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I've got a coaster today :)

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Since my girlfriends father likes to collect stuff he got a bit to much in his room.

So there was a old coaster there which he would like to give me but it needed some work.

I like to collect stuff like that so i was very happy with it and since its more then 50 years old its also a collectors item

I've fixed the most of it and got one train back running again but it still needs some work on the track en a second train that needs some work.

Looks like my next winter will have some homework

The trains helps them self onto the lifthill by using a mechanism that is pretty simple.

See the vids for some details in how it works.

I'm at least very happy with it.


How the train works


The train on track










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The rings around the track make it look like something that came out of Dr. Suess land at Universal Studios Florida, it sort of reminds me of the High In The Sky Suess Trolley Train Ride. That coaster you have is pretty cool looking, and the trains remind me of the old animal crackers boxes, just with people instead of animals.

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The train can not be adjusted and will ride as fast as you wind it up (don't know how to say it in english).

If you do not wind it up that hard then it will nog go that fast so thats how it works.

Never had a pull back car when you where young ?

They work the same because when you do not pull it back that far, it will not go that fast.

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