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Wild Rivers Waterpark older rides

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I have a question for anyone who went to Wild Rivers a while ago and can remember riding th Edge and the Ledge, AKA the big black twisty tubes you see from the road.


I remember seeing the steeper side of the ride closed for quite a while, until it was converted to a shallower slope. Also the pullout of the drop was extremely small, maybe 3ft high for a 20ft drop. It just doesn't seem safe to me, but pictures show people riding on it.


Does anyone remember riding the steeper side of the ride and can share the experience? Also what caused it to close?



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Although I never had the chance to ride the steep version of The Liquidator (the combination of both the Edge and the Ledge), but I do know why it closed. A man was riding the Ledge, and he lifted his head up, hit his head on the roof of the slide, and recieved a concussion. There were other injuries also, but this accident is what closed the Liquidator.


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I've ridden both sides (The Edge and the Ledge). I found the Edge to be the scariest waterslide I have ridden.


What was interesting is that in order to ride you had to put your hands behind your head and leave your legs unlocked unlike the standard body slide form. I met a guy who apparently rode with his hands and legs crossed and his hand was bleeding. Nothing serious though


I never rode the updated version, but hopefully this helps. The Ledge was the side with the shallow drop and a see through tunnel at the end. It was a little less intense the Edge, but still very fast.


The Edge was the side with the steeper open drop. By the time you reached the drop, you would be going at such a high speed you would get some ejector airtime.


Being that it was pitch black, I remember seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, closing my eyes and screaming. I usually don't scream on rides. It truly felt like I was going to fly off of it, and the speed had a very out of control feeling.

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^^I don't know what you mean about a small pullout.


I've been on both the edge and the ledge and they were botth pretty amazing water slides. I've always wondered why they closed, and the post above which explains it seems entirely accurate.


The thing about both rides is you didn't think you'd be hitting the speeds you did until you were riding. Its like all of a sudden you're flying around the circle tubes, hit a little air dip before the drop then see the light and know its coming. Effin radical. The landing was a bit rough but there's really no other good way to slow you down in that small space they packed it in.


My dad's about 6 feet tall so he's a pretty big guy and picked up a ton of speed. He nailed his toe on the roof of the ride right at the top of the drop cause he was going so fast, and his ride down and landing looked horrible. His toe was all busted and bloody, we made a stop at first aid cause he thought he broke it.


I used to go to wild rivers a couple times a summer with a bunch of friends. Its a nice little joint.

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Yea...I don't have any pictures of the old drop, is there any chance you could scan it and post it? I am really curious about this ride.


I also rode it before they converted the steep slide to the more shallow slope...But the steep side was always closed and never ran water.


It was truly and amazing slide though.

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