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X2 Trains Arrive At SFMM

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Like I was saying, what are the bodies going to look like for the cars? Different from the originals?


I really hope not. The new trains (personally) look more innovative and sleeker than the old ones. I wouldn't mind a body to cars, but if they don't and that makes the ride better, than I would not care in the least about the body.

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Who cares what the trains look like or even if they are the wrong color. If thats what had to be done to improve the ride and cut down on maintenance and downtime then good. (maybe not the color). When I am riding it the last thing I would be concearned about is how it looks, I am more interested in how it feels and I think the park might see it that way too.

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I think part of the problem is that there's not much going on with the ride so there's not much to talk about so there's all this speculation when really nobody's sure (except those who went to the TPR even) what's actually going to be going on.


I'm just glad its going to be better than it was before.

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