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Hannah Montana


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What are your views about Hannah Montana?


In my opinion, I think that people over-react about her. I mean, $400 tickets? c'mon people! She's not even a real person. And about that 3-D movie that's coming out Feb. 1st...I think they are taking it a little too far.





btw, did a search, couldn't find anything.

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^Me too! I'm sure in a couple of years someone else from Disney will replace her and she'll fade and the kiddies will stop listening to her or continue with her singing/acting but will sex it up... like another former well known Disney star... ahem.

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I actually led her, and her father and entourage, into the Mansion through the back hallway during the holiday period last year. Didn't have too much time with them, nor did I even recognize them at the time. Had to ask the VIP Tour Guide afterwards. From memory, they were ok. They gave me a slight "Do you know who we are" kind of question. Not that direct, but there. My reply was something to the tune of "All the living looks similar to me" as I walked back into the foyer, which got a laugh.


As for the show, I've seen little bits and pieces. From what I've seen, it's a very green show, it recycles all of its plot lines from other shows. But I also know I am definitely not their target audience. The whole hullabaloo around her personally, I don't know where it comes from really. I think it's the whole "I'm just a normal kid" thing, it creates a bond between her and her fan base. I'm more surprised at the amount of moms who are also huge fans of the show. I guess it's a bonding thing.

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I occassionally catch bits and pieces of the show at a friend's house, as my friends have two daughters aged 13 and 10 who love Hannah Montana. While her singing is not anything I would typical listen to the pre-teen girls love her.


For the record I did hear Miley Cyrus singing a capella on a New Years' (or maybe Christmas) Parade this year and I was impressed with her delivery.

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I miss Lizzie McGuire.


Your not the only one!


I like Hanah Montana. She can sing, and she's pretty. Hannah Montana is on Disney right now.


But, I want the old Disney Channel back. All of the classic shows got replaced with kiddie Cartoons. Like the Replaceables, and Life With Derek and Cory in the House.



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^Nickelodeon of course, Disney's Doug was something that shouldn't have existed.


Anyways, to me, Hannah Montana is just a fad right now capturing the preteen market. By 2010 or so, I hope she just fizzles out and joins Disney's other teenybopper experiments that nobody remembers.


I miss Amanda Bynes. I'm glad she hasn't turned out like most child stars. Even as I'm much older, some of her material still makes me laugh.


The Amanda Show was freakin' awesome. It was so stupid, random and pointless. But thats what made it so funny. What ever happened to her?


Thank God Amanda isn't a crack ho now like Lohan is or knocked up like Jamie Lynn is. And the Amanda Show just grew old, give me Ask Ashley sketches from All That any day.

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