturbed live once, back in 2001 with Mudvayne and Godhead.


I was able to meet Dave Draiman and tell him that his band sucks. That's about the height of enjoyment I've gotten out of them... although their cover of "Land of Confusion" was actually decent.


And with that I will exit the thread.

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I picked up the new album after work tonight, and although I am only about 1/2 way through it, I think it lives up to my expectations of what Disturbed should put out, much more so than Linkin Park's latest attempt at being Linkin Park. Sounds good, somewhat dark, more between The Sickness and Awaken than Ten Thousand Fists, and definitely powerful. Of course, I also think MLB is the most boring sport on the planet and Hydra is the baseball of the coaster world, so your mileage may vary.

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