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Survivor: Micronesia


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I'm so bummed that Eliza left, since she was the last person out there that I really liked. Though I'm glad she left with a bang and outed Ozzy and his idol--and I'm hoping that means he will be gone soon, since I can't stand him.


I guess I'm rooting for Cirie now, since I don't like any of the other favorites and the fans are all either idiots (Jason) or nearly invisible (Natalie & Alexis...who?). A Parvati/Amanda/James/Ozzy final 4 would be my worst nightmare though.


Oh and I'm loving the online behind the scenes "Ponderosa" clips. Glad we finally get to see where the jury hangs out--I've always been curious.

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^ That's what tinkerbell meant. Eliza blurted it out at tribal, once Jeff revealed what she had, wasn't "it," heh heh.


Ooooooooooo the humanity of it all!



(I want MORE blood, MORE wounds, MORE dashed pride!)

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Haha, yet another blindside! This season has been full of them.


Oh, and who would've thought Natalie would suddenly become so evil. Up to this point shes gone unnoticed in the background, and now she is running the show! It's all starting to get rather interesting.

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This season is getting crazy! It was sad to see James be taken out, but Amanda's twist there at the end was priceless! Eliza and Ozzy were dying over on the jury watching.


Unless Erik continues to win the immunity challenges, I think Nat and himself are next to go. I'm hoping either Amanda or Cire wins the whole thing.


Oh, and I really like how CBS is showing behind the scenes clips of Ponderosa (where the jury lives once voted off). I've always wondered where they go and what they get to do, and it basically seems like a nice little vacation resort with all the food and amenities they want. Good for them, they deserve it!


Here's the website, and if you scroll down there are several clips:


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I think the backstage day-to-days of the Ponderosa are cool to watch, too. Loved how Ozzie was still p-o'd and Eliza wasn't too sure how to greet him, LOL. Great stuff.


It would be interesting to have them also cover how the first vote-offs are taken care of, too? Although I realize these first non-Survivors are treated to lengthy trips, still? Up to the end of the game, then sent home and everybody waits, till the main broadcast, etc.


Might be an interesting additional add-on to next season's run, on the net.

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Yeah, Jeff said it himself, this season has had some crazy blindsides. Even though we could see this one coming half way through the episode, Erik sure didn't! Who knows what's going to happen next!


I really think Cirie is going to win, just because she doesn't really have any enemies on the jury. She's been controlling this whole game ever since the merge.

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^ If Amanda ends up beside Cirie in the Final Two, I doubt very much that it's going to be that easy for Cirie to convince the jury to give the majority of votes to her.


And Natalie could suddenly be re-energized after the Erik ousting, to win the next immunity contest, or two..? That could shake it up for the other three.


Who knows, now? At least it's all done with, tonight.


And a new ep of The Simpsons airs, just before S:F/F- - - FFinally ends!


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