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Photo TR: Israel Bike Trip


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I recently returned home after spending 10 days in Israel on an outdoors bike trip. To sit here and type up what the experience was like would take an incredible amount of time. I will let the pictures do the talking, even though they do not do the trip justice in any way.


EDIT: Links should now work.


Album 1:



Album 2:



Album 3:


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Hey, pictures arent working for me iether, I suggest simply posting them in good old fashioned PTR form.


(by the way, the water park you saw not far from the amusement park is called Maymadyon, it's Israel's 2nd biggest waterpark I think.)


Too bad you didnt hit up any of the parks here.


Next time you come here hit me and Krouvi up we'll take you credit whoring Israel style.



The tallest fastest coasters here are Vekomas. Yeah. Eat your heart out america.



I would also love to hear some of the stories, seeing as I never really got to talk to someone who visited Israel throughly about their trip.




And I agree that we are lucky to live here and that it'sa beatufiul country.(Assuming you're far from the borders, the borders are where all the mess yous ee on TV happens). The news can make it seem so ugly sometimes.


I live in the middle of Tel Aviv, which I understand you visited. Right next to all the hotels and the beach.


Do you have MSN/AIM?


I made a PTR last Yom Kippur of the city as it was abanadoned, might bring back some memories for you:


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Ok. I figured out why the links were not working, and have fixed them one final time. It was a stupid mistake on my part. There are 180 photos all together, so I will post them here if you really want me to, but it will take a long time. Please check the links one more time, as I am confident that they work now.


^^My AIM is Coasterdude28. I was in all parts of the country. We were close to the borders a few times. Down at the Dead Sea, and the drive along it. We were also up in the Golan Heights(Gorgeous) and crosses the Jordan River into the gray area. Other places we visited were Tel Aviv/Jaffa, The Negev, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Masada, Ramon Crater, Golan, Tzfat...the list goes on.


One thing that I learned is that any preconceptions that Americans have about Israel are most likely completely incorrect. The media shows the country in a completely different light than it actually is. I felt much safer walking through all parts of Israel than I do in America. A lot of people here "Israel" and think of sand and explosions. They are so wrong. It is incredibly difficult to describe the feeling and experience of Israel.

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^ No, it was a Birthright Hillel trip. I went with 40 other kids from my school, University of Delaware. Probably the most outdoors-y thing we did was the night in a Bedouin encampment, and climbing Massada/ floating in the Dead Sea. Basically, what we did was more touristy stuff, but it was still a blast.

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